Make Money Blogging – 10 Real Blog Monetization Strategies from DearBlogger in 2019

Most people who want to start a blog and make money blogging fail because they only focus on one thing: making money blogging.

We’ve all seen those blogs…ads ads ads and no content.

To really make money blogging long term you have to add value. BUT! The good news is that as you add value, you can also make money blogging.


In this post I’ll show you 10 ways to make money blogging that you can utilize in an ethical and harmless way to your audience while also creating great content.

If you’ve learn how to make money online with these blog income strategies or have new ideas – please let us know in the comments!

How To Make Money Blogging with 10 REAL Strategies from DearBlogger (Video)

All 10 ways to make money blogging below are covered with real examples you can replicate in the blogging tutorial below:

If you can’t wait or don’t have time, please see advice below and ask any questions as you get started to earn blog income in the comments below.

#1) Google Adsense

Adsense earnings growth over the past year. It is possible to reach and pass that $100 mark where you get paid. Just gotta get creative. Click to Enlarge

The mac daddy of blog earnings is Google Adsense. But you don’t have to be Shoe Money to make money here.

In my case, just a casual $100 increase per month is enough to allow for a higher brow coffee.

Currently we are making about $500/month from a combination of blog post and YouTube ads. It really is all about where you can create more content. If you can crank out blog posts then do so but for me it’s easier to produce video tutorials.

Best tips I have include: Put the ads in sidebar, in post (coding required), and also in a sticky widget.

#2) Affiliate Marketing Your Theme

Earnings graph from Theme Forest – my favorite place to buy and then affiliate market promote WordPress themes. Click to Enlarge

The easiest way to get money back for buying a premium theme is to referral market your theme to interested viewers.

Most theme retailers will have an affiliate program in house but you can also easily earn just use Theme Forest every time. If your favorite theme is sold on both a company website like Solo Pine themes for example and it’s sold on Theme Forest, then I would affiliate market thru Theme Forest because they have a very organized way of paying out and recording stats like mine above.

I have at this point too many themes recommended across videos, but average monthly earning for themes are $1,000+. To be clear, you don’t need to buy the theme itself from Theme Forest to recommend it – you can simply make list of “best themes for ___”.

Best tips I have include: Write a personalized review post for your theme and why it’s awesome.

#3) Affiliate Marketing Your Web Host

A typical payout from a highly rewarding affiliate program like HostGator’s. Become a customer using our discount and join their program today to get started earning.

The biggest earner of my career sits at #3. But for you it all comes down to which product you love most.

In my case, as a few of you know that’s HostGator. I’m lucky to have been recommended to HostGator by Thomas Frank in the early days when Blogger blogs were neck and neck with WordPress, and am thankful each day for that.

Of course, the earnings screenshot above isn’t guaranteed for anyone, it takes a lot of late nights grinding away at content and you’ll only make $50 for your first signup, but I wanted to show you what’s possible – even for someone who had to buy a WordPress for dummies book once upon a time!

Best blogging tips I have include: Show off the best features of the web host, get yourself a unique discount coupon, and make it all into an easy experience for your audience.

#4) Sponsored Content

As you build your blog’s exposure you’ll get requests to publish content on your blog for money. Not a bad day’s work! 🙂

What to do with all the emails that pour in asking to publish a post on your blog.

It’s what you’ve always wanted – but turns into a messy pile of dishes unless you can create a posting calendar for everyone.

My best blogging tips include: Write personalized emails to your guest posters. DO NO send a template. Ask for their credentials and ask them for a good post and ask them to share. Everyone is a person. Don’t forget that and your results will show.

#5) Banner Ads

Daniel from DailyBlogTips has been selling ad space for years with style. Check on one of his ads to see how it all works.

The most old fashioned form of online advertising to make money blogging is banner ads.

The good thing is you can create banner ads for free that showcase huge brands if you want – you can sponsor yourself from Macy’s, Target, Sony, Vanity Fair, whatever you want! The hard part comes in convincing others you are sponsored and to sponsor you too 🙂

My best blogging tips include: Create ads that reflect your brand in the best possible light.

#6) Hub and Networks

Blog earnings networks will connect you with advertisers a take a small cut of the proceeds.

If you want an extra $50 here or there, an ad network can be a great supplment to blog income.

You can post ads in random post you don’t really care about and get paid via PayPal for blog earnings.

Best blogging tips include: Reply right away and join multiple networks.

#7) Sovrn

Sovrn is an Adsense alternative for those stuck in that long line at Adsense or who just want to try things a non Google way.

You don’t event know until you know.

That bloggers are earning 10s of thousands of dollars from Adsense alternatives.

My best blogging tips include: Create the wordpress blog today and sign up today, it can really add up.

#8) Amazon Associates

Click to Enlarge to see the Amazon Associates dashboard with a few sales here and there.

The other chicken dinner of blog earnings is Amazon Associates.

By that I mean it’s not easy to cook it up, but if you have the traffic or just a lot of family members of love buying things on Amazon, you can do big things here.

My best blogging tips include: Write a review post of a certain product (like a Kindle) or a list of your favorite products.

#9) Upwork

UpWork gigs aren’t just for professional writers or ghost writers, you can signup with little to no experience and launch yourself into a new a career or just earn side income blogging!

A really consistent alternative blog income tool to provide money for writing blog posts for another website.

Ghost writers will love this make money blogging method.

Best blogging tips include: Just sign up and get some gigs. If you “Google” “blogs that accept writing posts thru Upwork” you will find several ways to earn a few bucks blogging.

#10) Private Coaching

Coaching clients is a long term blog income strategy with relatively low marketing costs (word of mouth usually works fine!)

Last but certainly not least we have blog coaching.

This is last because it’s the most difficult way to make blog money — you have to go out and convince clients to hire you — but it can also be the most profitable way to make money blogging.

You can snowball a couple clients into bigger and bigger ones, and eventually become a well-known coach in your field and community. Checkout for examples of how to become a blog coach.

My best blogging tips: Follow someone like Cori who has been a successful blog coach and ask them questions to learn the way!


So there you have it!

10 ways to make money blogging for 2019 laid our for your benefit. All you have to to is take action, start a blog with our video, and implement a view of these techniques that work for you.

I’m so curious which way to earn money blogging works best for you!!

Let us know in the comments – because you know we’ll be right here beside you making money blogging the whole way!




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