How To Get Advertisements on Your Blog for Free

I hope you enjoy this blog post that shows you both how to put Adsense ads and direct/custom ads on a blog. Let me know and comment below. In this video we learn several important ad techniques, including how to setup Adsense on a blog and position an ad at the top of a blog post, how to register for Amazon Associates and install Amazan ads on a blog, and how to make your own custom ad that could be for a brand you personally decide to work with.

10 lessons to get more advertisers

#10 Target advertisers in your niche – Seems like a no brainer but we can tend to get desperate and post anything that earns use money which ruins it for readers.
#9 Don’t give your rates up front – Yes blogging is all about transparency, but if you give advertisers your rates before they know you’re a good person, you’ll leave them with only one point to discriminate you on and they’ll see you as just a number.
#8 Reach out directly – We bloggers get to thinking that X amount of traffic or readers will lead to advertisers but you’re better off sending nice emails and being a bit pushy to get on their radar. Hopefully now that you know how to make direct ads it will help!
#7 Keep it simple – Having a cluttered blog says you don’t really know what you want. Learn how to build a simple website in WordPress here.
#6 Create an ad page – Use a good title and permalink because advertisers really are searching for you in Google
#5 Keep rates reasonable – When you start scoring some ad deals and people ask your prices you’ll be tempted to go high. There’s nothing against testing the waters but you also want returning business.
#4 Be a good networker – Keep your advertisers’ emails and check in every now and then. Ask for referrals.
#3 Diversify – If you find that Adsense isn’t working try direct ads and vice versa. Use YouTube, Facebook, or even Adwords as necessary.
#2 Don’t be afraid – Along with #3, don’t be afraid to invest your advertising earnings back into getting more visibility and then more opportunity.
#1 Never sell out – Don’t forget it really is “all about the content”. If you sell too many ads or sell your blog entirely (which I hardly ever recommend) you may feel good for a short while but then you’ll realize the harm you’ve done.

Question for you…

Have you dealt with blog advertisers? If so, how did it go? Need any help attracting advertisers to your blog? Join in and hopefully someone can help you out!

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20 Responses to "How To Get Advertisements on Your Blog for Free"

  1. Hi Greg,

    I have dealt with two or more private advertisers on my blog before and if there is one thing I did to continue with those advertisers of mine, I never forgot to wish them a Merry Christmas and wish them a happy Birthday as that is the first thing I asked when deals go through.
    You have really shared some interesting punch lines as which really deserves to be taken into consideration.

  2. Great advice. When you first start blogging it can be so overwhelming that it would be easy to assume that you had to reach some special level before advertisers would suddenly show up and offer to pay you. Most things in life work beet with a little personal initiative.

  3. Hi Greg. While I’m currently focused on building reader engagement on my blog, advertising is another goal of mine. You lay out the steps so clearly, and they definitely serve as a helpful guide to making the most out of ads. One question I have for you is how do you determine when your site is ready for advertising? Is there a certain level of exposure that needs to be reached? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Tatia! I’d shoot for at least 100 views per day (they can tell) and good traction too thru comments or subscribers. If you see a drop off in either of those two, stop advertising.

  4. Hi Greg; well my new blog where I am sharing more of my personal experiences is too new to need advertising. plus the goal there is to recruit coaching or speaking opportunities. the midway marketplace site has very good traffic but still no paid ads. if you look, you will see a few banners; but one is for my webmaster and the others are there promoting items for sale on my site. I know I have mentioned the difficulty getting ads before, but the amusement industry is not an easy niche for this. and i believe the current fears about future weather conditions are discouraging people from investing in advertising. although I should make a new round of the vendors that I know of as my stats have improved tremendously since the last time I sent out emails. thanks for sharing. would love it if you or the group have some new ideas. take care, max

    1. Thanks Max! Yeah give it a go, worst they can say is no. Ideas hm. Anything you can do to get on-site at parks to endorse or review or film (maybe with a personal assistant) would be amazing. I’ve enjoyed your previous videos. You’re so unique and have something really cool to offer.

  5. Thanks Greg – another of your posts I’ve bookmarked. Right now I’m still trying to catch up on the basics but I hope soon I can expand and start using some of the information you’ve shared.

  6. I haven’t gone down this road as yet but it is a long term goal. Thanks for this information Greg as i am sure I will need to reference it soon. Much appreciated.


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