How To Rank in Google for Beginners 2019 (Infographic)

Many people have the wrong idea about what it takes to be a successful blogger. They think you need to have a large network, be a great writer, and have money to spend on ads.
While these things can help you achieve success faster, they’re by no means necessary.
Many successful bloggers had none of these advantages. They only accrued them after they got started.

In the current blogging landscape, there are rules – commandments even – which increase your chances for success.

The commandments, whether the bloggers knew they were following them or not, were essential for increasing traffic, email subscribers, and income.

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Beginners Blogging Commandments Infographic: 10 blogging tips for beginners

The first commandment in the infographic is to learn the basics of SEO. There’s a reason for that. You can create great content and share it via social media. Even if it goes viral, social media traffic is short lived. There’s always something new to catch people’s attention.

SEO, on the other hand, will bring traffic to your website for months or even years after it gets on the first page of search engines. In other words, you won’t burn yourself out creating new content every day because the search engines will send free traffic to your website.

Commandments 6, 7, and 8 revolve around your audience. Even if you get content to rank in the search engines, it won’t matter if people don’t like it.

They won’t sign up for your mailing list, buy products, or share your content. Your audience won’t grow that way. Choose a niche so you can build authority and expertise while writing content that people truly find useful.

Together, the blogging commandments are a blueprint for the skills you should master and steps you should take to succeed.

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