Earn Money Blogging: 10 Ways to Make Money Online without Adsense in 2018

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It has to be one of the best feelings in the world to earn money blogging. Like walking out of school for Summer vacation. Everything you touch is new and full of possibility.

As you learn about blogging for money, you’ll certainly enjoy that feeling of excitement too.

But it 2018, it’s certainly not enough to say “I’ll just put ads on my blog”. Adsense is competitive, while other blog monetization methods are more lucrative.

So here are our 10 favorite ways to earn money blogging other than Google Adsense, all of which are monetization strategies you can use to make money blogging on a brand new blog.

How To Earn Money Blogging:

  1. Create Banner ads of Your Own
    Once you start a blog you’ll realize it’s quite easy to upload and edit images on the web. Using free programs like

    Just an image from Pixabay.com turned into an ad.

    Pixlr.com and Logomakr.com you can create nice image graphics. Then in WordPress, you can link these images to any other web page you choose. Place it in your sidebar, and just like that, you’ve created your own ad. Now you just need to email the company and ask for monthly payment.

  2. Recommend Your Premium WP Theme
    Most premium themes come with an affiliate or referral program. Join the program then generate a tracking URL unique to your blog. With your link, you can refer people to your theme from your blog’s footer, or on pages or posts. Envato aka Theme Forest is a great place to start WordPress theme affiliate marketing.
  3. Coaching Packages
    A blog is a perfect way to position yourself as an expert in your field. Once you’ve built some expert credibility on your blog, consider creating a unique page dedicating to your coaching services. Be creative with how you present yourself and make sure to use a custom email address, instead of a Gmail.
  4. Sell an eBook
    It’s easy to upload a PDF copy of your eBook right into WordPress and allow downloads from your blog, but did you know you can sell an eBook too to earn money blogging? When we created an eBookstore we used EJunkie to sell the eBooks. Sites like EJunkie charge a small fee to host your eBook and handle the eCommerce side of the business. For major blogs like ProBlogger, selling eBooks is highly lucrative and has been their best way to make money blogging.
  5. Recommend Your Host
    Join your hosts affiliate marketing program. In our case, I’m a member of the HostGator affiliate program as are I’d imagine quite a few readers here. You can earn up to $125 per new hosting customer you send. When it’s a product customers need every day like hosting, you already have the traffic. But in some upfront work and you can actually earn back the costs of hosting and then some when you recommend your blog host.
  6. Accept Sponsored Posts
    You can accept sponsored posts on your blog from other writers who’d like to be featured. First create a page with sponsored post guidelines. Then link the page from your homepage. Make sure you stick to the guidelines when people start to submit posts to you. You can build a good blog income stream just from accepting paid/sponsored posts, just make the sure the content is useful to your audience, and that your audience can see if a post is sponsored or not.
  7. Build an Online Shop with WooCommerce
    If you have a virtual or real life good you’ve created, you can install WooCommerce and create an online shop for free. WooCommerce works on most WordPress blogs and it comes with the free PayPal payment method which accepts debit and credit cards too. All you need to do is focus on shipping your products once the orders come in!
  8. Write Paid Posts on Larger Blogs
    If you’ve built up a bit of a resume on your blog or have launched a fledgling writing career, the bigger blogs out there made need your writing services. The GoDaddy blog is a great place to start. Most of us have used their domains at some point or another but didn’t know about the Garage blog. You can signup then get paid through UpWork. It’s just one of many great paid guest posting opportunities out there to make blog money!
  9. Create Blogs as a Service
    Of course, if you get so good at creating a blog that you want to create blogs for your friends or acquaintance, you can create blogs for others to make money blogging. Blogging is hotter than ever in 2018 is you’ll surely find beginners who want to skip the process of building and just get into it. Your new clients will appreciate your knowledge of how to blog for money, btw 🙂
  10. Join Advertising Networks other Than Adsense
    Aside from Adsense, which just for the records is a great program if you can get in these days, there are other networks to post ads and earn passive income. We’ve had good success on Sovrn, however BlogHer is another great name. As a Publisher you get treated really well and do minimal work to find real ads that pay bloggers. Do some Googling and let us know which new blog advertising networks you find!

Will You Earn Money Blogging This Year?

In conclusion, there are way more than 10 ways you can earn money blogging. You can also combined the above methods to create hybrid ways to blog for money. It’s totally up to you!

Have you had any success in your efforts to make money blogging? Do you feel like it’s a real possibility or are you having doubts? Let us know and we’ll discuss best ways to monetize a blog in the comment.

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11 Responses to "Earn Money Blogging: 10 Ways to Make Money Online without Adsense in 2018"

  1. These are great sites to increase your bank balance through blogging but the base of all this still remains, good content. Good content will give you traffic and this indeed will give you advertisers attention. Be it any type of advertising.

  2. Hey Greg!

    There are many ways to make money with your blog. You have to get very creative here and also learn what will work best for you and the type of traffic that you are getting.

    One of my favorite ways to make money blogging is with affiliate marketing. I also like selling digital products like an ebook or membership.

    You have to try many different methods until you find the one that will yield the results you are looking for. Become a smart blogger! 😉

    Thank you for sharing your tips here!

    Best regards! 😀


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