Donut Productivity: How to Write ANY Article Faster


There’s an infinite source of productivity tips online.

Top 5 lists, top 10 lists, top 100 lists . . . (because you all have time for those . . . )

Problem is, there are too many things on them. Yes, they look beautiful and are often well-written, but isn’t it sort of tough to apply everything once you get going?

In this post, I’d like to offer one really simple and tasty technique that should help you write ANY article faster.

I actually pioneered it this morning to bang out an article for HuffPost that’s been in the back of my mind.

Who should read this?

So we’re not wasting your time, your valuable hard-earned minutes and seconds, make sure before proceeding you are at least one of the following:

✓ A blogger

✓ A writer

✓ Someone who looks overbooked, overbusy or otherwise unkempt when in public

✓ A donut lover

This process can help maximize efficiency for the above people.

Donut productivity

Step 1…

Wake up on time. Dress yourself. Don’t worry about the shower or the other crap because there are more important things at hand. Write down one article title you’d like to publish.

Step 2…
Head to the nearest donut store, plant, farm or whatever is in your neighborhood. Take your time surveying the options. Ask for help if need be because this step is important: Buy a scrumptious-looking donut.

Step 3…
Return home quickly. DO NOT EAT THE DONUT. (You are allowed a coffee which you can begin drinking on your walk or drive.)

Step 4…
Head to your work station, whether this is your desk, your living room, your bed or even the bathtub (I’ve done it). Place the donut near your computer. Make it so close you can smell it, but cannot see it.

Step 5…
Commence work. You must finish your article before enjoying the donut. This can be torturous, but it’s really not about you. It’s about the universe.

Step 6…
Finish task way faster because your avoiding all texts and Facebook messages. Click “Submit,” “Schedule,” or “Publish.” Remove the donut and stare at it for a second. Then, enjoy!

As I said above, it’s really important that you crave but cannot see the donut. Otherwise, there is a 99% change you’ll cave in. If this works better with a ham’n’cheese croissant or some other tasty goodie, so be it.


Do you like donuts? Do you think you could get things done faster if you apply this productivity method? Do you use a similar trick for your blogging? If so, tell us down below!

p.s. I used some donut productivity to craft Dear Blogger’s first ever Huff-Post…

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37 Responses to "Donut Productivity: How to Write ANY Article Faster"

  1. I have always wanted to read such a simple post about writing fast! Thanks Greg for writing this out.
    Well a good thing about it is that I should reward myself, right? OK I am gonna try it out in upcoming days. Thanks so much.

  2. I like your idea of using a reward. My would be a sticky bun. The smell of the cinnamon would get my butt moving. I reward my employees but I don’t think to reward myself. I love the concept. I think if I do a lot of tasks I will have to cut the sticky bun in half. Whoa are they full of calories.

  3. Laughed through the (w)hole thing. The second you wrote I couldn’t eat the donut on the way home I knew what my inspiration would be. Rewarding yourself and providing incentive are two great ways to get things done. 🙂

    1. Very clever Debra, and glad you didn’t glaze over the part of the article!

      Are you saying your inspiration is the hilarious thought of me hiding donuts? 🙂

  4. Aw, my craving of choice is chocolate, fudge to be exact. The good news is I can only get the best fudge by making it myself. How does they play in my productivity? It starts with making fudge for my blog and then other candies are created. Once the fudge is made and the post written I have my treat and then share it with my neighbors and friends. They love it when I do that. 🙂 Now I think I go have a piece… LOL.

    1. Lol – what a delicious way of networking. Adding this to my traffic strategies 🙂 I read your comment three times thinking you said “candle” Susan, which gives me an idea…

      1. I would love to see what you come up with Greg. For the record it’s candies not candles… LOL. I really do enjoy your correlation between your donut obsession and SM/ productivity. In my case anything I can use to speed up my online activities is a good thing. My challenge is my dyslexia, which hampers my need for speed. 🙂

        1. Lol, need for speed on the hot pursuit of blogging traffic.

          And chocolate.

          Thing is, I’ve also noticed you write with great clarity, Susan. Your flow is comforting.

  5. Hahaha, what’s my donut? well, no way i can have a “donut” in this context – i would be under the desk like a dog, sniffing and trying to cheat myself into eating it. This type of productivity does NOT work for me – i cannot take my mind off the “donut” until it’s gone.

    However, i do like to reward myself. E.g. sit down, write that post and then go buy a “donut” – with donut being a weekend getaway, or a walk along the sea, or going to the movies (well, not any more as here they have the bad habit of NOT having original voice of the movies and everything is with Spanish voice over)… if i start rewarding myself with food – i would be huge in no time as i am very productive that way LOL

    kidding aside – congrats on your piece on Huffington post, Greg – this is HUGE!!! I used to follow that site back in the day (don’t remember why exactly – there was a client whose needs ‘required’ me to) – so i guess i will start to follow it again 🙂

    1. LOL dying picturing you under your desk, Diana! OK, no donuts for you! Sorry for temping 🙂

      That’s pretty bad on the movies – reminds me of Indian films that were created with a camcorder in another theater.

      Lastly, thanks! What else do you think I should I tell the HuffPo masses about? Gotta show them how clever we are…

      1. Hah, how nice of you to ask for my opinion on this, Greg 🙂

        As i said, i have not been following huff. post for months, maybe years, so i have forgotten any related demographics and psychographics of the audience. BUT!

        Looking at your first piece scope and topic, and knowing the type of blogger you are, i think it would be a popular piece if you told the masses how important it is for a blogger to be genuine and helpful, and of course – why and how to do it. Don’t you think?

        1. Of course!, I mean, with the way guest-posting is evolving (or dying) I think we all need some advice. Diana to the rescue, haha.

          Problem with that topic is as much as I want to tell people about it, I don’t know if they’d read it.

          I guess I could do another story…just have to find two bloggers to compare. One would have to fail, lol.

          I HAVE already had some requests to write about “how to host advertisers on a blog” and “how to get traffic to a new blog”


          1. yes, how to get traffic to a new blog could cover what i said.

            Actually, i didn’t mean that your post should be titled “why it is important a blogger to be genuine and helpful” – that is the takeaway. But the post could be something like “how to turn passers-by in loyal readers of your blog in 3 months or less” or something more catchy or provocative – to make sure people will read it 😉

            haha, whatever you decide – i am sure it will be a superb post so please, send a reminder to go check it (in case i have fallen behind with the whole huff-post-following business :D)

            1. Aha! I’m with ya now. Gripping for sure. This could be killer stuff for the new blogger who thinks they need to flail their arms or do something crazy to get traffic.

              Oh I am literally going to social blast this to all of your profiles once it’s done 🙂

  6. You had me at donut. But posting with zero edits? Livin’ on the edge my friend. I’m heading over to Huff Post now to check it out. By the way, you talked me into switching to WP. I’m in the process of digging through all your tutorials (awesome stuff, BTW). I see a lot of info on creating a WP blog, but do you have anything specifically about moving from Blogger to WP? Thanks!

    1. Hey Meredith,

      Guess it was one of those moments. My editor Lorraine would kill me.

      Good to hear – WP is amazing. I have to write that Blogger –> WordPress piece. What are your plans for the move looking like?

      1. I’m not really clear on that part yet. I guess get some hosting, then design a template, then do the dreaded import? I think I’m about a week away from taking the plunge. I want to do it sooner rather than later, so I don’t keep adding content to the old blog. But I *may* be procrastinating a bit, out of fear of the unknown…

        1. OK, you’ve nudged me to write it! When I transferred in about April 2012 biggest issue hosting pricing/discounts and permalinks. Import was quick. New template (aka theme) was all fun stuff.

          Stay tuned 🙂

  7. First of all, congrats on the HuffPo picking up your blog. Second, I live in California, a transplant from Cape Cod and we do not have Dunkin’ Donuts out here and, if I were to eat a donut, it would only be a Dunkin’ Donut, thus I have not had one is 13 years. Ok, got that out of the way.
    My “donut” is enjoying my Sunday night. I write my blogs on Sunday afternoon. My reward is turning off my trusty Mac, the only time I turn it off, forgetting about work and relaxing in front of the TV with the husband. Sounds lame, but we both work from home and rarely just sit together without the teenage girl around. So that’s that. Get the blog done. Pour the glass of wine and enjoy my man. Nice post!

    1. Haha, you guys have Krispy Kreme though. What made you move so far from the Cape?

      Thx for reminding us all to power-off our Macs more often, and yeah I’ll be over at Huff-Post more now.

      Sent from my iPhone

    1. Pweecisely. Motivation is crucial, just like not fainting. Loved your latest update on The Flame Dame Chronicle btw and hope Fort Lauderdale does bring your protagonist a breath of fresh air!

      Sent from my iPhone

  8. The concept of giving yourself a reward every time you achieve something works. Have done so for years. We should be kind to ourselves and recognize when we have done something. It’s most important to do so when it’s something you dread:-)

    1. Exactly Catarina. But I feel like we often skip the reward and jump to the next huge task. Makes this feel like an uphill battle. Maybe THE REWARD IS WHAT SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE (like Laurie) REMEMBER?

      Sent from my iPhone

  9. Hello; Basically, you picked a favorite treat and told yourself you couldn’t have it until you met a self imposed set of criteria. I can’t really think of my own donut. Since having gastric surgery I don’t seem to b interested in sweets at all. I can’t really think of a certain thing that I want right now. My family would tell you that i’m already too serious and too motivated. I actually set myself a new year’s resolution of having more fun this year, and so far I’m doing a very poor job of it. But this sounds like a great method to help you get a particularly distasteful job done. and congratulations on the huffington press article. And keep up the great work on deer blogger, max,

    1. Hi again Max. Always a pleasure. You do seem very motivated and this has also been a large struggle for me. If you have time, see Laurie’s comment above on simple pleasures. Thanks for the props too, Huff-Post is a crazy place I’m honored to be a part of.

      Have you read it much aside from my link?

      Sent from my iPhone


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