Future of the eBook

I promised on Day 1 that my eBook “Bye-Bye Bounce Rate” would only remain free for the first 1000 copies and it’s slowly approaching that number. After 1000 copies have been downloaded, it’s going over to eJunkie where you can buy it for $19.99. That’s right, I dropped the price $10 because I’m an economist at heart. To get the eBook for FREE, just subscribe before the total hits 1000. At the 1000 mark, the next eBook in Dear Blogger Productions will go live (How to Build an Email Empire from Scratch). While that’s reason to get excited, you may want to act soon. My first eBook, Bye-Bye Bounce Rate, is helping bloggers improve on-page SEO and reduce bounce rate every day. If you wait too long, you’ll have to pay for access to it.

So what’s the best option, in your opinion?

Subscribe now for a free eBook, or pay $19.99 later? Jeez, that’s a tough one.


How do I get both eBooks for free?
Subscribe to the email club before the first total hits 1000. I’ll send a follow up email one week after 1000 downloads have been reached with the next eBook download.

How do I track the downloads?
Head over to the community page. Every 24 hours the download count reloads and updates.

What if I’m the 1001st person to download Bye-Bye Bounce Rate?
Won’t happen. At 1000 downloads it goes over to eJunkie for $19.99.

What is the second eBook on?
It’s all about building an email subscriber list from zero to well, infinite. It gives you the tools to capture subscribers on your blog.

What is the first eBook on?
You mean Bye-Bye Bounce Rate? It covers 6 proven, time-tested ways to get readers to stay on your blog for longer. It includes hints to get readers sharing and commenting on your content. I will help you passively grow your blog beyond your greatest expectations.

How do I love my blog even more?
Simple, just join the email club.

As usual, send me an email at greg@dearblogger.org with any questions or just post a comment.