Why Browser Push Notifications is a Must Tool for Bloggers

A big shout-out to bloggers! The internet is a big place housing more than 440 million blogs.

There is no doubt that social media platforms have induced enormous innovation in communication, bringing many upsides to bloggers. However, Facebook keeps changing its algorithm. It is, therefore, no surprise that bloggers no longer pledge their affiliation to Facebook. Organic traffic from Facebook has become more of a myth in 2018.

Is that all? No!

Ad blockers are negatively impacting the ad revenue. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Yes!

Here’s the good news. Browser push notifications, widely considered the next wave of innovation, can increase your organic traffic by 30% to 40%.  Don’t trust me?

Here’s what Neil Patel said: “Web notifications are the new email marketing. My click-through rates are insane Over 20%. I wish someone told me about this earlier.”

What are browser push notifications?

Browser push notifications are nothing but messages sent through browsers. They contain a thumbnail image, title and a clickable link. Messages are usually brief. More often than not, the titles are convincing.

According to W3Schools, approximately 78% of the internet users use Google Chrome. Nearly, 12% of the internet users use Mozilla Firefox. What do these numbers suggest?

For bloggers, these numbers indicate an opportunity. 90% of the internet users can be accessed through Chrome push notifications and Firefox push notifications. By the way, Chrome announced its support for push notifications in 2015.

A year later, Firefox announced its support for push notifications.

How are push notifications delivered?

Push notifications are delivered through browsers. It doesn’t matter if the prospect is not on your website. Then, does it matter if the prospect is not logged into his / her Gmail account? No! Does it matter if the prospect is not on Facebook scrolling past your posts? No! Regardless of where the prospect is or where he/she is looking at, push notifications are served to him/her.

Why are browser push notifications necessary for bloggers?

Opt-in is seamless

Prospects need not fill lengthy forms. No personal information is required. They are not even required to provide their email address. As a matter of fact, there is nothing tedious and time-consuming. They just need to take a decision and click either Yes or No. Opt-in is easy and seamless.

Re-engage effectively with your prospects

To build relationships with the audience, bloggers and webmasters rely extensively on two re-engagement tactics:

  • Email lists
  • Retargeting

Email lists: Conversions from email newsletters and RSS feed subscriptions are paltry. And here is another distasteful stat – According to a study by MailChimp, email click rates across various industries are no more than 3%. The scenario seems pretty much unpleasant.

We tried email lists on multiple occasions. Here is a table of information:

Email 100% (Hypothetical scenario)
Prospect 25%
Sales / Click 2-3%


Please be informed that push notifications do not have middlemen. Therefore, nobody can filter or flag your messages as spam. Delivery is therefore 100% (virtually).

Push notifications are anytime better than email lists. The click rates varied between 10% and 40%.

Browser Push Notification 100%
Prospect Views 70%
Sales / Click 10-40%

Do the audiences get excited every time a push notification is delivered in real-time? No!

Audiences get excited to personalized push notifications. Of course, personalization means different things to different people. But here is our observation – Audiences are receptive to special offers based on their preferences. Shopping cart abandonment messages come under this category. The second most important type of browser push notification is breaking news. Location-based offers such as price drop alerts are the third most important type.

Let’s now look at re-targeting. Re-targeting is nothing but re-marketing your brand on various search and social platforms, once the prospect leaves your website.  So here is the question: Re-targeting vs web notifications -Who’s the winner?

Let me answer this with data.

We have 5000 active push notification subscribers. Here are some numbers for you:

Total Active Push Notification Subscribers 5000
Click Through Rate (CTR) 20%
Clicks per notification 1000
Total Notifications per Month 30
Total Clicks per month 30000
Push Maze plan $129
Cost per click $0.0043

Verdict: Segmented browser push notifications are cost-effective and affordable. They are at least100 times cheaper than re-targeting tactics.

Trigger sensitive data during business hours

During business hours, prospects are on desktops and laptops. It doesn’t matter if they are on mobiles. Browser push notifications hit mobile and desktop users. Also, the user is in complete control of subscription. At any point of time, he / she can block the messages.

No third parties and filters

There are no third-parties or filters involved. As a result, nobody can route browser push notifications to spam or junk folders. Communication with subscribers is direct. Messages are brief and take no more than a minute to read. In case of emails, subscribers have to sign in and subsequently read the messages. It’s tedious.

Zero influence of algorithm

No algorithm or an operational function can stop you from delivering your messages to the audience. You can do away with the shortcomings of social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter regulate the type of images and content. There is no such regulation or restriction associated with browser push notifications


Browser push notifications have great opt-in rates, click-through rates and open rates. They are affordable. They can target users on desktops, tablets, laptops, smartphones and different operating systems. They enhance your monetization prospects.

Want to learn more and gain insights on Chrome push notifications and Firefox push notifications? Visit Mozilla Hacks and Google Developers. Cheers!

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    1. Marry Ann, great job done as always! I have no doubts that push notifications work and really has a positive impact on organic traffic & CTR. For those who still are aware of the great re-marketing tool here’s the link to useful article, where author describes all cons of pushes from the scratch I’ve googled best practices of push notifications and this inspired me the most, so advised to explore this one in more details so I will definitely take into consideration some masterpieces when generating my own strategy. What about your best examples? Can you share?

      1. Well, Thank you for such a nice response and I’m glad that my article helps you. I’m working on some masterpieces to share with you and other readers too. I’ll be published on my website Pushmaze Please do have an eye on it.


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