The Future of Blogging: Will Blogs Go Out of Style?

When it comes to the future of blogging at least seen by family and friends, there’s one question I seem to get asked a lot these days: So are you confident that blogging will still be around in the future?

People seem to wonder if blogs will die, as if it’s a fad like pogs or if there’s only a certain amount of blogs left to be started, like bitcoins or something.

I love this question because it forces me to think about where myself and the community here fits into the future of blogging. But my answer is always fairly simple: it’s only getting better.

Over 100,000 new blogs start each day, and simply having experience ahead of them in your niche puts you in great shape to attract readers and maintain success. Sure if you stop making stuff online, all bets are off, and others will surely surpass you.

But in this post I’d like to address the main reason I think the future of blogging is strong. You already know it deep down, but it deserves repeating. Let us know how you think the future of blogging will unfold in the comments!

Why Blogging will Always be in Style

Blogging is a central means of communication. For us individuals we can share stories with family members and friends will abroad. We can build a website for free or on some cheap hosting, and can make it look good and feel good about others visiting.

This personal joy alone is enough to keep blogging going well beyond out lifetimes.

However blogs also have a few other qualities that make them indispensable:

  1. News blogs will always survive
    Every morning I check out anywhere from 10-50 blogs. I’m not referring to new blogs our community sets up (sorry, I save that for the evening these days). I mean blogs like TechCruch, Yahoo Finance, Motley Fool, ESPN, The Guardian, Newsweek, Fox News, HuffPost and more. I use the iPhone NEWS app and it sends me to blogs all around the world. News blogs are so fast with delivering information that combined with aggregating tools like the NEWS app the traffic going to these sites is only increasing daily.
  2. Corporate blogs share real opinions and updates
    Blogs of major firms are becoming more and more central for shareholders and the general public to get a real sense of what’s going on internally. For example, Amazon recently used a blog post to respond to Bernie Sanders. Apple will toss out tech updates on their blog. Uber shares updates and apologies. Google explains new updates to the algorithm and their beloved apps. It’s all done through simple text and image based content creation, the essence of blogging.
  3. It’s only getting easy to create a blog
    As blogging softwares from the WordPress family to Medium to Blogger and Tumblr evolve, the software is only attracting more and more new bloggers. We all have that friend who talks about starting up a blog, and the friends who are already on their way to major writing gigs on big sites that began through some basic blogging or journalling. For example two girls I knew from college have now landed gigs on Vogue and Wall Street Journal, blogging about healthy goods and political controversies respectively. Without blogs it’s quite hard, though not impossible, to create a portfolio of writing samples and work your way up the ranks to a larger paid writing gig.

There are so many other purposes for blogs and reasons why the future of blogging looks bright, these are just the one’s that come most readily to mind.

Where Does Your Blog fit into the Future of Blogging?

It’s never to late to create a blog and you can basically build a website for free these days easily. Still while many talk about starting, a small percentage will actually get a blog up and running and make it work.

If you’re already in the live stage of creating content, what do you feel is most important to your blog’s future success? What motivates you to keep blogging, or gets you down? Drop your thoughts down below and let’s discuss!

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