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Many of us these days have a friend who’s made it big online or left everything to run a .com empire.

Back in February, I got to interview mine: Andrew Bentley from

Andrew let me stop by his parent-posh Park Slope apartment to chat about how to make an online store truly come to life. He even let me film the whole interview for you guys.

Andrew showed me that’s anything’s possible – leaving a lucrative job at Google, creating a first-of-it’s-kind brand in a sea of startups, even creating a child.

But behind the man behind the website is a really nice, helpful dude who wanted to connect with the DearBlogger audience. Check it out.

My Interview with Andrew Bentley

First off if you’re wondering why I talked with Andrew Bentley then simply read the introduction. But there’s also another reason: I’ve been creating a new online store (sneak peak if you’re reading) eCommerce website tutorial for you guys, dude out next week 5/13. Plainly put, the techie stuff behind it using WordPress is really easy. It’s going to be a drop dead gorgeous site that collects real payments, features tons of features like testimonials, your own style of ads, any kind of product, a blog and a huge image slider and of course a custom logo we’ll make. You will want this site. But behind when you build an eCommerce site there’s the other whole task of telling the world about it in a way that makes them love you and give you real sales. Andrew’s done just that and he’s basically explaining how you can too. It’s all about giving back in your niche, and creating a community that’s got real value for people, in his case new Dads. So if you’re one of those, or just looking for a Father’s Day gift, then you’re welcome. And if you’re looking to make an online store like the rest of us, me certainly included, darn affiliate marketing get’s old I tell ya, then I hope you can watch this amazing interview and the WordPress eCommerce tutorial we’ll have next week which includes even more Andrew.

Hear From You

As I mentioned above Andrew did this largely out of good nature and would like to meet the Dear Blogger community in the process! If you’d like to take this opportunity to chat with a very savvy online marketer, then feel free to jump right in!

  • Do you have any questions on how to make your own online store?
  • Wondering how to make a successful blog as part of your business? (Andrew runs a really neat blog too!)
  • How about just saying hello to Andrew!

Please drop your thoughts below and I’ll try to convince Andrew to stick around for a while or just jump in myself!

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