How I Manage to Publish a Post (Or More) a Day

DearBlogger Exclusive Hosting DealThis is a guest post by Eric S. Burdon. He is a writer, blogger, and published author.

Writing a long time ago was something that I used to dread. I remember writing papers for school being the bane of my existence. I would spend hours and be working through the night in some cases to finish essays. It didn’t really help much that I procrastinated a lot during that period.

Since then I’ve become a blogger and a writer. I’ve written and published a book. But what’s most important is that I write on a daily basis. Once for my blog, and another piece that goes into my archive of other written work. I’m  not saying this to gloat. To get to this point it has taken me a little over a year of blogging seriously. However, there are a set of thought processes that I’ve used in order to help me get to this point.

These tactics I believe can help you at the very least in writing. I know how hard it is at times to have ideas for articles. But these tactics can also help writers and bloggers to write on a daily basis too. Perhaps even publish several pieces of work over the course of the day.

1. Focus On Emotions And Story Telling

I remember I was told once that writing would help me. This was around the time I was overcoming my shyness.

Through writing, I would be able to sort out my emotions, what I was going through and maybe find comfort in it. I took it to heart, started writing a few times and then stopped.

When I got into blogging I opened up with writing about self-improvement articles. These were heavily focused on facts. However, I found myself dedicating a lot of time to those articles.

Most of that time doing some research. Ensuring all the facts were straight and I got my point across. It was rough to get those articles out. However, I found an easier method and that is to use emotions and story telling. When applying it, it got to the point where I found myself writing “I believe” as opposed to “you should”. This is important for a little later. But also, it taught me to put some emotion in it. It breathed new life into my content and I found myself excited to get into writing.

2. Share Your Beliefs

From one of my old sales jobs, one of my co-workers said something interesting. He said, “The wheel has already been invented, but we can always present the new wheel.” Or at least something along those lines.

Point is that lesson can be taken to heart in writing too in the form of sharing your beliefs. People are already fully aware of global warming for example. There are thousands of articles talking about it. However, there isn’t an article out there talking about what YOU think about global warming.

I agree, include some technical info in there when it is appropriate. However, I believe (there it is again) by talking about your beliefs as opposed to what people already know you can form stronger connections. Furthermore, it’ll help you to write daily because you’re focusing on emotions, events during the day, and so on.

3. Write A Lot In Sessions

One of the big things that I do for my guest posts is that I write them all in batches. For bloggers who can write on topical posts, this is a tactic to be keeping in mind. Over the course of the week, I guest post 4 times (more when I have other posting opportunities).

As such, I devote a day strictly to writing as many posts as I possibly can. Most times I get all 4 of those posts done in one day leaving me open for more writing throughout the week. I’m able to do this primarily because they revolve around a particular theme.

It’s easier for me to organize things in that way as I’m not thinking about other topics. Essentially I’m talking about one topic and breaking it into four separate parts.

4. Take Breaks

What is also important is that you take breaks. It is difficult to be at a desk constantly, not to mention looking at a bright screen most of the day. This is why it’s important to take breaks. You could say it breaks the emersion.

But seriously, by taking breaks you’re allowing your brain to relax a little bit. We’re not robots that can constantly run. And even sitting can be strenuous. So get up out of your chair, stretch, even grab some water. Breaks can also serve as a means of generating ideas. Often times my ideas come from the thoughts that I have when I go for my daily walk.

Speaking of idea generation…

5. Have An Idea Bank

Considering my own niche and how I write I don’t have much of a use for idea banks. That being said having a list of ideas that you can pull from is very helpful.

When I wrote a lot of those technical posts, I did use one from time to time to be aware of various topics. Since then most of my ideas stem from what’s happening around me as well as what I read.

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These Tips Are The Tip Of The Iceberg…

One of the biggest things was that I had a strong motivator as well. What really drove me into blogging in the first place was when I decided to quit my job selling credit cards.

That whole experience taught me a lot of things, but there were some things it taught me about writing as well…but that is for another time. To your growth!

What are some practices you’ve implemented regularly for writing your content?  Are there specific habits you’ve developed that help you consistently publish new posts to your blog? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Eric S Burdon is a writer, Youtuber and author who talks and writes about positivity, and mindset through lessons and experiences he experiences through life. Visit and for more!


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9 Responses to "How I Manage to Publish a Post (Or More) a Day"

  1. Hi Eric and Greg
    Glad to be here today.
    Great tips shared in this post.
    I could very well relate to some of the points mentioned here
    Point #5 is indeed a new and good point to me, yes, an idea bank is a good idea.
    As Cori said in her comment by using an app like Evernote etc we can pull them later for use.
    Great idea indeed.
    Thanks for sharing Eric’s post here Greg.
    Have a great time engagement ahead.
    Philip Ariel

  2. Eric, you’ve shared some great ideas on how to be productive. I keep my ideas on sheets of paper I store in my dresser drawer. I develop them with a template that has served me well over the years.

    As a Promotion Strategist, I appreciate the point about sharing your beliefs. Greg Narayan wisely said in our interview, “Be your own blogger.” And what better way is there to do that than to write from the heart?

    Great post, Eric!

    1. I’ve actually started to write my ideas down more often as well. At least when it comes to my posts for Medium. No problem as well with sharing your beliefs. I think it’s really important, especially with sales and promotion. It’s a lot easier when you are selling your beliefs and you think the product or service is good.

  3. Eric good post with some great points! 😀

    3. Write a lot in sessions – I like batch writing my content too! I love how clearing a whole day to just write posts enables me to focus without distraction on writing content. Doing this is also a great way to maintain consistency with writing and creating blog posts.

    4. So true what you say here about taking breaks. Definitely so important to step away, clear the mind before coming back to it. I always find I write better content that way too!

    5. Having an idea bank which I refer to as my bucket system. I dump most of my ideas into Evernote as they come to mind or write them in a notebook when not near a computer.

      1. That’s an awesome point on how to write blog posts in sessions Eric. Most of the times a blog post deserves a follow up anyways. It’s good for both the reader and the blog!

        It’s a little stressful getting back into any writing, or for me video creation, so when we’re in the zone we have to get the most out of it! 🙂

        Thanks for an original and amazing addition to the blog!

  4. These are such helpful ideas! I especially struggle with taking breaks and then find myself getting overtired, unfocused. I keep an idea bank and find that I don’t pull from it that often, but sifting through it leads me to new ideas and having a couple pages of potential post ideas majorly decreases my stress about writing on a deadline. Thanks for this article!


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