3 Tips to Connect with Established Bloggers Quickly

This is a guest post by one of our regular contributing authors Ryan Biddulph. He is a published author and blogger.Today he shares with us 3 tips for how to connect and network with probloggers.

I have been on both sides of the fence.

Years ago I was a newbie blogger.

Today I am an established, pro blogger.

As someone who gets a boatload of pitches from new or struggling bloggers, I know how to connect with pros quickly.

I also know how to turn off influential bloggers just as quickly.

Befriending pros offers you a slew of sweet benefits including:

If you reach out to bloggers in the genuine fashion you will make friends with these blogging big dawgs and big dawgettes.

Follow these 3 tips to build bonds with top pro bloggers.

1: Say it in 3 Lines

Someone messaged me on Twitter a few minutes ago. He asked me if I wanted to promote my eBooks on his website.

What does that even mean? Is it a paid service? Does it entail me writing a guest post?

I asked him to message me the steps I would need to take. He responded by asking for my email address. I told him to get clear and send me the pitch in 3 lines on Twitter or to forget about it.

I *really* did write that. Why? I have hundreds of things to do daily. If you cannot say it in 3 lines or less you lack the clarity to connect with me.

Fear leads to a lack of clarity. Focused, on purpose, detached, more fearless bloggers are clear and concise in all they do.

Top pros have 1-2 seconds to scan your emails. Ask your question in 2-3 sentences. If you cannot do so you need to get clearer.

Avoid beating around the bush. Get right to the meat of the matter.

Note; get over the unclear, fearful blogger’s excuse of “I don’t want to sound rude.” Nope; filling my email inbox with a rambling email is being rude. Brevity is clarity and being clear is being polite and considerate.

2: Help Pros Without Asking for Anything in Return

I always respond to bloggers who help me without asking for anything in return.

Said bloggers prove interested in me; not in what I can do for them.

Said bloggers become my friends.

I treat my friends well.

Connect with pros quickly; be a servant.

Generous bloggers form strong bonds with top bloggers swiftly because generous bloggers stand out from the crowd of greedy, desperate bloggers focused on serving themselves.

Help pro bloggers by:

  • retweeting their latest post
  • Facebook Sharing their latest post
  • buying their latest eBook and posting a positive review on Amazon
  • interviewing them for your blog
  • commenting genuinely on their blogs

Ask for nothing in return.

Pay your dues.

Pay your online tuition to move up in blogging circles.

Being generous is the great secret of connected bloggers.Helping top bloggers makes you memorable.

I landed recurring guest posting spots on top blogs by promoting influential bloggers and by commenting genuinely on their blogs for months. Most of these guest posting opportunities arrived as invites; I’ve only pitched a few bloggers out of the thousands of guest posts I’ve placed over the years.

3: Email Pros Asking How You Can Help

I have built a great number of meaningful bonds with high-level pros simply by asking how I can help them through email.

Bloggers totally overlook this strategy.

Newbie or struggling bloggers obsess over building an email list, focusing heavily on manipulating circumstances to achieve certain numbers.

Numbers never built a successful blog. Human beings build successful blogs.

Wise bloggers connect with pros quickly by emailing personalized, genuine messages asking how they can be of service. I do a double take on receiving an authentic, personalized email from someone asking how they can help me. These emails stand out from the hundreds of emails I get – personalized or not – asking if I can help a blogger.

Make it 100% about the influential blogger and you will become connected quickly.

What tips can you add to this list?

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