Camtasia 2019 Tutorial – How To Use the Best Free Screen Recorder for Mac & Windows

Think you’re ready to create video screencasts where you record yourself doing some action on your computer screen?

Camtasia for Mac has helped me easily create video screencasts for YouTube since 2014.

We at DearBlogger especially love it because easier to learn than ScreenFlow (think PicMonkey vs Photoshop easy) and has a much loved Windows version too.

So in today’s article I figured I’d create a Camtasia tutorial for you so you can go from zero to publishing your first video.

If you enjoy, let me know in the comments!

Why Do Weed Need Screencasts?

Screencasts are the best way to show your audience how to perform some steps on your computer.

You can do a quick video on where to find a Mac setting or a long video on how to make a blog.

You can add pointers and colors, texts and arrows, zooms, pans, flips, multiple clips, audio and more.

So what’s the best screencasting software?

In our blog’s history Camtasia has been super duper #1. We literally opened it up, watched a tutorial, and voila we were comfortable enough to begin.

Camtasia has just released Camtasia 2019 and has agreed to offer DearBlogger readers an exclusive 33% off Camtasia coupon for our blog (this makes the price $169 instead of $249 which is awesome). It’s a great time to buy because they won’t update the software now for a while and if you use Camtasia for work you can write off the cost.

How to Get Started with this Camtasia Tutorial

Steps here shown for Mac users, however for windows the software looks and works very much the same.

The steps are really simple and easy, you basically just need to download Camtasia and add it to your applications to begin.

Note: You can do the free trial but it’ll have a watermark on your videos – if you’re ready to publish professional videos just take the plunge and buy it!

Once inside Camtasia, you can start recording right away. The Camtasia window will go away so you can focus on the screen you’re working on. It’s all very intuitive so you can either dive in yourself or see our Camtasia tutorial below.

Camtasia Tutorial: Complete 36 Minute Walk-Through

In typical DearBlogger fashion, we’ve create a complete Camtasia tutorial so you can sit back, watch and learn:

  • How to download and install Camtasia 2019
  • How to change the settings for optimal output
  • How to start/stop recording
  • How to make beginner-intermediate edits
  • How to publish your screencast
  • How to upload to YouTube
  • Bonus SEO tips

Click Play and let’s get started!

Conclusion: Need Camtasia Support?

Camtasia have an amazing support page with lots more videos and they’ll also respond via email and tweet for any technical difficulties.

Of course, I’m here too in the comments!

Good luck as you create your first screencasts guys!




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