InMotion Review USA: Why You Should Consider InMotion

Reviewed By: Greg Narayan
Last Update: March 2nd, 2019

About Us: As a WordPress help community with thousands of successful setups completed since 2014, we’d say we know hosting. As you’ll see below, InMotion did quite well in our web hosting review, and made this a pleasure to write!

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Why Our Reviews?

I used to wonder why people talk about web hosting so much. Aside from the fact that every website has to be hosted somewhere, consider this: Google states that a 1 second decrease in your site’s speed can cause a 20% loss in readership. If you have 100K visitors, that’s 20K people gone bye-bye forever! The web host you choose can have huge effects on the success of your business, and your happiness!

Aggregate Rating:

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Cheapest Plan:

$ 4.99/mo (37% discount)

Recommended for Total Beginners: YES

Our Recommended/Favorite Plan:

Business Hosting Launch Plan

5 Reasons People Choose InMotion Over The Rest of the Pack:

Let’s start our InMotion review with the short list of what makes hosting at InMotion a total no-brainer for 1000s of customers every day.

1. Cheap plans + value: InMotion has created two amazingly valuable plans for beginners – the Launch Business Web Hosting plan and the WordPress Hosting plan. More details on this below in our pricing breakdown!

2. 24/7/365 support: InMotion is ready to talk hosting, WordPress, etc all day every day. They will even email you follow up answers if they find them, and to check in on your progress!

3. Free daily backups: If you really make a mess of things and overcook the goose, you can always roll it right back to how it looked earlier that day.

4. Recommended by the Pros: CNET and, to name a few, work with and approves InMotion. Peace of mind? Check.

5. Free SSL: Google and SEO now generally require an SSL certificate (that little padlock icon you see in the upper left of our site) It’s needed for more than just eCommerce nowadays, blogs, etc.

For most of us looking for a great cheap web hosting plan, that’s more than enough to seal the deal. However, if you’re still unsure about InMotion or just love reading the full user-manual of details (that’s us) keep reading below!

About InMotion Web Hosting

We tell everyone InMotion is a great bet for a first web host, their cheap, have servers in the USA and globally, and most importantly, their backend is just built with us in mind (as they say on their website, it’s all about “reliable website hosting’ and that’s so true!)

Flannels are the web designers attire du jour at the InMotion HQ. Better wear mine when I come visit!

The company was founded in 2001 in Virginia Beach, VA and prides itself in being owned by it’s roughly 50 employees, much like a co-op style firm. Since is founding, the company has won awards for “Best Business Hosting”, “Best Small Business Hosting”, and “Best VPS Hosting”. Hot on their trail, we had to try their business hosting in the video below!

InMotion also gives you the confidence of being one of the top 25 web hosts in terms of market share! I cannot stress how huge this is. There are thousands of web hosts and right away you know they are in the top 25 ranking.

So, you want to install WordPress on Inmotion? Well we did that review too. It was easy using their beginner friendly tools. Click play below and learn how to install WordPress on InMotion hosting:

Of course, you can install as well as about 300 other scripts with the wave of a 1-click.

Other features include an average live chat support response time of 7 minutes (we tested it!) and 30 day money back guarantee (which takes the risk out of this decision!)

The cherry on the top? This InMotion review wouldn’t be complete without telling you one simple fact which separates InMotion from the pack: all of Inmotion’s plans come with free SSL (essential for Google rankings and especially eCommerce websites), daily automated backups managed for you by their awesome team, and 90 day (3 month!) money back guarantee! This tells me InMotion is confidence you’ll stay with them and isn’t just after your money. 

Their Business Hosting Launch plan is our favorite package at InMotion. However, their WordPress hosting plan is a little cheaper and great too!

Cheapest plans for this premium web hosting service start at only $4.99


Premium support, recommended by man blogs and publications, and only a few clicks need to get a website live. From everyone we speak to regarding their web hosting experience, InMotion have been one of the best US web hosts in terms of user experience! Can’t forget 90 day money back guarantee and free SSL. All this has led to an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.


The plan we setup in our tutorial video, the Business Hosting Launch Plan, only lets you run 2 websites. But considering this is 1 website more than the Hatchling Plan at HostGator and Basic Plan at Bluehost, this is actually a pro! 🙂


Affordability 100%
Easy Setup 98%
Speed, Performance & Power 93%
WordPress Tools Easy of Use 98%

InMotion Review: Pricing Overview

So we are set on going with InMotion. But you ask, “Which InMotion hosting plan is best / should I choose?”

In a nutshell, we recommend getting the Business Hosting Launch hosting plan at inmotion because it gives you all the value of the best WordPress tools, but remains the price of a shared hosting plan.

This is our favorite plan. However, if you’re a beginner WordPress user wanting more hands off feel, try the WordPress Hosting.

Most hosts who offer managed WordPress hosting do so at a higher price because it’s a concierge service. However InMotion has the technology to keep prices down.

So, the WordPress Hosting WP-1000s is our fav option inside this Inmotion review USA for a beginner or relative newbie who wants to create a WordPress site.

Bottom line, for anyone just wanting to make a simple WordPress website or blog, you can’t go wrong with the Business Launch plan or WordPress 1000-s plan at Inmotion. Just depends on whether you wanna be techie web designer or simplistic blogger.

Web Hosting USA FAQ: InMotion and Beyond

This InMotion review just wouldn’t be complete without a collection of the most frequently asked web hosting USA reader questions we get. We’ve use layman’s terms and everyday English and answered all your FAQ here on this page so you don’t have to run around searching for answers.

a. What is the best web hosting for small business in the USA?

If you were instead to ask which is the best web hosting for a small business, that may depend on where your current business connections and budgeting sits. Many web hosts have partnerships with other brands, for example HostGator has strong partnerships with WordPress, Comodo, and Constant Contact, while InMotion has a strong relationship with WordPress, SiteGuard, Joomla and Aweber.

You should consider all possible marketing opportunities that may arise from your host of choice, and place your web hosting payments in the right hands to position yourself for the most future success.

b. What is the best web hosting for WordPress?

Another good question is which hosting is best for WordPress? The give you a quick answer, you can’t go wrong with the WP-1000s package at Inmotion. To answer this question in a more long-winded fashion, you need to look at availability of 1-click “script” (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and more are all scripts among which there are about 400-500 available today) which can be installed in 1-click at the host so you don’t need to do any coding to get your website setup. However, all the best web hosting USA have this feature! So, you should look at cPanel strength, and also reviews from WordPress bloggers who might be further ahead of you.

c. Does a website even need hosting?

Every WordPress website and every website has to be hosted somewhere, and literally everyone we talked to is happy when they choose a a web host from our list above, as opposed to trying to survive on a free host. You may research the costs to setup a basic hosting, and get another big list of providers! But this is it, right here. The costs to setup a WordPress site are low these days. Even the small nominal cost of web hosting puts you on the same playing field as big names like Mashable, TechCrunch, ProBlogger and more right away, so nearly everyone considers it worth it (even if they wait too long, haha).

All of these web hosts also let you buy a domain name in the US too, and some even offer domain name discounts in the US.

d. How can I pick the best domain name?

How to pick a domain name can be a tricky task too. That’s why in every WordPress tutorial we make we feature not only how to setup web hosting cheaply but how to select the right domain name to match your business goals.

e. What’s the difference between web hosts?

Marketing gimmicks aside, the main differences you will see in web hosting providers in the USA are price, features, storage space, customer satisfaction, and support. We hope this article has provided some clear differences between web hosts, however doing a little more homework never hurts or asking your blogging friend next doors.

f. Can Google host a website?

Google has their own cloud hosting for small business and WordPress websites. The hosting is done by Compute Engine. You can try it free which is nice, the not so nice part is it’ll cost about nearly $25/month after your trial has ended. That’s just too much for a basic website, but, as it’s Google, you can expect this service to have premium support (haha!). You can also host a blog for free on .blogspot, the Google free blog hosting platform which is truly amazing, let’s you try Adsense and more. 

g. What is a web hosting platform?

A web hosting platform is most-commonly a group of servers, powered by several advanced softwares for maintenance, security and usability. You can find a web hosting platform at one of our best web hosting providers on this page, or on our international web hosting pages. Web hosting companies are judged based on price, quality of support, speed, user-friendliness and performance among other things.

h. What is the cheapest way to host a website?

The cheapest way to host a website is technically to do it yourself. You can download a software packet called WAMP and turn any laptop or home computer into a server. This type of setup won’t allow for high levels of traffic, it’s more just for testing out software you may be designing and other personal uses. If you host a website yourself for lots of traffic, you’ll need to invest in thousands of dollars worth of equipment. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, but it’s still an option! After all, all these top US web hosting companies had to start somewhere!

i. Can I host my own website?

See above. You can from your own computer. However your long-term costs will be much lower and your traffic much happier if you choose a basic web hosting UK company, pay a few dollars per month, and you’ll still be able to say you “host it yourself” just with the help of a web host like the vast majority of us bloggers and web designers use.

j. What does it mean to host a website?

To host a website means to keep any type of website online for viewers on a daily basis while maintaining control of the hosting account.

k. How do I start a web hosting company?

You would first want to work for a web hosting company if you want to start a web hosting company. Common entry level jobs that would teach you the necessary skills are tech support, server security and server maintenance. From these positions, you will be able to network with the types of people who can guide you towards starting your own web hosting company.  Of course, you would also probably manage a few web hosting accounts (or a ton, like us) just to see what it feels like and build your own websites too!

inmotion hosting review 2019

 InMotion Review USA: Types of Web Hosting

As a leader in web hosting, inmotion offers you every plan you’d expect, and a few that will just knock your socks off.

Shared Hosting: The cheapest and greatest hosting for small businesses. This hosting is where we all start. You get your own hosting space but the down side is it’s hosted alongside many other websites. But that’s okay you don’t see those sites ever. You basically get an apartment in a really nice building which is shared by others.

VPS Hosting: You get all the benefits of shared hosting, but you also get your own virtual private address as if you got a luxury unit aka an entire floor of the apartment building. This is a great happy medium of web hosting, generally faster than your average shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting: The big daddy of hosting, you get your own space on a virtual private dedicated server. You are the only person in the apartment building, and can literally dictate all the settings on your own, like the temperature and who is allowed in the entry way. It’s at least $1000/year, but it’s worth it for some big time bloggers and website owners for this utter peace of mind. Basically, you get a butler at your door every day asking you how you’d like your web hosting prepared, with 3 eggs and ketchup, steak, ham, or biscuits.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud is like one step above shared. It is a new and modern version of shared where the majority of your SSD is pushed to the cloud to optimize speed and reduce server usage. This plan is modern and flexible, it’s for the professional we designer who doesn’t want the pressure of a VSP but still wants that upgraded speed and control.

Reseller Hosting: You basically become the host, you get a portion of the hosting space and are expected to sell it off to your own customers or perhaps employees of your company. Nowadays, the reseller method has become a bit out of date as you can simply host many websites on a basic shared plan and charge users as you wish.

What's Next: We Say Try InMotion Today

And there you have it. While I could write forever about all the little things InMotion does behind the curtains for us, why delay a fun wordpress experience any further. InMotion has our recommendation (and the vote of so many others), so try them out today, you won’t be disappointed!

Go with a InMotion Web Hosting Plan, or click below to read more into our full review of USA web hosts.

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