Digital Marketing Trends for 2019: The Hottest Trends a Blogger Must Know

With the development of the world, new digital marketing trends enter our lives. In order not to stay out of the market and easily adapt to the growing technologies in the current high-tech, one needs to be aware of and use new digital marketing trends. What was very popular and helped to succeed last year certainly will not work this year. Thus, in order to grow businesses, make stronger relations with existing customers and develop new ones, you need to follow digital marketing trends for the existing year. Let’s have a look at which trends are common in 2019 and which are the most effective ones for your business.

1. Voice Search

Voice search is a means for users to find the needed content on the internet by verbally asking for it on a device that is used without using other traditional methods. According to some studies, voice-based queries enlarge their popularity, and if this trend continues, by 2020 fifty per cent of people will start to use voice search. Among voice search devices we can mention; Google Home, Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri/iPhone, Android Phones And Devices, Microsoft Cortana and etc, With the continual growth of it, the improvement of voice search marketing for your website becomes very important. With the global movement and improvement, people are relying more on their voice assistants and smart speakers to explore a new restaurant, check the latest movie times, or find out how to do an eCommerce SEO audit for your business growth. eCommerce marketing agencies can easily use this approach as an indivisible part of their eCommerce SEO strategy.

2. Smarter Chat

As a major means of communication, chatbots play a great role in the marketer- customer relationship without putting many efforts. You just enter the website you are interested in and immediately a chat window appears offering you help. The usage of chatbots have recently grown by different websites, and they are considered one of the best customer services. This type of marketing trend is cost-effective and the setting up process is really quick. It gives the visitor a quick and accurate response and customers get all the answers to their queries that they expect. It is evident that the usage of chatbots reduce customers wait time and provide them with 24/7 availability.

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing

The evolution of modern technologies has a great impact on marketing at every stage of the changing trends. Digital marketing in our days is unimaginable without AR and VR technologies. Among the famous companies that succeeded in using this type of marketing trend, we can mention Coca Cola, Starbucks, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Lacoste, etc. Augmented and virtual marketing approaches bring interactiveness and uniqueness to the businesses, which in turn play a great role in today’s digital advertising. The personalization of the message makes a more impressive opinion about the brand. eCommerce services can easily use this approach in order to increase the recognition of the brand.

4. AI and Machine Learning Engagement-Based Email Marketing

People have started using email in the 1970s, however, it is still considered as one of the best commercial approaches in digital marketing. One of the main reasons for using emails is that it really works. AI and ML are strongly connected, but they are not the same. In order to target the customers at the right time, these tools are used by most of the email marketers. AI usually helps marketers to personalize email marketing campaigns based on certain preferences. Through this, the marketer has an opportunity to better connect with the email users and with just a little effort turn them into potential clients. On the other hand, machine learning determines the best time for connecting the users and finding out the content that catches much attention and the subjects that make more interest.

5. Content Personalization

Loyal customers in most cases have a great role in certain business growth. Through a Content Personalization, simple customer interaction can be turned into a great experience. Content Personalization helps to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Through this strategy, the relevant information is delivered to the customers based on their motivations and interests. By categorizing them in several approaches one can easily decide which type is better for their businesses. When speaking about digital marketing, we cannot ignore videos, as they have always
been one of the most popular marketing tools. There are a lot of video marketing trends that are popular in 2019 and among them, we can include;

● Live videos:
● 360-degree videos:
● YouTube ads over TV ads:
● Virtual reality.

The list can be continual, although these are very popular ones, that catches people’s

As time goes on, new digital marketing trends appear, leaving behind the old ones. An approach that seemed to bring success last year, maybe out of trend this year. However, there are trends that are as popular as they were before. Among them, a vital example can be videos, emails, etc. Although some changes are done, the main idea is unchangeable. If you follow the marketing trends for 2019 your business will have all the chances to get ahead and keep its place in the competition of next year. In conclusion, every new trend takes the concept to a new level for your business and following each of them broaden the chances of your business improvements.

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