How I Got Google PageRank 3 in 3 Months with Only 28 Backlinks

This post (published Nov 9, 2012) was inspired by a conversation I had with blogger Ehsan Ullah. Thanks, Ehsan!

In this post I’ll answer a ton of questions regarding building PageRank. I’ll explain what Alexa Rank is, talk about why Google built PageRank, and even offer white hat and black hat methods to use on it.

Hint: You should only use the White Hat ones!

You should also use this post to discuss Google Panda.

PageRank is the founding principle behind Google Search, and earned Stanford University just over $330 million back in 2005. So yeah, you want to know about it.

A little proof behind my methods

Before you’re going to read this, you’ll probably want some information on the title of this post.

Well, this blog is only 3 months old, tomorrow actually. You’ll just have to believe me on that.

For proof on my PR3 from only 28 backlinks go download the SEO PageRank Status Toolbar. It’s a free Google Chrome extension I use several times a day to check web statistics. Using it is really simple, just click on the bar icon and it shows you a whole assortment of stats for the webpage you’re currently on. I usually focus on PageRank and Alexa Rank.

For you die hard Internet Explorer and Firefox users that won’t get the plugin I created this screenshot of my stats after just 3 months of DearBloggering.

Now that we’ve gotten that cleared up, let’s talk business.

Why even write this post?

Why would I ever write a blog post covering my strategies on building PageRank and rising up in Google? What the heck is wrong with me? These are secrets I should write into an eBook I sell for 29.94 on Amazon. They’re that valuable!

Well, here’s what I’m thinking right now…

  • Blogging should be helpful: The founding mission of Dear Blogger has always been to provide easy to understand blogging answers on things like these very topics.
  • Clear the air: Hopefully I’ll answer some really common SEO related questions I get every morning in my inbox.
  • Write good, get gooder: When I hit publish on this post I’ll be adding new content to my site. If it’s useful, that alone gives me a few points in Google. But if it’s really useful and you guys comment and linkback to this, then we’re really doing good stuff. Just a kind suggestion 😉

What happened at Stanford?

Back when Sergey and Larry were building the technology behind Google Search, they realized if their search engine became anything worthwhile it would have deal with and process a LOT of documents. Like millions of new ones every day. They decided pure content wouldn’t be enough to decide which pages get ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd…10th…101st..etc and that they need a new criteria.

So they created PageRank. It became a heirarchical system where all webpages initially begin with equal rank, then get higher ranks if more websites link back to them. Each link counts as a “vote” and that “vote” holds more weight if it’s from an authoritative hub, like, or the

A practically example of PageRank:
So if you search for “cutest cat pictures” you’ll probably get a website that a) has awesome content, and b) has lots of links pointing to it. The second point is important. You will not get some cat website that started yesterday, even if the photos are really, really, ridiculously cute.

I sort of avoided the mathy side of PageRank here. For that, check out this Google Research presentation that I shared on Facebook a few weeks back. By the way, none of my friends Liked it or commented, ha!

How PageRank affects Search results

So, you type in a search for “cutest cat pictures” and in a few tenths of a second Google returns some results for you. Note, it wasn’t always this fast and accurate. You used to have to adhere to certain “Google search methods” just to get a relevant result. (Remember that, haha?)

Google returns articles, pages, blogs, forums, anything that it finds relevant. It quickly organizes them based on relevance to YOU. This also includes past searches and other random crap Google knows you like.

What you may not realize, is that every page and post on your blog or website has it’s own PageRank. It’s not just your homepage that builds PageRank.

A Little Experiment: If you downloaded the Chrome extension I showed you above, try clicking around Dear Blogger. Hit a few pages, and see their PageRank. Try some posts. You might wonder why they have different PageRanks, and that’s because different websites are linking (or not linking) to them right now. Those websites in turn have different Pageranks which are channeled (or not channeled) to Dear Blogger.

After you do that exercise, be sure to watch Matt Cutts from Google explain Search in this introductory video. This one is a favorite of mine:

How to Give and Get PageRank

As you get further in blogging you’ll want to build PageRank and may even want to share it. It’s pretty simple. You give someone PageRank or “Link Juice” when you link to them. You get PageRank when someone links to you. So every website I link to in this post gets a little bit of Link Juice from But let’s look further.

The best case scenario:
I wrote a whole banger on using basic SEO principles over at ProBlogger but I’ll run through it again here. Let’s say you write a blog post on Personal Websites and it’s really helpful. It rocks. You want it to get some PageRank though.

Case 1: If I link to your post like this, you’ll get a little PageRank. That’s for sure.

Case 2: If I say “Hey guys, anyone looking to build a personal website?” the effect is much larger.

That’s because of the anchor text I just used. Go visit that link, it actually goes to my friends Thomas Frank’s website. When you’re there, look at the permalink of his post. It has “personal website” in it. Google loves links like this, they really explain the content on both ends of the link!

Where Alexa Rank fits in

PageRank’s cute cousin is Alexa Rank. The two are very different though.

While PageRank measures a website’s relative strength and affects Search rank, Alexa is more of a traffic statistic. It shows how many people are visiting your site, and is largely becoming the definitive ranking of your website. Check out the Alexa Rank of sites like,,,, and anything else you visit often and you’ll see what I mean. (for those of age this can turn into a fun drinking game!)

Ideally you want high PageRank and low Alexa Rank. There are certainly benchmarks that go along with the rankings. A PageRank of 4 is darn good, and it’s quite rare for a single person blog to rank over PR 6. An Alexa Rank of anything under 100k is great, though that takes time, and under 50k is a sweet spot where you should be able to blog for a living.

I know you’re going to disagree with that last paragraph, so tell me what YOU think in the comments. Post a quick one right now.

Manipulation, Evil, and Scum of the Earth

As blogging expanding and people wondering how to blog for money, how to make thousands online, and other goals that often cloud the purpose of this whole thing, a general manipulation of PageRank began to occur and black hat SEO was born.

If you’ve never heard this expression let me explain it to you quickly. Black hat means Google frowns upon it, and grey hat refers to borderline or questionable practice.

6 Examples of black hat

  • Keyword stuffing: Repeating keywords to the point where your sentences look like gibberish.
  • Unrelated keywords: Like this – Michael Jordan buys Walmart vacuum cleaners to take on exotic cruise trips.
  • Bait and switch: Where you get a page to rank in Google, then switch the page content.
  • Mirror websites: Duplicating content on several sites because you’re just not original.
  • Comment spam: Shooting comments to blogs in the hopes of getting clicks and backlinks. Grr.
  • Link farms: Building low quality websites that host lots of (perhaps paid) links.

Great hat is slightly less worse but still a bit dicey.

Examples of grey hat:

  • Link circles: Tough one to explain here. See the link trio article by Glen Allsop.
  • Buying links: Pretty self-explanatory. You should get these naturally because your content is original and inspiring.

And white hat is how it’s truly done.

White Hat: White hat is anything natural, awesome, and any technique that would warm Google’s heart. You know you’re using white hat when it just feels right.

How I Got Google PageRank 3 in 3 months with Only 28 Backlinks

Of course I put this at the end of the article. If you didn’t know all the information above this, this just wouldn’t make as much sense. Stop complaining, I’m sorry for making you spend another 10 minutes of your time.

It all began with my whiteboard. I bought a white board on Amazon (exact model) and the moment it arrived to my apartment I was strategizing. It was early September 2012 and I had already planned out several guest posts I’d launch (hopefully successfully) to a few prominent sites and a few I just loved.

In the bio line of each post is where you normally get someone to link back to your site. I used the strategy from my “personal website” example above to create really specific links back to different pages on my site. On a few guest posts I also linked to other posts on my blog via contextual links. See CopyBlogger for a great example of contextual linking. I made sure the anchor text was specific and included in the blog post permalinks. And of course, if you’ve been following me at all you know I landed guest posts on some major blogs.

The linking began in the guest post bios then continued on my own blog! On that white board I wrote a diagram like this:

Post 6 links to post 1 with “About Me Pages”
Post 5 links to post 3 with “WordPress Blog”
Post 4 links to post 2 with “Blog post titles”

I spread a lot of inbound links around my blog, which generated a sort of inpenetrable strength on my blog. If you watch the video above you heard about “spiders and crawlers.” When these things run through your blog they don’t like dead ends. That’s a sign of weakness. They like to bounce from post to post, from page to page, and never get lost. Again, for a really good example of this technique in action check out CopyBlogger, and look at all the red links within posts.

A fortress of strength:
The effect of that interlinking was my blog looked pretty darn strong to Google, even though it only had 12 posts. At the point I write this I think that number is 15. Whatever, it was and still is a small number. But to Google, my blog looked like a well defended castle, complete with a lively courtyard, luxurious theater, bountiful kitchen and dining hall, even a jousting arena! I bet those spiders had fun ;).

Terrorize Google:
The effect of getting a lot of guest posts on the web in a relatively small amount of time really hit on the time-sensitive aspect of Google rankings. See, Google tracks trends. If you’re mentioned once or twice online it’s really no big deal and Google doesn’t blink. But if they index a new site and it’s all of a sudden getting mentioned 30-40 times a day, they’ll notice. The effect is Google may decide to index your pages more quickly.

And who says the process of building PageRank has to be a slow one? 🙂

Conclusion: Alright I think that’s enough

Alright guys, I think that’s enough on SEO for one evening. Make sure to come early to class tomorrow and bring your calculators. The test will cover linking strategies, the history of PageRank, and the evolution of Matt Cutts’ hair styles.

Haha, I’m not a teacher, maybe someday. I really hoped this helped explain how to build a good, strong PageRank with limited resources in a small amount of time. You can absolutely replicate these effects if you plan well enough. I’d seriously recommend getting a whiteboard too.

Make sure to drop a comment if you have something to say.

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91 Responses to "How I Got Google PageRank 3 in 3 Months with Only 28 Backlinks"

  1. Good article, I’m also interested in getting a PR3 ranked site up to 4 but I think that’s an exponential jump…tricky to do it, particularly with B2B sites…

    1. For sure:

      Guest posting is huge
      Writing admirable posts is big too. People need to await your posts, then LOVE your ideas, and want to link back naturally.

      These two things alone are a good start!

  2. thanks for this article. it is very easy to understand. however, i want to ask if there is a formula to calculate the pagerank 4, 5 … 10? is it the same 28 links?

    1. Glad this helped! There is a formula; we’d never know it though. Top secret Google business.

      28 links is meant to appear as a small amount…but for PR 8-10 you have to think in the 1000s or hundreds of 1000s of links.

  3. Dear Blogger, you actually are the first blog that I’ve come across that give the readers tips that have actually been implemented and shown to work, will be following the instructions to the full stop.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Well Excellent post but i think that Alexa has no relation with Google Page Rank. Excellent way you have described to get page rank. I will try it out surely 🙂
    Thank you

    1. No prob Hari! They are different stats, Alexa won’t exactly help your Search rankings but can explain how popular you are in various countries.

    1. Hey Sampath,

      1) Long-form posts
      2) Good permalinks
      3) Great comments that add value

      But yes, you’ll need at least 1 high-quality link…


    1. Hey Rico!

      Well, what’s your backlink profile currently like?

      You have an Alexa of around 430k, not bad…

      In my case it was a lot of guest posting, but there are a few other good ways to get the job done.



  5. Hi Greg, thanks for this complete overview and the bigger picture for having a good PR in google.

    I have set up a website with approx. 300 content in it, its new wesbite that only running about 2 month, but the Google PR currently still on 0. Google have been indexed about 1700 links in this website.

    How much time it takes for google to calculate the PR for new website?

    What is the general requirement to get PR1??

    1. Hey Joe.

      1700? How on earth did you do that?

      These are definitely the million dollar questions everyone asks so let me try to answer:

      No one is ever exactly sure on PageRank timeframe, but there are usually 4 per year. You want to get links and SEO updates in before them, though Google will also crawl your site quickly/daily if you have a plugin like XML sitemap generator, linked above.

      General rec on PR1 is roughly a combined PR of 3 linking back to you. If a PR3 webpage links to you you don’t get all that juice though, because sure that page links to other pages on it’s site, and external pages too. So you want to build these incremental pagerank points on a lot of webpages off your site.

      Comments don’t count usually 🙂 Though they obv help with traffic and building authority.

      I’d imagine the next PR update will be kind to you…good luck!

  6. At the end of post what I perceive is this post is all about just downloading chrome page rank tool bar. No important facts of your business niche nor domain. no activities nor sites discussed which give your website support, What I get at the end is nothing ?

  7. Hi Khawar, i guess you are newbie in this blogging field. You are curious and want to know how to get pr 3 in 3 months like Greg did. Sounds great but it is not easy task. Although you follow all advice that Greg has given you, still you cant get page rank. Why? Because there is a proper way of doing things. You’ll never know it until you keep on experimenting and working. Don’t lose hope bro.
    And about traffic thing, here is my tip, i think this is one of the biggest strategy when it comes to traffic generaion, use LONG TAIL KEYWORDS. Yeah, long tail phrase/keywords will help you rank better in search engines and you’ll get good traffic. And one more thing, try to read as many blogs(about blogging, seo and marketing) as you can.

  8. Hey dude, this is not as easy as you think it is. Getting PR-3 requires lots of work and effort. You can get page rank 2 in next google update by you will have to write quality articles, get backilnks from other sites and do lots of other tasks like working on site seo.
    You will eventually get good pr if you keep on delivering good unique content to you readers.

  9. Good work, Greg. Great tips and advice. I think getting good pr require a little strategic work like you did. I got pr-2 on one of my tech website in 3 months. During that time i only posted about 9-10 articles and with only that content i got pr2 which i think is pretty cool.
    I think the most important factor which determines PR of any website is backlinks. So one should pay close attention to how he build backlinks as they can build or ruin its page rank.

    1. Backlinks are definitely #1. Great to hear you got PR2 with limited content, you’re onto a good strategy there.

  10. Thanks for sharing your case study.

    I prefer to read something like this as this is real life experience. In other words, if you apply the same strategy, more or less you’ll get the same result.

    1. Lots of high profile backlinks, good onsite SEO, long in-depth articles. Those three things (while def not easy) are most important.

      1. Quick add – how long are “long articles” ? I’m normally around 700-750 words with multi internal links, a few external nofollow links, great SEO and all original all the time. I’m posting a new post every 2 days (working a few ahead and autoscheduling) and have about 200 Facebook likes with 150 or so twitter followers. I generally get a retweak, but am only getting maybe 150 pageviews per day with maybe 75 unique people per day on average; it swings a lot. I’ve been up and running maybe 2 weeks and I have a guest post on PR3, 4 or so articles on a PR6 that links back, as well as 6 articles on EzineArticles linking back – however apparently they are posted on a PR0 site from what I’ve read.

        Total backlinks in the 50’s I think. Does that seem reasonable for PR2-3? Or am I way out of the ballpark? I’m rakning page 1 on google for 2-3 different long tailed keywords, however my niche is pretty nichey so it’s maybe 2-3 people per day! 🙂

        I’m trying to gage exactly how much I’m doing. Do I need to put in more, less, or equal effort to get maximum results. I.e. I could pretty easily post 750 words per day, all original and well written, but would that help a lot and increase the process or is pure time a pretty important aspect?


  11. I followed all those strategies which you have mentioned in your link.But still no change only i can’t follow one strategy to upload video in youtube. It’s just because youtube is banned in our country.My blog has got only internal backlinks but no outer backlinks .More help will be appreciated.

    1. You need backlinks coming from other sites. This is easily most important early on, because of click thru traffic and Google will see the backlinks.

      Probably the best way is to guest post on blogs in your niche. Can you do this? Happy to provide strategy on that Khawer.

  12. My blog got pagerank 2 in 4 month.And its all about movie but the main problem is that my blog gets only 20 to 30 visitors a day. I submitted my site to many free social sites and premium sites but still no traffic how should i increase visitors.

  13. Post 6 links to post 1 with “About Me Pages”
    Post 5 links to post 3 with “WordPress Blog”
    Post 4 links to post 2 with “Blog post titles”

    Hi Greg, my head is scratching over this. As much as I tried to digest this info while I read the blog posts, it didn’t really sink, would you be kind enough to explain this a little bit?

    1. Hey Zion,
      Yep, this means I linked post 6 to post 1 with anchor text “about me pages” and so on.

      It’s a list system I used at first, then gave up on because it was too much to keep track of.

      The message is pretty simple: interlink as much as possible with rich keywords as anchor text.


  14. Reading your post worth it. Congrats man. I have checked your PR now and it’s PR4!!! I am also happy because in 3 months (late Nov. 2012 – Feb. 2, 2013) I received PR3… am I following your steps? LOL…

      1. I have handful of techniques and I just found some of them works like:

        1. article directories
        2. social bookmarking sites

        I have focused on that two and for the time being I have 40+ published contents.

        But yours is truly amazing and now you’re 4… and this particular post is 2!!! Awesome.

        I want to schedule all the plans that I have right now, most of the times I run out of time.

  15. Im new to blogging Greg so do we need to embed the page rank code in our theme to analyse our website rank in google.
    And what is the use of back links the traffic is the same right?

    1. Really good question Dinesh.

      As far as I know you must have at least one prominent back-link to start your PageRank.

      Backlinks get you more traffic from direct click thrus and higher Search rankings.

      I’ll update this comment with more soon…

      1. Greg,

        Quick add on. How do “dofollow” vs “nofollow” links affect the situation? I can get a lot of really good “nofollow” links from high PR websites in my niche through article writing/etc however I don’t know if it’s worth spending my time on that considering they are nofollow. Thoughts?


  16. hey Greg thanks for your fast reply and yes the 80/20 rule that you have described about I really loved it. It is the best way to manage blog content and advertisement. One more question I wanna ask about Alexa Ranking. Does Alexa Rank our website according to website traffic or domain age?.

    1. No prob Nidhan, happy to help.

      Alexa IS an important ranking despite what folks will say.

      It’s based on reach (# of users visiting your site) and pageviews. But it tracks stats, supposedly, only for people with the Alexa toolbar.

      Having the toolbar means you’re fairly tech-savvy.

      So some sites that are visited largely by non-tech-savvy people may have Alexa rankings lower than they “should” be.

  17. In response to your blog post my views are pretty straight forward. I think the way you got your page rank in Google algorithm is well praised but I have just one question in my mind because I also want a page rank like yours in a minimum about two or three months with full hard work. I wanna ask you one Question !. If I write superb content for my website and post daily 2 articles on my blog for about two months and don’t do any back-linking, web directories submission and social media websites promotion time consuming process. Can i achieved a page rank 3 after those two months with organic traffic?

    1. Hey Nidhan

      Glad you stopped by.

      If you just write articles and don’t do any promotion whatsover, your PR will probably be 0-1 after 3 months.

      There’s nothing wrong with just writing, but it will take Google a LOT longer to notice you.

      In my newest post I advocate the 80/20 rule…

      Does this make sense?

  18. well Excellent post but i think that Alexa has no relation with Google Page Rank. Excellent way you have described to get page rank. I will try it out surely 🙂
    Thank you

    1. You’re right Jen they are very different stats.

      The accuracy of certain ranges in Alexa have been questioned.

      Best to have both looking good 🙂

  19. Hey Greg,

    The funny thing is, that all the pages that I have built tons of links to have a lower PR than the pages that I built ABSOLUTELY NO links to. How weird. If you look at my page /serp you will see a screenshot with a PR of 4…lol
    I hope you come back to my site soon and contribute. The site has been for informational purposes only for a long time, but recently we started to post on a regular basis.

    Have a great night tonight, happy and healthy new year.

    1. Weird Justin! The only thing that crossed my mind is maybe your on page SEO is impeccable on those high PR pages.
      Any ideas when the next PR update is?
      Regardless, good job mate.
      I’ll be back for sure, hope the New Year was and is good to you.

      1. Morning Greg,

        Good thought, and I’m going to have to take a look at those specific pages. One thing I do know, is those are the pages that I didn’t optimize and haven’t spent any time working on. Maybe that’s a good sign that sticking keywords on the page, or focusing on SEO too much is just not what’s going to get your PR bumped up. That’s def a strong signal to me that maybe we just need to create out pages without putting any effort into optimization. But, this is just for the sake of PageRank, not actually ranking for these pages. So I guess you have to weigh the two and see which is more important. High PageRank or high rankings.

        As far as the update goes, the last one was November, so I’m thinking 3-4 months from then, February or March. But then again, trying to guess anything about google is just a shot in the air. Have a great day!!

        1. Yeah things at Google changed.
          Backlinks, indepth (like really freaking exhaustive) content, authorship, and social stats matter a lot…
          Good luck with your rankings Justin!

  20. Great article here. I started my new site in July, and when the November PR update came out It went to a PR 2, but my inner pages are 3 and 4. Have you heard of that? Anyways, I was ecstatic at the time. It’s great to know that Google sees your site is important. Nice post!

    1. That’s pretty funny Justin…I checked out your blog to see what you mean.
      Have you gotten backlinks to the inners and not the home?
      Not a bad situation though, like you said 🙂
      Thanks a lot for that comment.

  21. Hi Greg,
    Thanks for that winding lecture. My first blog received a pagerank of 2 within two months until calamity struck when my web hosting went offline. I’m really enthusiastic to increasing my new affiliate website which is less a month old to the highest pagerank I can.
    I care more with pagerank than with alexa.

  22. Greg,
    you reduce the most complicated of ideas into simple ABC. I my have read this somewhere before. In fact, I may have known this before, but hearing it in your voice brings the points home.

    Thanks for taking the time to write on this. I just had my light-bulb go on upstairs. Now I know…

    1. Well go work on the blog while that light is on!
      I checked out ProBloggerTips…looks like you REALLY know what you’re doing Yeremi.

  23. Great article Greg, page rank is something lots of people struggle with, recently I was able to go to get a PR 2 on one of my sites and another site that was doing quite well did a 180 is spiraling downward ever since I got the website re-designed…ah well you live an you learn. Page Rank is a constant struggle, once you get it, now the real task is maintaining and with Google Panda updates now and then its even more of a challenge Glad I found your site though =)

  24. No! Arfa, improving alexa rank is easy, I was in your shoes, also trying to improve my alexa rank, because it also speaks for you, since is where a lot of webmaster and advertisers look up to, to see if your site is doing well you have no choice than to improve your alexa rank if you are considering making money from your blog soon

    I have a solution, which is a very popular post in my blog,

    Greg please permit me to paste the link to the post here, so that arfa can get it, or if you don’t allow then arfa drop your email address here on the comment I will email you the link

  25. My website is 2 and a half months old and recently got its 1st PR. I didn’t do much guest posting or commenting but yes where i guest posted, were reputable sites. anyhow, i was so happy, I think it’s a kind of appreciation from google to work harder. The post is great, now I know the whole concept…. i think google PR isn’t much hard to get but improving alexa rank is!

      1. and yes My site shows like a brand when you google it, I asked someone and he said it is due to neat and clean navigation system. was really surprised. The revenue thing hasn’t started yet but still i’m so excited about blogging….expecting more tips for PR in your upcoming posts.

  26. Hi, Greg, I love your post about page rank, and how your site will come up first in google search depending on your pagerank,

    but I somehow doubt that fact, why, is because my site pagerank is not strong at all, but still am ranking number 1 in search for some of my targeted keywords, although I used some seo tactics.

    Please can you explain why its that way?

    1. Hey Lakotai, great to see you around here. I probably can, Google is a very understandable science. Which keyword phrases are you ranking for and in what niche?

      1. “Positive alexa rank”

        “New traffic tricks”

        “Nigeria motivational rapper”

        Nigeria successful rapper”

        Greg, this list continues, although it amazing why google is doing me such a favor? Fine my content are remarkable, but my site is not yet optimised fully for such rank, you know what I mean?

        1. There’s really no such thing as optimised fully…a site can always improve. But from Google’s perspective those articles you wrote are among the web’s best, on those topics 😀

          Nice work!

          The million dollar question is, which other related topics can you write on and rank for??

  27. Yet again, I have learned some good stuff from one of your articles. I think the one thing I would have wanted to hear more about were the white hat techniques for getting backlinks/good PR. Through my awesome powers of deduction, however, I realized that you’ve already covered some of this stuff in some of your other posts, both here and at Problogger. Don’t I feel like a genius, connecting the dots to figure out that by both making a blog more accessible through proper permalink keywords and building an online presence by contributing (hopefully) meaningful comments to more successful blogs I find admirable, I might be able to not only generate these organic backlinks, but also feel really good about myself for doing it in a way that isn’t so frickin’ scammy! A win for both my writing and my soul!

  28. Thank you for writing on this Greg, I was really expecting something like this from you. Well, The alexa rank of my blog is under 38K, but the nominal page rank which I can see is 1, but I’m sure the real PR which no one can see except Google itself is the higher one.

    This is really a definitive guide on Page Rank and Alexa rank, You’re right that blogging should be helpful and I’m loving Dear Blogger.

    Thanks for mentioning me in this post bro.
    Have a great day.

    1. No prob, bet it won’t be the last time either! Yeah your Alexa is fantastic. How would describe what Alexa measures? (open to anyone)

      1. Yeah, It’ll always be appreciated and I bet, I’ll do the same 😀
        As you mentioned in post. It think It measures the traffic statistics of a website. Actually I have never got time to spend on reading anything about Alexa because I always focused on PR, but now seems I’ll need to take care of Alexa rank too.

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