How To Choose the Perfect Blog Topic (in 7 Steps)

When you decide to start a blog you must first choose the perfect blog topic. Easy enough, right? You’ve got plenty of interests.

Well this seemingly fun task can turn into a nightmare.

Just when you decide you’ll create a yoga blog, you realize you’d rather make a fitness blog, or a health blog, then realize they are all the same thing, and you’re back to square one. Fact of the matter is there are a million and one reasons not to do something!

In this post I’ll ask you 7 questions. Answer them successfully and you’ll discover the perfect blog topic. If the topic you choose doesn’t pass any one step, start over and try to pick a new topic! It’s a bit painful, but in blogging, pain is gain!!

If you find this post useful as you start a blog, we’d certainly enjoy hearing about this initial phase as you jump into writing! At the end, we’ll mention many of our first ever blogging purchases, a domain name.

7 Questions to Ask Oneself To Find the Perfect Blog Topic

Here goes, have fun, and you can’t get the first one wrong by the way!

  1. What do you love doing or thinking about when you’re not doing what puts bread on your table? What do you daydream about? What do you look at on your phone in those 15 minutes waiting for your dinner table? What do you read about before bed?
  2. Does your blogging topic make you happy each day? Do you feel accomplished and personal satisfaction after doing this? Good examples are cooking, working out, and traveling. You could also be venting or just getting the word out about a necessary topic, but consider how does this topic leave you feeling? Often times writing is a great healer, so if it’s something you’re fired up about, all the best.
  3. Can you write 1 post per week about this topic? Can you write one high quality, 400+ word post containing useful images, guides, links and stories from your own life surrounding this topic? This is a key component of any perfect blog topic we elect to blog about.
  4. Do you know 10 people who would honestly read your first post about this topic? Is your topic worth other people honestly spending their precious time reading? Do you have a network of likeminded bloggers (or just writers or people who spend time online) that are interested in your topic? Your immediate friends and connections are overwhelmingly important when you start a blog and you need your topic to pass the smell test with them.
  5. Are other bloggers writing about your topic? Are there other bloggers generating noise or will you be the first one? The former is actually an advantage for you as you can write for their blogs and gather traffic, promoting eachother’s work.
  6. Are you just blogging to earn money? Is the perfect blogging topic seeming so great because you know others have made money from it? Do you think you can add real value to the niche? If yes, go for it, and earn money after you’ve established yourself.
  7. Are you proud of your topic? Perhaps most important of all, can you talk about and describe your new blog at the dinner table? Is your perfect blogging topic something you feel confident sharing? Or are you just trying to ghost-write your way to clicks and fake Google rankings of ad dollars?

As the last question indicated, I want you to be able to rep your product to strangers or family and friends alike. If you can talk endlessly about what you blog about and thus do and explain to people how it might help them, then you are already way ahead of the pack!

Next, How Do I Choose a Domain Name?

Even if you’ve completed the steps above and know your ideal blogging topic it can still be difficult to get started because you have the challenge of registering one single domain name that is supposed to represent your brand forever!

perfect blog topic
Get a free domain name using our blog setup guide.

Here’s a hint: your domain name is not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, so don’t stress!

Laugh at yourself as you choose the right domain name. Make it silly. Don’t stress whether it will stand up when compared to the Netflix.coms and Google.coms of the world. Just make it fun and goofy and you’ll be fine because if you yourself love your concept, others will see that and love it too.

To make sure you actually do find a domain name, however, do this:

  1. Make it simple: 2-3 words is best
  2. Make it descriptive: include 1-2 keywords which you’ll blog about
  3. Make it professional: don’t make it so silly you’ll be embarrassed when it times to create the .inc for your brand. Or do and whatever you’re clever what do I know.
  4. Make it memorable: if people remember it later in their day, you’ve at least taken the first step to winning them over forever.
Just make your domain name fun and goofy and you'll be fine because if you yourself love your concept, others will see that and love it too. Click To Tweet

If you can create a memorable blog idea it really truly doesn’t matter if your create a blog topic which is yoga and fitness or just cute cat pics or even just quotes from celebs. Seriously it does not matter you just have to enjoy it and keep people coming back.

So Now Do You Have the Perfect Blog Topic to Go With?

The worst thing you can do is not start a blog because you’ll a. be disappointed in your lack of taking action and b. have to feel resigned to your day job each day and watch other bloggers make a killing online which is the worst.

So take that action and make a blog! You don’t even have to get off the couch.

Has this post help you find the best blogging topic and use it, along with your domain name, to start a blog? If not, what’s holding you back from it all? Let us know in the comments!

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10 Responses to "How To Choose the Perfect Blog Topic (in 7 Steps)"

  1. Hey there Greg, Thank you so much for the encouragement…heavy sigh..well just as your article suggested, I came up with another idea… grrrrr! I think I’m having writer’s block. Unfortunately, my personal life right now, is getting a hard hit!! I believe it’s distracting me from my goals & as much as I want to do both of these things, I can’t be distracted from my personal issues. Thoughts are swirling in my head & I usually can take my stressers & put them to good use elsewhere, as a means of distraction! I’ve decided to take 2 hours everyday to focus solely on getting my blog up & running. I have to start somewhere so thats my start, & maybe, by not overwhelming myself with a blog & a podcast, just get some progress going, one at a time. Thank you again and you will be hearing from me as I’ll take you up on the offer for my blog…your pretty awesome and your words got me pumped..I’ll keep reading your pointers…Marcia

      1. I’ve had such a huge passion for writing since the 2nd grade..I am now 52 and must have a thousand journals ( at least). The new podcasting craze got me thinking about a) starting my own podcast. b) if successful, start a blog to promote it. The topic and idea for both are/ killing me!! I found your blog on hosting sites, then I found this one, answered all your questions, and THINK I just trashed my original idea for podcast and MAY have come up with THE IDEA…for Both!! Here are the both of them for you to critique…1) podcast about history, sort of…the current day- May 2nd 2018- go back to May 2nd 1818….Give headlines in different categories ex: Politics, sports, entertainment, prices, legal/law. The MAYBE title for it..The Calendar. now after taking your test I’m thinking….how about do a podcast AND blog Reviewing all the different sub categories of the podcasts out there???? Possible name…The Cast Pod..image of a green pod with 3 or 4 titles of podcasts coming out of it?? Ok Greg, you’ve inspired me further, be honest and tell it to me how you see it…Thank you for your great advice

        1. Hi Marcia!
          I love the green pod logo! How have I not heard of that before? You could definitely do a history podcast. People will listen to anything as long as you’re up front and have some sort of debate people can chew on that hopefully relates to real life. And in that podcast, you could break and say “this episode sponsored by” and then list the other podcasts you’re sponsoring, or something along those lines. I find myself listening to the sponsored announcements more and more if they are high quality. I’m going to recommend you checkout the college info geeks podcast, by Thomas Frank. He’s always two steps ahead of the game. Probably does a good two-step too. I’ll be starting on at some point as well. Here’s a link to one of his, which is also a youtube video:

 (topic is just random though I love it, and he does much longer ones)

          Anyways always happy to inspire and passionate reader like you! Love hearing your story from 2nd grade to 52nd grade. Whenever you wanted to launch your blog, you’d be welcome to guest post here to launch it. Hope to hear more about your progress and any questions!


  2. Great questions Greg. For me, my blogs need to be on something that interests me otherwise it’s just not fun and I lose interest. I’ve tried blogs in some niches that I picked because of the chance to make money or low competition, but I never wind up sticking with them because I just don’t like the work.


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