3 Things to Do Before You Write Your First Blog Post

This is a guest post by one of our regular contributing authors Ryan Biddulph. He is a published author and blogger.Today he shares with us 3 incredibly beneficial things to do before writing and publishing that first blog post.

Starting a blog feels scary.

Getting off on the right blogging foot is not as hard as you may think.

Bloggers tend to muck up the process because they try to hit the ground running when crawling would suffice.

I struggled for years because I skipped steps #2 and #3 below.

Start your blog from an intelligent space.

Cut your blogging learning curve by years.

Imagine building a house, patiently laying a rock solid foundation upon which the dwelling rests.

Most new bloggers publish their first post in a desperate rush, build their blogging foundation on sand and struggling mightily for months if not years.

Wise new bloggers learn how to blog properly before typing a word into their WordPress back office.

Don’t bother writing your first blog post until you take these 3 steps.

1: Buy Your Domain and Hosting

Buy your domain and hosting.

Own your online real estate.

Convey a pro blogging brand image.

Gain reader trust.

Act like a pro blogger before you hit the “publish” button.

Purchasing your domain and hosting helps you avoid years of free platform induced struggles.

Free platform bloggers:

  • reek “amateur hour”
  • lose reader trust
  • subject themselves to stringent rules part and parcel with free platforms

Own your blogging home.

Prove that you’re a serious blogger.

Tap into the rich monetizing and branding potential on wordpress,org.

Start blogging intelligently.

2: Follow 2-3 Blogs from Top Blogging Tips Bloggers

Imagine trying to become skilled in any area without following proven, sound counsel from professionals.

As in any discipline, winging it with zero experience leads to struggle, failure, and heartache.

Learn from top blogging tips bloggers how to build successful blogs.

Tap into year’s worth of experience.

Follow 2-3 top bloggers from the blogging tips niche by:

  • reading their blog posts
  • take notes on their blog posts
  • studying the notes
  • watching their videos
  • following their podcast

Before you dare write and publish a post understand this; blogging school is in session.

Blogging students succeed. All other bloggers tend to crash and burn miserably because they trust their own blogging advice – coming from zero blogging experience – over the insights of skilled blogging pros.

In any offline discipline, this would be seen as madness. Since the physical act of buying a domain and hosting and writing your first post seems easy enough, silly newbie bloggers ignore fundamentals and:

  • spam bloggers
  • pitch top bloggers as a stranger
  • write thin blog posts covering 5 to 10 niches based on their daily whims

Scrap your unintelligent strategy.

Learn from blogging pros.

Blogging pros teach you how to build a successful blog.

Learn how to write and publish your first post before moving forward.

Start off on the right foot.

3: Invest in a Blogging Course

Beware the “free content curse.”

New bloggers often whip themselves into a free content frenzy, feast on helpful blog posts, videos, and podcasts.

But imagine trying to learn physics by piecing together blog posts.

Visualize yourself mastering any discipline, developing a rich skill set, learning, studying and practicing, based on a disjointed collection of blog posts handpicked from various blogs.

This is almost an impossible feat unless you’ve got the mindfulness of Buddha.

Cut years from your blogging learning curve.

Invest money in a blogging course.

Blogging courses:

  • layout practical steps in orderly, easy to understand, fashion
  • give you a framework through which to build a successful blog
  • offer you a singular blogging blueprint to work from when you feel confused, lost or afraid to move forward

Succeed by learning to blog in the proper format.

Use free blog posts, videos, and podcasts as supplemental learning tools.

Invest money in a blogging course. Slowly, patiently and calmly follow this blogging blueprint before you write a word in your WordPress back office.

Blogging courses bring order to a chaotic, excited, sometimes terrified newbie blogging mind.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

Did you dive into blogging without following these tips?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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6 Responses to "3 Things to Do Before You Write Your First Blog Post"

  1. Even if I can say that I live from my online business since more than a decade, I always find myself in the same situation when starting a new blog.
    These advices work very well every time when we start a new blog.

  2. One should not watch other blogs and should implement ones own ideas. If one look for other blogs one will have a guide line from that blog. One has to put ones own points in a blog. If one pick ideas from other blogs one will skip the original idea of oneself. Ideas get overlap if one look for other ideas from blog.

  3. Hello Ryan,
    First Impression is the Last Impression..! … Now days there are too much peoples in blogging therefore It’s very important to stand out from crowd. If you enter without proper knowledge about writing blog or some basic things like hosting etc.. Then you may face many problems in future.
    You added most of basic and essentials things before writing first blog post.. Thanks for add it.. 🙂

  4. Hey Ryan!

    Good tips for the new blogger. It is important to convey a pro blogger brand image from the beginning. If you want to become a pro blogger then you must approach everything like a pro blogger.

    It’s very expensive these days to build a professional looking blog site and get blogging right away. You just need a decision to make it happen and go for it without fears.

    I’d also like to add that you should do an in-depth research on the niche you want to blog about. It is important that you know what niche you are passionate about and you are looking to get results with. Niche blogging is a smart thing to do.

    Thank you for sharing your tips here man!

    I see you all over the place! 😉

    Keep it up!

    Best regards! 😀


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