YouTube Website Showcase – I’m So Excited to Feature Your WordPress Websites and Blogs!

Dear Bloggers,

When I published my first blogging tutorial I had no idea if 100 or 0 people would read it.

Videos were even tougher – YouTube is so tough at first!

But now, 200 videos and a few long blog posts later, we finally have something to show for all our hard work in creating wordpress blogs and websites (aside from some seriously cool blogs and websites themselves): an official Showcase Website where your sites can be posted, viewed and shared!

Visit our new YouTube Website Showcase here!

I’m so excited to have help people make a website and blog and to see real businesses thriving. It’s one of the most rewarding things in the world seeing your completed sites (even if they stray from the demos!)

In this post I’ve created a little video about the showcase explaining where you can find it, how to use it and what you’ll get out of it when your WordPress website or wordpress blog gets featured!

Watch our YouTube Showcase Video!

Why Submit Your Website in the Showcase?

You’ll get to:

  • Inspire others and get inspiration from similar sites!!!
  • Create your own page on a subdomain, great for SEO!
  • Announce your blog or business or any kind of website to the world
  • Pick categories of choice
  • Track a view counter
  • Setup backlinks of choice
  • Post images of your website or blog of choice
  • Have the satisfaction of completing a tutorial a knowing you can make a beautiful blog
  • Grab that initial mention on the web. Like that time you first won an award for your art project! 🙂

You won’t get:

  • A million bucks or a million visitors
  • Instant stardom
  • A ton of blog sponsors

But, actually, it’s these sorts of features on the web that do lead to initial blog-stardom and initial sponsors, and now that you know how to make a website or blog I’d love to help take you to that next level.

That’s all for this post!

Make sure to watch the directions in the video then Submit Your Website to the showcase (assuming it was made with our tutorials!) 🙂

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  1. What a great idea to feature sites that have been built with your tutorials to have them showcased! Definitely a wonderful opportunity to gain more visitors to our blogs! Thanks for doing this Greg! 😀


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