Welcome to Dear Blogger (in a British Accent)

Firstly, a few words about other tutorials, blogs, and guides you’ve been using.

Forget about them.

Chances are they contain lots of fluff, opinions, nonsense, and haven’t gotten you where you want to be.

Welcome to Dear Blogger, a community where blogging answers are exchanged quickly, effortlessly, and obviously for free. It’s actually a new take on a lot of things.

Secondly, ever write and sort of hear yourself writing in a British accent? Happens to me all the time. Anyways…

Hey. My name’s Greg. I’m a 27 year old blogger and developer from snowy Minnesota currently living and working in the Big Apple.

I’ve blogged for brands, networks, even the government, and most importantly, people.

I love blogging, it’s a way of documenting things you learn and giving those things almost instantly to a huge audience.

I’ve sort of come to know what people want in a blog, and what they can’t stand too. It could help that I research blogs for two hours every morning, or that I’ve got two social sciences degrees under my belt.

I get you.

You want blogging answers, not eloquent fluff filled with misleading jargon or sponsorship plugs.

I read through WordPress codex and sometimes think I’m derping. What the f are they saying? Why can’t tech people communicate like normal people? Are they lazy, are they being cryptic on purpose?

I’d go so far as to say I think we get each-other too, so formally, welcome to Dear Blogger. Hola, bonjour, 你好.

Why did I start Dear Blogger?

Because I’m seriously so tired of blogging answers being hard to find.

Where was I right before this?

Find out on my about page. I’ve been in Istanbul, Amsterdam, India, and of course, Minnesota lately.

Why the name “Dear Blogger?”

Because that’s how people originally started out asking me blog questions. “Dear Blogger…What exactly are WordPress plugins and how do you use them?” is one such example.

What’s in it for YOU?

More than I can describe here. When you guys ask questions, I answer right away in the comments. If 20-30 of you ask on the same or similar topic, expect an entry on it, and pronto. I’ve also crafted an eBook that could very well save your blog. What’s it called? Bye-Bye Bounce Rate.

Whats Dear Blogger’s place in the blogosphere?

I’ll be honest, it’s unique, perhaps too soon to know. We are a community dedicated to building better blogs each day.

Can you email me?

I don’t know, may you? Send thoughts and concerns to greg@dearblogger.org. or just find me on Twitter or Google +.

Do I accept guest posts?

Not at the moment. Dear Blogger is too fresh at the moment. Updated: Dear Blogger is accepting guest posts now but out of lots of submissions I can only accept a few. If you have a strong following of your own and an innate knack for answering blogging questions, please reach out to studyHQ@dearblogger.org.

What do I love?

Blogging, duh! Now go read your first entry…

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27 Responses to "Welcome to Dear Blogger (in a British Accent)"

  1. Hey Blogger, just found your blog after an amalgam of google searches and I have some questions.
    -I want to start a blog to kick start fame and get me known, what would you recommend?
    -What website should I go with, and should I begin thinking of web hosting in the future?
    Many thanks, loving your posts.

    1. thanks a lot for commenting and for the love!

      if you have a small budget and want to get ahead of many other beginners, i’d start on wordpress.org.

      here’s one of our better wordpress tutorials if you’re curious:

      web-hosting, annoying as it is, is probably something you should think about if fame is on the menu 🙂

  2. Greg, you are awesome. I have found your blog through Googling. And I’m happy I have found this blog. I have studied all the entries of this blog till the date. And definitely I will study every of yur posts carefully and enthusiastically. I love you!

    1. Ha ha hey again Abdul!

      What Google search did you do to get here? Always curious how folks find the blog…

      Happy you found it too!! This blog is still pretty new, lots of potential, and LOTS more exciting posts to come.

      What’s your fav entry? 😀

      1. First off sorry for responding you late. I opened Dear Blogger to see if there’re new posts. Then, I popped onto Welcome Page again to recollect ideas to love DearBlogger and I saw your response to my comment.

        Right now, I cannot let you know the exact keywords I googled. But I know I was searching for ‘Why and How to start a self hosted blog’.

        I love every post on this awesome blog. But my favorite one is that of ‘Starting a Blog’ which is actually the ultimate guide for starting successful blog. Other favorite post of mine is about success blogging (the most recent post till the date). This post has in-detail pieces of practical advices blended with helpful links. Thanks again.

  3. Hey Greg! I found you in kind of a roundabout way…so buckle up:
    First, I was on College Info Geek. Then I wanted to write a guest post for him, but he doesn’t accept them and instead links to Honest College, among others. And I clicked through Honest College to here 🙂

    Looking forward to nosing around here! You seem like a pretty knowledgeable and friendly guy!

    1. Awesome Samantha, glad you made it here! Also glad those darn links work.

      Nosing totally allowed 🙂 Think you’ll find a lot of gems here.

      Ha ha, just steer clear of me before coffee numero uno.

  4. Hi Greg,

    Found your site via a link in my RSS reader. Think it was from a guest post on ProBlogger.

    Then read your about page, which linked me to the welcome page, which had me sign up for email updates. Given I’m not normally one for email updates I’m impressed.

    Look forward to checking out more of dearblogger.


    p.s. slight typo (at least I think it is) (When you “guy” ask questions… ) but maybe its a reference that went over my head.

    1. Wow James, what a cool series of connections. Love when stuff like that happens. Glad you decided to opt-in, more to come. And thanks for spotting that bugger!


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