How To Make a Website in 6 Minutes (and crush YouTube bots)

“Dear Blogger, loved the tutorial, but do you have a shorter version with just the core steps I need know in order to make a website?”

It’s a question that kept me awake editing websites and website videos for years.

And now, after months of editing, filming, designing, getting help from OceanWP, hours of rendering graphics, a few more hours of me talking and cutting that up, and lastly a battle with YouTube bots (see below for what that even means) I can finally answer a resounding yes!

We finally put together a video on all the necessary steps for you to get a domain name, register hosting, install WordPress and create that website in justness a matter of minutes.

If you’re looking to build a website, or maybe already have, let us know how it’s all goin in the comments!

What prompted the (way) shorter video?

In the WordPress how-to niche people always ask how to create a website easier, quicker, faster and simpler.

I understand people have changing needs and limited schedules, so I tried to meet them while still probably blabbering too much 🙂

What’s NEW inside this video?

NEW: Shorter, faster, nice graphics from Pixel Films Studios, OceanWP giveaway, and 6 minutes of how-to (plus a bonus 5 minutes of explaining how it all works, trust me that took over 5 hours to edit down and research, it’s worth a few more minutos).

Otherwise same old: same blogger at his study, same tried and true dirt-cheap combo of GoDaddy domain with HostGator hosting.

Did Greg say an OceanWP free Pro themes giveaway which you can enter here!?

So without further ado, I present you with How To Make a Website Quick and Easy in 6 Minutes!

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s all yours.

Actually, it belongs to YouTube, so you have to make it yours by commenting and making the best website with it.

Speaking of the video belonging to YouTube, and being under their (rather lax) control…

Why did someone hack the video likes and dislikes?

What we know at this point is someone put a Dislike Bot on our video, causing it to get 8 Dislikes in about 30 seconds.

What’s a Dislike Bot?

A Dislike Bot is a service you can pay for which generates Likes onto a YouTube video.

The process behind how this works (to my understanding) is the service has a limitless amount of YouTube accounts which are free to create at their disposal, perhaps using fake IP addresses, and just sends them all to a video armed with that Thumbs Down.

When you consider how many YouTuber in my niche actually pay for Likes and Views (I just won’t, ya know, expose you, because I’m Minnesota nice, for now at least) it’s not that hard to understand how people could pay for Dislikes too.

Getting a rapid-fire amount of dislikes on a video tells YouTube it’s poor quality content or misleading and spammy, which pushes it down in Search Results and can hamper a video’s success forever.

Not great stuff for our niche.

After reading in Google product forums, Dislike bots are a huge problem addressed in forums and on YouTube but users but rarely ever by YouTube.

No one is sure why someone hates another blogger/vlogger/YouTuber enough to do this on him/her, but you can certainly pay for it.

Community to the rescue!

You can imagine my disbelief in seeing the Dislikes and reading about the bot problem.

YouTube almost never helps, though they say things like they will clean up artificial stats and that dislikes actually help you because they show people wanted to rate your video.

YouTube just can’t afford to fight back, and are a bit too egalitarian about it, like how they defend Logan Paul don’t defend Pew Die Pie and Chris Chann, they have their own agendas, and I sort of get it because YouTube is that busy.

But that doesn’t stop us from fighting back! 🙂

In any case, rants aside, I was left with only one play: crowd source the email community and ask for help.

So I reached out to 5000 of you asking for a Like to counter the bots and in return I’d share a link of yours, Like, sub, comment, and so on.

It actually felt really good writing this email – I got to vent about flaws in YouTube and other vloggers I’d seen suffer unfairly, and also write from the heart to you guys.

And…we received about 30 amazing, heart felt, supportive Likes!! Thanks you guys and yahooo!

What’s next?

More videos that are even stronger, duh!

Is it discouraging to get Dislike Botted? Nope! Since the video we’ve published an update to our Create an Ecommerce Website in WordPress series, and bring it on bots!

But more seriously, please bring it on good people who like and share and sub.

It’s my goal to always be creating newly refined videos which are more and more helpful to your needs!

Please let me know how I can do an even better job at serving you on YouTube and of course here on the blog, whatever it may be 🙂

Concluding words

In the end, I’m actually very happy someone botted us because after writing the email to you guys I was able to meet some amazing faces, who helped support the video!

Faces like Suzy from Suzy’s 50 Tasks blog about self-improvement and Danielle who runs a productivity YouTube channel and writes blogs about happiness.

You gals were amazing, you rule and please never leave our community, and keep improving the blogosphere because we need you!

There’s a good chance we would have never met, except through a tutorial, if this event hadn’t happened, so I’m so happy a negative event could connect us and end positively!

Of course, I’d love to connect with you too! What sort of YouTube tutorials do you find most helpful? Short, medium, long? Is 6 minutes a decent length for you? It seems the biggest YouTubers aim for about 11 so maybe we got close 🙂 Also, have you seen any fishy views/traffic on YouTube? Let me know down below and we’ll get jive about it! Thanks!



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