5 Tips to Develop Blogging Persistence

This is a post by our regular contributor Ryan Biddulph. Today he shares with us how you can create a blog that lasts. Ryan provides help tips guaranteed to enable you to develop blogging persistence.

I know this may shock you but I have to be honest.

I only truly came into my own blogging-wise over the past year.

If you’ve followed my blogging career over the past decade you may scratch your head.

Sometimes I failed miserably during my early blogging years. Near the middle of my 10-year career, I saw sweet success.

I dipped for a few years but eventually built stronger success momentum after I launched Blogging From Paradise.

Things only took a powerful shift in April 2017. I turned on the blogging afterburners by diving into some of my deepest fears and I never looked back.

Sounds crazy, right? I spent 9 years online before things really “popped” for me.

My blogging career is a study in persistence.

I would never be writing these words from Chiang Mai, Thailand unless I moved forward through horrible failures, terrible struggles and some dark, depressing days.

You too can persist through thick and thin to become more successful than you ever dreamed you’d be by following these 5 powerful tips.

1: Follow Your Passion

Blog your passion.

See outcomes like traffic, comments, social shares, list size and profits as bonuses.

Bloggers predominantly quit because they choose external drivers. Successful results never seem to manifest so these externally driven bloggers quit after losing their drivers.

Think like a persistent blogger.

Choose a fun, freeing intent you feel passionate about.

If you love your blogging work persistence is never an issue.

I love helping people build successful blogs. My work is my reward. Why would I lack persistence if I love what I do?

List your passions. Pick one niche that feels incredibly fun to work. If you’re working that niche now simply carry on. But if your niche feels dull drop your niche and the blog like a hot potato.

Be persistent by following your passion.

2: Do it Right by Dropping Dimes

Buy your domain and hosting.

Purchase a premium theme.

Invest in a blogging course.

If you’re going to blog, do it right.

Spend money to set up a professional looking blog and brand.

Being persistent is easier if you feel and look like a blogging pro, even if you have little experience.

Pay your blogging tuition. Gain confidence and clarity in your blog. Trust yourself and your pro-looking blog to weather the inevitable storms all bloggers face.

If you’re a bit lost on what hosting package to choose read this helpful post at WHSR:

Web Hosting Reviews – The Best Web Hosting List 2018

3: Surround Yourself with Persistent Bloggers

My friend Alonzo Pichardo is a study in persistence.

He built a huge, loyal tribe that follows him from network to network by persistently doing things the right way for over a decade.

Hanging with persistent bloggers inspires you to move forward despite facing daunting blogging obstacles. Persistent pros teach you to ride it out even if things seem bleak.

I retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging by modeling my campaign after persistent, consistent bloggers who were like clockwork every single day, creating content and building their friend networks diligently.

4: Get Lost in Helping People

This is the 4th blog posts I’m writing today.

I also published a post on Blogging From Paradise.

Two of my blogging buddies published my guest posts today that I sent their way last week.

Losing myself in helping people established a persistent and prolific streak in me I’d never dreamed I’d develop.

Have fun helping people. Write valuable posts on your blog. Publish guest posts on top blogs from your niche.

Promote bloggers freely across a wide range of platforms including:

  • your blog
  • your guest posts
  • your social media sites

Persist by moving your attention from your problems to solving reader’s problems.

Blogging from the heart is at the core of every persistent blogging campaign.

5: Leave Survival Mode

My worst blogging mistake was blogging in Survival Mode.

I’d check stats daily to see how much money I’d made so I could:

  • pay my bills
  • put food on the table
  • put a roof over my head

As you may imagine this is the worst way to blog because aiming low ensures you move into failure-inducing action.

Leave Survival Mode to develop the habit of being persistent.

Stop trying to get by today. Focus on building long-term friendships with top bloggers. Create helpful content through a wide range of channels for the long haul.

Develop a long-term vision for your blog.

Think in terms of years, not weeks, when dwelling on your blogging future.

Good things take time.

Become a persistent blogger by patiently learning your craft over years.

The split second you look beyond today you become more persistent because you cease blogging just to make ends meet by the end of the day.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

How have you become a persistent blogger?

Are you having a difficult time being persistent with your blogging campaign?


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7 Responses to "5 Tips to Develop Blogging Persistence"

  1. Maravilhosa batida! Eu gostaria Ԁе aprendiz еnquanto você alterar ѕeu local ,
    ϲomo poderia eս subscrever ρara um blog site? А conta auxiliado me um acordo aceitável.

    Еu tinha sido um pouco pouco familiarizado disto sua transmissãⲟ ofereceu clara
    brilhante conceito

  2. I am really motivated by this post. Before coming across the article, I used to check my site stats almost in hours and that always turn me down because of the low traffic.
    I think I have learnt one thing which is to be expecting turn up in years instead of months or weeks.

  3. Hi Ryan,

    Nice to meet you here at Greg’s space. Persistence is the only criteria for blogging success. The tips here are amazingly great and will help anyone who implement them accordingly.
    However, what has worked well for me is having a blogging plan, or a content creation calendar. This strategy gives the to-do for each task and each day. But, having a content plan is not all there is, you must be determined and strive to keep up with your schedule.

    I agree with Marc also, that having a long-term focus is key as well, because many give up along the way out of frustration.

    Thanks a lot Ryan for sharing, and thank you Greg for publishing!

  4. Going along with your points, I think having a long-term vision or focus is important. I’ve seen a lot of people of the years quit way to early because they were expecting to see results immediately. Building a blog takes time, and if you have a long-term focus going in you’ll be able to make it through the challenges and frustrations when things may not be happening as quickly as you’d like.


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