Go Global with Guest Posting

Most people start blogging and think they can blow up just writing on their own blog. You publish smart stuff, so people will naturally find you, right? Wrongo. Sadly, it doesn’t work like this. Instead, smart bloggers write all around the globe to get their name out and bring the audience their way.

Note: Sorry too busy now to link all! Google the title to read 🙂

Here are my global guest posts in chronological order:

“Contact Methods” at The 123ContactForm Blog
“Secrets of Entrepreneurial Life” at 12Most
“Finding Life’s Passion” at PickTheBrain
“Blog for a Job” at The InternMatch Blog
“Students Guide to Blogging” at CheapScholar
“College and Life” at The Kuder Blog
“G+ Blackbelt” at SocialMediaExplorer
“Part-time Blogging” at DegreesThatPay
“Affiliate Marketing 2013 Guide” at HowToMakeMyBlog
“My Story” at The HappySchoolsBlog
“Online Jobs” at BrazenCareerist
“9 Happiness Tricks” at PickTheBrain
“Blog for a Career” at The CourseHero Blog
“Good Times to Shutup” at PickTheBrain
“Blogpost SEO” at ProBlogger
“About Me Widgets” at Hongkiat
“Growing Traffic” at DailyBlogTips
“PlayBoy Blogging” at ProBlogger

Why guest posting is important

Here’s a neat video I found by Google’s Matt Cutts (@mattcutts):

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