The Best Place to Start a Blog – 2019

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Hey, I’m Greg, welcome to our list of best places to start your blog!

Blogging. The thing your friend does that you could do better. The hobby of the century. Your key to boss-less freedom and your cat’s one shot at fame. So do your homework with this list and start a blog the whole world, and your mom, will love.

Readers email us every day asking “where should I start my blog?” For years we’ve directed people to this post.

Now, this guide has now been updated to include the best place to host a blog, including best free blog hosting sites.

So if you’re wondering “where to host my blog” then we’ve got you covered as well!

Also make sure to check out our updated guide on how to setup self hosted WordPress.

Table of Contents:

  1. Best web hosts for WordPress
  2. List of every blog platform EVER
  3. Best places for earning money
  4. And our choice for the best free blogging platform is…

Introduction: What Are The Best Blogging Platforms? (by the Numbers)

WordPress powers the most blogs. Stats from early 2018.

It’s 2018 and WordPress is where we find the majority of the web’s most profitable and successful blogs, two things we usually want. is used by over 50% of the top 100 blogs, over 30% of the entire internet and perhaps the most staggering stat of all is that over 100,000 new WordPress blogs pop up each day. For these reasons we put this section introducing you to WordPress up at the top.

Basically, while most blogging platforms do work okay, you will have the greatest advantage over other blogs if you choose (and master) WordPress. The humungous community at WordPress gives you the most cool tools, and blogging where the most famous blogs are is always a plus. This is especially true if you’re just starting out.

Yet most people don’t know one important thing about WordPress: You need to choose a web host to run WordPress.

WordPress is a free, downloadable blog platform (and website content management system) but to use it we all must pick a web host and domain name (learn how to get the web host and domain name together here).

Simply put Google defines web hosting as the storage space for websites. Web hosts help you install a blog in 1-click, offer free templates and tutorials, and are pretty darn cheap. This blog was made at a web host, as were the blogs of Forbes, Time Magazine, Katy Perry, Mashable and anyone else who uses WordPress. Basically with a web host you can create a WordPress blog while knowing zero about technology!

So we’ve compiled important info, stats and historical reputation data to help you out as you pick the best blog hosting company.

wordpress is the best blog hosting site
WordPress also powers the most websites. Stats from early 2018.

If it’s a self hosted blog (using, the full version of the best blogging platform) you’re looking to create, these it’s your job to look at the best web hosting sites aka best blog hosting sites and pick one to begin with.

Best Blog Hosting Sites for WordPress

Here’s a quick list of the current leaders in regards to best blog hosting sites for WordPress blogs and websites alike:


Clean and fresh, and a platform we now recommend proudly too, BlueHost is the minimalists approach to web hosting. BlueHost is the Pete Sampras to HostGator’s Agassi. It’s been solid for years and is downright good looking, or is it their models? Founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton in Provo Utah and hosting over 2 million websites around the world, BlueHost maintains a sponsored relationship with WordPress which means they get to show up on the WordPress hosting page. If you’re looking for a host that many of the top bloggers out there recommend then BlueHost is it. Also a part of Endurance International Group. Cheapest Price to Setup WordPress: $3,95/mo for 12/mo plan.


GoDaddy is the web’s 5th largest domain registrar and the only web host (yes, the offer some awesome web hosting services) to seriously attempt Superbowl ads and get into media trouble. Founded by Bob Parsons with over 17 million customers today. They are loud and in charge and we honestly love searching and buying domains there like hotcakes. But when we make a wordpress website at GoDaddy, we always end up using HostGator hosting. GoDaddy is a better choice for their free GoCentral website builder but is not one of the best places to host a blog, because their cPanel software is outdated compared to the two above. Cheapest Price to Setup WordPress: $4.49/mo for 12/mo plan.

HostGator (our choice at DearBlogger)

The longest standing and arguably the best web host in the business powering this blog ever since we started on WordPress. Based in Austin Texas (guarded by a friendly alligator) but founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley in his Florida dorm room, HostGator now hosts over 10,000,000 websites, pioneered tools us bloggers go crazy about today like Managed WordPress and cPanel 3, and is generally just made up of nice folks (who I beat at ping pong). HostGator runs offices everywhere from China to Russia, India to Mexico and back, and their not stopping there. In all seriousness though, we could use any web host on this blog, and get emailed several times a day by others listed below to switch. HostGator web hosting is where we began in 2012 and have been happy growing with (they love helping blogs grow) ever since. Really nice (real) people who consistently create technology others follow, and a chat system that makes you want to spend more time with them. Cheapest Price to Setup WordPress: famous 1cent hosting offer for 1mo(try coffeemoney coupon) , or $3/mo for 12mo plan. Dear Blogger Update: Lowest price possible is now $2.64/month with our coupon BIGBONUS (however the purchase must be for 3 years up front).


Free domain name, free email, free ad credits and free website builder, what’s not to love about iPage? At first glance they seem like a cheaper version of HostGator, probably because it’s the third member of the EIG family, including HostGator and BlueHost! Founded by Thomas Gorny in 1998 and became a full-fledged web hosting company in 2009. Free domain and domain privacy and free SSL to help your site stay secure from the get-go. Favors green technology and may be run partially or entirely by wind power. Live chat features and all the fixings of one of the best web hosts out there. Try it out and let us know what you think. 1.75/mo for 12mo plan.


Founded in 2004 by friends, SiteGround hosts more than 1 million domains and stands as a more boutique provider of high-quality WordPress hosting. Recommended widely on social media as an alternative to the best blog hosting sites. Surely Siteground is one of the best hosting companies though as they also maintain a sponsored relationship with WordPress. Cheapest Price to Setup WordPress: $3.95/mo for 12mo plan.

000WebHost by Hostinger

Over 16 million websites hosted but we are at least 50% sure it’s a scam. Their site has looked better and better over the years. But where we signed up, they said this: To suffice you all with equally high quality services, your website will not be available for 1 hour every day. When? Set the time here. If you feel you’re ready to go PRO, upgrade to Hostinger Premium Web Hosting. Cheapest Price to Setup WordPress: $0/mo which is great, however your site looks like this


Also sponsored by WordPress, which is nice, but the whole 8.95/mo thing for the 12mo plan pretty much says it all.

A2 Web Hostingr

Founded in 2003 as a developer friendly web hosting company A2 is another web hosting provider worth checking out! Offer a knowledge base for beginner guides and a turbo boost. Also you can upgrade to the full gamut of web hosting service types, including VPS, Dedicated, Shared, Cloud and Reseller. Cheapest Price to Setup WordPress:

Green Geeks

Begin faster and with a lighter impact on the environment places GreenGeeks on everyone’s top 10 list as their seek to find the best WordPress host. They host over 300k websites for over 35k customers and pride themselves in fast fast fast: fastest app load times, fastest in browser load times, and fastest load load times worldwide. So if you crave fast, this could be your new home, you speed demon you.Cheapest Price to Setup WordPress: $5.95/mo for 12/mo plan

A Small Orange

All shared plans included cPanel, WordPress optimized services and Weebly website builder if you’d rather wait on your dreams to build that wordpress website. We really enjoyed the orange template with pictures of old fashioned windmills as we went through the sign up process, just reminiscent of that first time we churned butter as when all we had for web hosting was a barn full of cows. Cheapest Price to Setup WordPress: $5.92/mo for 12/mo plan.

If you get stuck picking a web host, a personal recommendation is always strong, and for that we give you HostGator. However always do you own homework and enough research that you feel satisfied moving forward as you launch your blog.

Where to Host My Blog? Final Criteria

All of the above best blog hosting sites are perfectly good places to start a blog. However if you’re on the fence we don’t want you to rest on your laurels and not decide!

Here are some tiebreaker statistics and criteria to look at. You should see if your blog host of choice has these! The list can help you pick the best blog host for you:

  1. Bandwidth: Should be unlimited!
  2. Page limit: Should be unlimited!
  3. Storage: Should be unlimited/unmetered!
  4. Adwords credits: Should exist
  5. 99.9% uptime guarantee: If they don’t mention it, run for the hills
  6. Free website builder: Should exist
  7. Free transfer: Should exist to the new host
  8. 24/7/365 support: Should exist clearly labelled
  9. No contract: Should be a 
  10. Money back guarantee: Should be a ✓

Run your blog hosting providers through this grueling checklist and if they don’t score 100% on the list, then there are better hosts out there. In short, don’t settle, this stuff is important!

Blogger’s List: What is The Best Blogging Platform?


Browse at


An experience so compelling that Katy Perry decided “This Is How We Do” it (with her own WordPress website) with the elegance of NYTimes, Sony, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Snoop Dogg and more. WordPress requires no coding knowledge and is free software – it’s the domain name and hosting you pay about-as-much-as-a-cup-of-coffee-per-month for. It gives you a website like the world’s best and teaches you all about websites, too. For countless bloggers who do this for a living, is the best place to blog, and it continues to be the largest blogging community on the web. Watch our YouTube tutorial here to learn how to make a WordPress blog.


  • Recommended for: Blogging and websites
  • Founded: May 27th, 2003
  • Founder: Matt Mullenweg of Automattic
  • Total users: 60 million, 19% of the internet and 1 in 5 websites as of December 2013
  • Total employees: 151
  • Pros: Elegance and ease
  • Cons: You need to get a domain name and web hosting first
  • Costs: Your domain name and hosting can be bought together for about $3-6 per month. I recommend HostGator for this, but other places are more than willing to charge you more 😉
  • My verdict: The best place to blog if you’re serious about it. Good for all types of review websites, fashion blogs, single page websites, business websites, mommy blogs, company sites, eCommerce sites and more.

GUIDED WORDPRESS BLOG TUTORIAL: In this video we make a WordPress blog from scratch and learn how to setup self-hosted WordPress using a domain and hosting from HostGator, which is how I’ve done it since the start. It’s perfect for beginner bloggers with no previous experience looking to build a blog, add features (basics and some more modern stuff too), then launch! I help new bloggers every evening (NYC time) in the comments so let me know any questions or issues if you use it! – Greg

Not bragging with that screengrab, $53/7 days with Adsense is actually very low nowadays compared to what many of my pals running niche blogs in the blogosphere are earning. But I show you how to setup Google Adsense in the video so it’s proof that making money blogging money is possible, and any amount is worth smiling 🙂

Note: This blog recommends and uses HostGator for domain and hosting – the only basic items needed to use WordPress. Our first plan was the Hatchling Plan. If you sign up with our links or coupons (try BigBonus for roughly 50% off) we earn a small credit at no cost to you. This helps keep the blog running and free for everyone, so thanks very much!

setup a WordPress blog

Browse at

About: is a free blog-hosting site with roughly half the features of .org. The general idea here is less maintenance for you, but less control of the blog. Get a .wordpress domain name like “” or pay to use your own domain name. Need a niche? sees 100,000 posts published each day so you’ll surely find like-minded thinkers. Not a full company website but a loyal companion for one. Write posts, try a free theme, set up social media buttons and learn blogging at

DISCOVER: Why Blogs Fail to Get Traffic


  • Recommended for: Mass community blogging
  • Released: November 21, 2005
  • Founder: Matt Mullenweg of Automattic
  • Total users: 56 million blogs
  • Pros: Ease to use with little you can mess up.
  • Cons: Less customization and a bit fussy with adding certain features.
  • Costs: Free, you can pay to get a domain name without the “.wordpress” addition.
  • My verdict: A lovely intro to blogging that about 1 year in takes us all to a crossroads: stay put, or transfer to



Browse at


Blogger is Google’s free blog-hosting site. More popular at the turn of the millenium, Blogger still offers a great service but the designs are a bit elementary. Login and publish your first post for free with only a Gmail account. Try Adsense “monetization”, design a new layout and even edit your first piece of code.

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  • Recommended for: Blogging
  • Founded: August 2013, 1999
  • Notable events: Bought by Google in February, 2003
  • Founder: Evan Williams of Pyra Labs
  • Total users:
  • Pros: Publish anywhere, huge community, images, video, edit HTML/CSS, template designer, track traffic stats in Blogger, Adsense at no charge
  • Cons: While Blogger is where many writers (including Dear Blogger) started publishing, it’s designs appear a bit childish today. Google owns your blog – they axed Reader – so acknowledge a bit less control upfront.
  • Costs: Pay $10/year for a domain name without the “.blogspot” extension – otherwise totally free.
  • Future predictions: May merge with Google+.
  • My verdict: Everything blogging should be and more – Blogger was the sandbox for names now headlining in tech. The only real negative comes from outgrowing Blogger, at which point many (like myself) transfer to WordPress. Less popular today – even Google’s PR Mogul Matt Cutts runs a WordPress site.

Tumblr platform


Browse at

Introduction to Tumblr:

At a time when WordPress and Blogger were neck-and-neck for new users, Tumblr showed up as the 3rd guy to the party. They received lots of sign-ups from users wanting a totally refreshing take on blogging, and have grown ever since. Tumblr was recently bought by Yahoo, who has interesting plans for the whole blog advertising thing.


  • Founded: February 2007
  • Founder: David Karp
  • Total users: 152 million
  • Pros: Ease of use and ability to share your friends’ work through re-blogging.
  • Cons: Less customization, just a shade less professional and not ideal for conducting business.
  • Costs: Free, pay Tumblr to get your own domain name without the “.tumblr” addition
  • My verdict: Great for photography and other forms of art. Super-simplistic designs and a whimsical vibe make Tubmlr a great choice for any new blogger.



Browse at


All over television with beautiful and encouraging ads, SquareSpace offers a nice solution for the business owner in need of a web presence. Get online quickly with a free trial, setup a cool design and start attracting clients – that’s the motto. If a more complex blogging platform were snowboarding, SquareSpace would be skiing, in the pie wedge stance 🙂


  • Recommended for: Individual and business blogs and websites
  • Founded: January 2004
  • Founder: Anthony Casalena
  • Total users: ?
  • Pros: Elegant designs setup with a couple of clicks.
  • Cons: Less customization – you’ll pay for things that may come free at a place like WordPress, cannot count blog posts, not a good software for accessing and managing blog posts.
  • Costs: 14-day free trial with plans from $8 and up afterwards
  • My verdict: Less hands-on than WordPress but arguably better advertising and accessibility – Squarespace gets your business site up quickly. A good quick solution.



Browse at


If you need a guide on how to use Google Plus we’ve got you covered, because we’ve been trying to dominate it for a year now. Fun features like the badge make getting followers easier. Google Plus brings you instant community + audience – two things any blogger wants more of. Make sure to share publicly if you want to build any sort of following.

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  • Recommended for: Social networking (“social layer”)
  • Released: June 28, 2011
  • Founder: Google Developers
  • Total users: 540 million per month
  • Pros: Google circles, photography (1.5 billion uploaded each week), “hangout” feature, multi-language, authorship, can increase a publisher’s search rankings, Gmail integration, chat, mobile chat, mobile publishing,
  • Cons: None, start using it today.
  • Costs: Free
  • My verdict: Absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to be considered an expert in any field. Fun. Challenging. If you’re curious, I’ve also written on how to master Google Plus over at Social Media Explorer.



Browse at


Wix is a cloub-based web development platform whose brand name stresses originality, simplicity and above all, free. For this reason the platform is popular among musicians, photographers, entrepreneurs and other small business owners who want a quick-fix website on a very low budget. The catch with Wix is the premium features, which of course cost money, which you’ll almost definitely need as you expand your website. The main difference here between a Wix and a WordPress is with Wix you enter for free and pay more as you go, and with WordPress you enter for a cost (domain name and hosting) and afterwards all resources are free.


  • Recommended for: Quick fix small-business budget websites
  • Released: 2006
  • Founder: Avishai Abrahami
  • Total users: 57 million
  • Pros: Drag and drop website builder which uses HTML5, little to no coding knowledge necessary, free to get a basic website online, text editor and free fonts, free templates, mobile friendly, login through Facebook or Google + accounts, and more.
  • Cons: Charges for many features one would expect to be free. Difficult to transfer away from.
  • Costs: Premium version of the software and additions, domain names, hosting capability. Unclear exactly how much you might spend but it has been reported to often cost several hundred dollars per year.
  • My verdict: Obviously a very successful company with a wide marketing budget and clean look. But I’d never recommend Wix. There is just no situation I can bring to mind in which I would recommend Wix because of their pricing structure and decreasing market share among respected online brands.



Browse at

  • Recommended for: Question and answer based websites
  • Released: June 21st, 2010
  • Founder: ?
  • Total users: 500,000 reported in 2011, more now.
  • Pros: Collaborative feel and separate blogging platform recently released.
  • Cons: Less costumization.
  • Costs: Free
  • Interesting facts: 30% of Quora users hail from India. Founded by two former Facebook employees.
  • My verdict: If you’re passionate about a topic but don’t have the time to maintain a blog, submitting questions and answers to Quora discussions is a great compromise.


✩ ♨ Alternative Communities ♨ ✩



Browse at

  • Founded: 2012
  • Founder: Evan Williams (Twitter, Blogger) and Biz Stone (Twitter)
  • Total users: ?
  • Pros: Story telling feel, goal to improve content quality
  • Cons: Still low usership
  • Costs: Free
  • My verdict: Probably won’t reach the development status of but definitely chomping at the heels of Blogger, Tumblr and even Twitter as it borrows several of their services, like topic searches and nostalgic photo shares from the founders themselves.


Browse at


Kirby is a file‑based CMS. Which claims to be easy to setup, easy to use and flexible as hell. Of course that’s often in the eyes of the beholder. However at a first glance it appears Kirby’s methods are simple, as long as you’re a person who likes organizing files like Documents, Downloads, Music etc on your computer you might find it your CMS du jour.


  • Recommended for: Developers looking for a simple blog solution
  • Released: 2009
  • Founder: Bastian Allgeier GmbH
  • Total users: 1000-50000
  • Pros: You can upload files and folders to the “Kirby web interface” to put your website up. No need for cPanel or setup Wizard. Has the feel of a default theme. Used by Harvard, Phillips, New York Times and more.
  • Cons: Some of us enjoy cPanel and setup Wizard.
  • Costs: need server space
  • My verdict: Looks cool! Excited to see where Kirby goes. A software that works well and is used by huge brands always has an exciting future.


Browse at


Postagon is a simple and clean blogging platform. Just the essentials include to make your words stand out.


  • Recommended for: Bloggers looking for a free alternative to WordPress
  • Released: June 2013
  • Founder: Thomas Marban
  • Total users: 1000-50000
  • Pros: Clean design on all devices, visual and Markdown editor, drag & drop photo uploads, use your own domain name, Google Analytics, very search engine friendly, no ads on your blog
  • Cons: Unclear the community size
  • Costs: Free!
  • My verdict: So Postagon has a demo blog linked on their homepage to show us what it looks like. While it’s pretty to look at, there’s not much “minimalist” about it, as the site claims to be. This blog is just different looking. It has lots of features you can get anywhere. Just arranged differently. So my take is they are using the “minimalist” vibe to differentiate themselves. Is this to say that all the other platforms are too complicated?


Browse at


Jekyll transforms your text from plain text editors to websites and blog pages. It’s not a CMS – no updates, comment moderation or dashboard stuff – just your content.


  • Recommended for: Developers looking to create a simple blog
  • Released: October 9th, 2016
  • Founder: Tom Preston-Werner, Nick Quaranto, Parker Moore
  • Total users: 1000-50000
  • Pros: Hosted and supported by GitHub so a potential way to get free hosting
  • Cons: Lots of developer screenshots, you’ll need to be familiar with Sublime Text or another text editor for coders
  • Costs: ??
  • My verdict: Looks like fun for a developer interested in playing around with new gadgets. I predict the software to be useful in adding to the existing WordPress environment. Or perhaps they add to Tumblr, or even Google.


Browse at


Contentful is a developer friendly way of managing content built around APIs and SDKs. In other words, it’s not a web browser focused CMS! Kind of cool!


  • Recommended for: Developers looking to bring more content into apps and sites
  • Released: ?
  • Founder: Sascha Koneitzke
  • Total users: 1000-50000
  • Pros: Use by major brands like Nike and Urban Outfitters and has power apps used in major media events like the SuperBowl
  • Cons: Lots of developer screenshots. Seems to be best suited for enterprise clients, not bloggers
  • Costs: Very expensive
  • My verdict: Obviously a very powerful way of displayed content. If developer APIs and SKDs is your thing, head to contentful and checkout their careers page! Their team looks like an awesome bunch.


Browse at


Anchor is a lightweight CMS with drag and drop options and super simplified themes. They beat out the 5-minute install (?) with a 2-minute install (?!). Not sure who’s counting these minutes. That’s about all we know for now.


  • Recommended for: Developers looking to make a simple blog or do some highly simple blogging
  • Released: Sometime after the Big Bang
  • Founder: ?
  • Total users: 1000-50000
  • Pros:Hosted and supported by GitHub so a potential way to get free hosting
  • Cons: Lots of developer screenshots
  • Costs: Free
  • My verdict: Seems to bring in some awesome new technologies like Markdown and i18n for the simple-minded developer. Added them to the cocktail party of highly talented firms. I’m very excited to see where this one goes!


Browse at


Silvrback gets its name from the male “silverback” Gorilla. It seeks to provide a potent, minimalist writing experience that’s easy to use and distraction-free – for a modest price.

They value the craft of writing and a writer’s right to what they create. In their own words “to us, this project is not some corporate after thought – it’s personal”.


  • Recommended for: Writers and bloggers
  • Released: 2013
  • Founder: ?
  • Total users: 1000-50000
  • Pros: Cool new site, could have a thriving community of bloggers. They have a community page which we like!
  • Cons: Have to pay after the free trial. Font’s on the homepage look a bit outdated.
  • Costs: 14 day free trial, then $34.99/year
  • My verdict: Looks like a cool startup with a small, tight-knit team of smart folks. Hope for the best for them!


Browse at


TinyPress allows you create and manage a blog on Github via Github pages. Github pages are simple static websites [and/or blogs] for you and your projects, freely hosted and published through Github. TinyPress features a clean, clutter-free interface to create a page (if you don’t have one already), edit, delete and create new posts.

  • Recommended for: Writers and bloggers with a developer sense
  • Released: ?
  • Founder: Dain Miller
  • Total users: 1000-50000
  • Pros: They have an awesome vision which is to be the world’s most innovative open source writing company! Read more on their blog.
  • Cons: May not reach people as quickly as a WordPress, Blogger or Tumlbr but that seems fine with them.
  • Costs: free
  • My verdict: Looks like a cool startup with a small, tight-knit team of smart folks. Hope for the best for them!



Browse at


Hubpages started as an article network, the kind of place where you were rewarded for publishing lots of articles on any one topic like cooking, travel or home-improvement. Today, it boasts millions of informative articles and guides. However, a by-product of mass publishing is slightly lesser quality. You may find articles at Hubpages you’d wonder why anyone would ever publish. Or, you may find the best home for your blogging and writing needs.


  • Recommended for: Social networking (“social layer”)
  • Launched: August 6th, 2006
  • Founder: Paul Edmondson
  • Total users: 74,000
  • Pros: Not going out of business soon.
  • Cons: Less ownership of your work.
  • Costs: Free
  • My verdict: A solid place to start writing and learn from other experts. Tightly-knit. Fun for everyone involved.



Browse at


Joomla is an advanced CMS used by developers to publish some of the websites we visits each day. Written in PHP, it uses many of the same structures as a WordPress site does. For whatever reason, developers have flocked elsewhere, but Joomla remains one of the web’s oldest and savviest places to run a blog or website.


  • Recommended for: Content Management, Web Content
  • Released: August 17th, 2005
  • Founders: The Joomla Project
  • Total users: 35 million downloads
  • Pros: over 6000 free extensions, estimated as the second most used content management system (CMS) after WordPress
  • Cons: Smaller community, help out articles you find may be out of date.
  • Costs: ?
  • My verdict: Only really for a Joomla developer or website manager. Not an easy access point for a beginner.


Live Journal

Browse at

  • Recommended for: Blogging, journaling, writing a diary
  • Founded: April 15th, 1999
  • Founder: Brad Fitzpatrick
  • Total users: 39.6 million accounts, 1.7 million active accounts
  • Pros: friend others to read their entries and leave comments, avatars, user info pages, to-do lists
  • Cons: moved design to Russia in 2009, basic plan users see advertisements
  • Premium features: express lane for quicker load times, call from your phone to a LiveJoural number and post voice recording to your journal
  • Costs: Premium version, not sure of the costs here. Anyone know?
  • My verdict: In mother Russia, blog write on you.

Typepad platform


Browse at

  • Founded October 2003:
  • Founder: Say Media
  • Total users: ?
  • Pros: Ease of use
  • Cons: Less costumization
  • Costs: Free
  • My verdict: Just love the news? If so, know that ABC, BBC, CBS, MSNBC and more use Typepad to maintain blogs.

Weebly platform


Browse at

  • Founded: 2006
  • Founder: David Rusenko
  • Total users: hosts 15 million websites
  • Pros: Drag and drop feature so easy a monkey could use it.
  • Cons: Less control for the user
  • Costs: ?
  • My verdict: I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews here. For a company owner who needs a website but despises tech, it’s Weebly or Squarespace, and both are sound choices.


Browse at

  • Recommended for: Blogging, Content Management, Web Applications
  • Founded: January 2001
  • Founder: Dries Buytaert
  • Total users: 1 million users and 30K developers
  • Pros: 22,900 free add-ons, free and premium themes via the Drupal Theme Garden
  • Cons: Quite involved, not ideal for beginners
  • Costs: ?
  • My verdict: Fun for developers and bloggers with a real interest in building code.


Browse at

  • Founded: 2005
  • Founder: Seth Godin
  • Total users: 1.5 million
  • Pros: Lenses and points systems to level up are only part of the fun.
  • Cons: Like Hubpages, you might not feel an ownership of your work.
  • Costs: Free
  • My verdict: A classy place to meet others before you get more serious about blogging.

✩ ♨ New Releases ♨ ✩

Browse at

  • Recommended for: On-the-go bloggers, note-taking
  • Founded: 2013
  • Founder: Evernote
  • Total users: 20,000
  • Pros: Supports popular comment plugin Disqus, lighter feel, easy to use.
  • Cons: Less costumization
  • Costs: Free
  • My verdict: Too soon to form a verdict here!

Facebook Notes

Browse at

  • Recommended for: Social media integrated blogging
  • Founded: 2013
  • Founder: Facebook Developers
  • Total users: Well, 1.1 billion already on Facebook…
  • Pros: Simple to share images, links and quotes – useful if you’ve got a large, Facebook-centric audience already.
  • Cons: Limited design and that blue Facebook-y feel we all should just escape every now and then.
  • Costs: Free
  • My verdict: Not much different from a Facebook page – I predict this to be a feature Facebook tries, directs advertisers to, then slowly wanders away from.


Browse at

  • Founded: 2013
  • Founder: Dustin Curtis
  • Total users: ?
  • Pros: New, different; aren’t we all?
  • Cons: Must apply for a membership and no commenting feature as of yet.
  • Costs: Free
  • My verdict: They are a “network of great people who want to make it easier for people to share and discover new ideas”. Excited to see where Svbtle goes in the next few months.



Browse at

  • Founded: Early 2013
  • Founder: Tynan (a blogger) and Todd Iceton
  • Total users: 1,000 – 10,000
  • Pros: Generally bent on community, top navigation bar like Blogger, has a word-matching system that matches similar posts and will recommend users to your posts the moment they sign-up, private discussions, one click subscription system
  • Cons: Premium service that allows for more image hosting (does this mean normal users are limited?)
  • Costs: Free with premium service offered
  • My verdict: I’ve always believed it’s the readers who really grow a blog, not so much the blogger him/herself. 80/20. So I’m excited here. Will they win the battle for 3rd place? Either way, the web is always better with more variety, more options, more places to blog.



Browse at

  • Founded: Early 2013
  • Founder: Ghost Foundation
  • Total users: 10,000 – 50,000
  • Pros: Open-source so once you download it you own it, organized at run by volunteers and non-profits
  • Cons: Any service that charges based on the amount of views you get is a villain in my book or could become one. Don’t limit us, thanks.
  • Costs: Free with premium service offered
  • My verdict: Got to respect their lofty ideas. But, I suspect they are trying to KO WordPress and possibly backed by BlueHost based on their web design, so I oppose 🙂



Browse as

  • Founded: Early 2013
  • Founder: Ghost Foundation
  • Total users: 10,000 – 50,000
  • Pros: Post by email. Oh and “they’ll never get acquired, never shut down” as long as you pay them.
  • Cons: “Simple, easy blogs for $5 a month, forever.”
  • Costs: 5 bucks
  • My verdict: They’re a group of engineers who want to build blogs for us. Love this idea and wish them the best. But as a company you just can’t get ahead in an open environment like blogging by trying to control things, at least not upfront. Their technology might be great and “durable” but most of us will never know, because their marketing is a zero and their homepage design is really weak.


Browse at

Unfortunately this site has been deprecated, or slowly removed with no further updates.

✩ ♨ Almost Extinct ♨ ✩

Browse at

  • Recommended for: Blogging
  • Founded: 2004
  • Founders: ?
  • Total users: 2 million
  • Pros: Free themes, multi-author blogging, social media widgets, video
  • Cons: Less customization
  • Premium features: Your own domain name, advertising network
  • Costs: ?
  • My verdict: You’d hope a domain name as strong as would produce a winner…


Browse at

  • Founded: ?
  • Founder: ?
  • Total users: < 50K
  • Pros: Still has a community
  • Cons: Shifting 100% of users to paid version
  • Costs: “As of May 22, 2013 our free website service has been discontinued. If you would like to convert to the paid service click here and upgrade for the low cost of $6.95 a month.”
  • My verdict: Not enough information to form a verdict.


Browse at

  • Founded: ?
  • Founder: ?
  • Total users: < 50K
  • Pros: Resembles WordPress
  • Cons: Unclear timeframe of new software releases
  • Costs: ?
  • My verdict: Not enough information to form a verdict.

The Best Blog Hosting Sites for Making Money on a Blog

Well it’s no secret: making money online is both fun and sexy. The fun comes from doing real work you believe in, writing compelling articles each day. The sexy comes from a little extra passive income you can use to travel the globe and walk into rooms in that new exotic suit.

So given how bloggers like to make money blogging, it should come as no surprise that we look for a great web host which can help us earn that money.

Here are our Top 3 blog hosting sites for making blog income:


The How & Why: HostGator offers $100 Google Adwords Credit and Bing Credit. Using this feature, you can place your services towards the top of Google and insert your own clever sales copy. Once some clicks an ad you make, they land on your blog or website, and can choose to buy your service, product, eBook, you name it. For sure this isn’t easy, but $100 goes a long way! HostGator’s Baby plan allows you to host unlimited sites – create a site for the Italian restaurant down the street and you pay virtually nothing to host it, and collect the web design fees! In addition, you can become a professional SEO with HostGator’s guidance. Lastly, the affiliate program at HostGator pays up to $125 for referring family and friends! You’ll be in the company of a WordPress legend, Syed Balkhi from WPBeginner, a powerhouse pro-blogger who writes many of the plugins our WordPress community lives off of today.


The How & Why: BlueHost offers most of the same free tools as HostGator! You must spend $25 first to claim the $100 Adwords credit, and the affiliate commission is reduced to $60, but they offer second to none support to help you blog earnings grow. You can’t deny those who’ve used BlueHost and joined the ranks of best bloggers in the world, like Pat Flynn. If you’ve chosen BlueHost to be the best blog hosting site for you, you’ll find many others earning beside to the high skies beside you!


Best Blog Hosting Sites for Making Money on a BlogThe How & Why: A keen knowledge of how to use GoDaddy as your website hosting site and business management tool is valuable to any entrepreneur. GoDaddy offers “List For Sale”, a unique tool where they will list domains you’ve bought initially for say $15-30 for return values of $1000-1500. The best part is, they negotiate the new sale price for you! I login to my GoDaddy all the time as see a domain I bought is now worth a higher $$$. GoDaddy also comes with a highly competitive domain name and hosting affiliate program. The benefit here is the insanely high domain sales volume, meaning you often don’t need to sell your friend on the hosting, just the domain part, to earn a commission. If GoDaddy is where you host your blog, you’ll find it perhaps a little less warm that the two above but will be compensated by that cool feeling that you work with GoDaddy (and Danica Kirkpatrick), and maybe some side cash too!

Of course, you any hosting company you choose and become the best blog hosting site for making money with a blog, you just have to believe in it’s service hard enough to represent it on your own blog. Believe in where you blog, let your unique style shine, and you’ve got nothing to lose!

Lastly, the Best Free Blogging Platform Is?

This one is tough, but it really boils down to two giants: Blogger and


Blogger is where I initially created by first profitable blog, It’s gotten easier to migrate blogging to wordpress, and you get that comfy feeling you’re using a Google product so you might already rank in Google or earn more on Adsense. Blogger also let bloggers edit the core HTML templates before ever did, which was a huge bonus once you wanted to tweak your template design. Additionally, big names like Georgia Lou Studios just released to her email list that she’ll stop making WordPress themes and focus only on Blogger themes. That’s a great sign for everyone in the Blogger and .blogspot community. For us, Blogger may always be the best free blog site on the planet. is the prodigal son of WordPress as a whole and the company Automattic. Holding this baby like position, receives a ton of support and new additions each week. Perhaps most impressive is their internal blog post feature to the whole community, which though hard to attain, can result in a ton of free traffic to your blog. With plugins at on the rise, you certainly can rank a blog in Google and gather lots of organic traffic. The warning we must heed is watch your budget. It’s possible to go into thinking you’ll spend $0 then somehow end up spending $100s/mo to manage the blog as you’ve paid incrementally for addons.

The End?

Hardly. But drum roll, now it’s your turn. How’s the blog search process treating you? Did we miss any gems of information you’ve found? If you’ve got anything to add, feel free to drop it in the comments right below.

Lastly, this post took me months to research and make. So if you know a friend who could benefit, why not send this to them via email, Twitter, or Facebook? Would absolutely appreciate it. I’ll let you borrow our work if it means a quick share 🙂

Thanks and Cheers!

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663 Responses to "The Best Place to Start a Blog – 2019"

  1. Hello Dear
    Thanks for this wonderful post. The writer has taken a lot of time and effort to post this information on the website.
    One Of The Best Article I have Seen, This article is amazing and explains much good and best inflammations …

  2. Looks like you have updated the article for 2019. I have tried around 5-7 platforms you have listed and I would say that WordPress is the best. It gives you complete flexibility even in terms of SEO.

      1. Hi G man are you recommending Blogger because you get residuals or is it truly better than WordPress?
        I have a free WP blog and am struggling with the widget thing and knowing how to insert and sync etc. should I stay the course or jump to Google’s (Blogger) ?
        My end game is to earn a buck or two with referrals and partnering with a supplier while trying to sell my hand crafted items.
        The free WP blog does not appear to allow income I see no sync for taking paypal or credit cards?

        Your blog has been my best read to date, and I thank you for helping a senior find a lot of information.

        1. Love this comment and the G man lol!

          TBH i actually get residuals from hostgator which helps people setup so the blogger bit is just from my pure lvoe before i got to If you want to sell your items and also do referral partnerships is the outright winner. Nearly everyone who is successful at these things has a wp blog. Not free wp bc they don’t allow enough linking and moving things around.

          This video may help you get started on, we setup a classic business look

          The elementor part of it may be too out there for a senior 🙂 but if you master it you’ll be unstoppable.

  3. This is probably the best list I”ve ever seen!
    Thank you a lot for sharing it.I’d like to recommend Blogr as one of the best places for blogging because of following:
    1)It’s free (as WP, Blogger,etc.)
    2)The content is carefully selected by the host,hence your blog posts get really good environment (like Hublogs)
    3)It’s a great place for getting a new audience,because it’s very social combination between microblogs and blogs
    4)You can host blogs,vblogs,photoblogs or/and even podcasts-i.e. suitable for any kind of blogging
    5)You get a number of good quality links because the site has a very good authority (DA/PA), which means you get a good ptomotion for your posts absolutely free.
    6)I manage to increase my audience to my own blog with 1400 visits per a day, only by posting one good quality post on the website,hence their SEO is kind of superb, at least by today.
    7)The platform is very simple to use
    8)You can publish any type of media (!)
    9)Sharing is free and you can cross-share your content amongst 20+ other platforms (!some marketing companies are charging money for this)for free.
    10)You can schedule your publications for free (!) which gives you opportunity to be present in the social space 24/7 .
    11)Support is incredible.I would say you probably will never need it,but it’s always good to know.

    These are my 2 cents.

    Regards:George T.

    1. Yes it’s definitely possible, David. Weebly offers export migration tools I believe, WordPress is easy to import content into, and even before that you can get started and make a self hosted site which you install wordpress on. The big change is pointing your domain name from Weebly to your web host!

      Did you get started? Sorry for being a few weeks late here…

    1. Yes it’s definitely possible, David. Weebly offers export migration tools I believe, WordPress is easy to import content into, and even before that you can get started and make a self hosted site which you install wordpress on. The big change is pointing your domain name from Weebly to your web host!

      Did you get started? Sorry for being a few weeks late here…

  4. I am now not positive where you’re getting your info, however good topic.
    I must spend a while studying more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful info I used to be on the lookout for this info for my mission.

  5. I am now not positive where you’re getting your info, however good topic.
    I must spend a while studying more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful info I used to be on the lookout for this info for my mission.

  6. Hello there Greg, your story is much the same as mine.
    I initially began a wordpress blog yet loathed it since I couldn’t adapt it. This is the greatest drawback of utilizing wordpress. Afterward, I made a blogger blog which didn’t do well. I additionally left this one and now, I am running my blog on wordpress speck organization stage. I think, as a large portion of others, it is best cms accessible on net. Simple to utilize, adaptation, control over everything. Also, similar to you as of now stated, its modules are astounding. Looks wonderful. There is no match amongst wordpress and blogger.

  7. This was my first visit to this site searching for relevant info regarding which platform will be best Places to Start a Blog after reading this makes me go clear on my thoughts once again thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

    1. I love this Trickshook. Blogger is was my favorite place to start a blog for many years. Got good at editing HTML and created custom layouts, ad layouts, etc. It was so much fun!

      What’s your favorite part of Blogger?

      I eventually was convinced to migrate Blogger to WordPress. I’ll drop this link here for if your buddies convince you and you need it later on:

      But it is always great to hear from a Blogger man!


  8. hi Greg Narayan,
    Your stuff is great!
    I want to reach out and thank you for the great point you made in this post about “The Best Places to Start a Blog”.
    Well, I am just a new blogger and used it as reference for my Website
    Once again thank you & waiting for your another awesome post.
    Cheers. 🙂

  9. Some commenters casually refer to WordPress as a better version of Blogger, but basically at the same level of difficulty. I beg to differ. WordPress is far harder, and i speak as a non-techie (life is too short to sweat over software).

  10. Nice post. very helpful to the readers. Blogger and WordPress are the top free web hosting sites available today and WordPress is a clear winner with more plugins and SEO friendly design.I’ve had the chance to brush up with some of blog sites that suit my preferences.

  11. When i was a beginner blogger is suitable for me. But after switch to wordpress i feel better and got many benefits. In my opinion wordpress is better than blogger for start a blog.

  12. This is what I call some pain staking research. IMPRESSIVE indeed. Thank you so much. As someone who is about to start my own venture business the information you have provided will definitely give me idea of what platform I should be considering on using. So thank you so much for taking the time to research and posting for our review. Take care. – CC

  13. Hi! I’m new to the whole blogging world – but jumped right into it with the help of your WordPress tutorial. It took me several weeks and many evenings spent fine tuning it, but here’s the finished product:
    Thank you for ALL the amazing help! I look forward to learning more from you.

  14. Violette Rose-Jones · Edit

    Just a warning about Blogger. I HAD a lovely blig that was coming along nicely. This month it became disconnected from the email attached to it. I got on the forum fir help only to be sent on an endless circle of obvious suggestions which fail to address my question/problem. I tend googled the exact issue and found that this has been a sporadic issue and the google makes the exact same useless and circular comments to anyone with the problem. I’m not sure if they know they can’t fix the issue and are trying to hide or just don’t care. Now I face starting over. DON’T USE BLOGGER FOR LONG TERM PROJECTS.

  15. I have several blogs on Google Blogger, but I use a pseudonym for them. I don’t want to join Google Plus because it forces you to use the same name throughout the Google platform, but I don’t want to do this because I want to keep my real name for gmail. Is there a way out of this?

    If there isn’t, I have another question: Is it possible to transfer a blog wholesale– posts and everything– from one host to another, say from Google to WordPress?

  16. Hmm it seems lіke your blog atе my first comment (it was eҳtremely long)
    so I guess I’ⅼl just sum it ᥙp what I submitted and
    say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an asρiring bⅼog wгiter but I’m still new to everything.
    Do yοu have any sᥙggestions for rookie blog writers?
    I’d definitely appreciate it.

  17. Hello Sir,

    Thanks Sharing Information for wordpress blogger. I read your article in this says for wordpress bettter then blogger because content in blog posting. if some have any blogger website improve quality for blog.

    Thank You.

  18. Just desire to say your article is as amazing. The clarity in your post is simply great and i could assume you are an expert on this subject.
    Fine with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to
    date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and
    please keep up the rewarding work.

  19. Thank you so much for the information you have provided. I started out with a host through a free trial, however the site I went through didn’t have half the features I needed. As I was completely new to blogging, I had no idea what I was looking for in a host site. Now that I have some experience, and with the information you provided, I feel that I am in much better shape to take control of my site.

    1. I agree with using WordPress. It definitely is the most widely used platform and thousands of good website designers prefer it. especially using cPanel hosting due to it’s versatility. MWP isn’t the best choice especially if you’re just starting out as it doesn’t give you access to the File Manager.

  20. Hi…I am looking to get a blog started for my 13-year old so he can post his short stories, songs, and things like that that he writes (very talented, so I want to encourage him to get things “out there”), using a premium platform so things are more secure. I started watching your WordPress tutorial and really like it! Not looking to have any e-commerce functionality. Want it to be flexible, professional/cool looking and easy for him to modify, and put basic things like pictures and videos on it. . What platform would you recommend? I know WordPress is at the top of your list, but still wanted to ask. thanks.

  21. Hey Greg,

    Thanks for stopping by Silvrback for your wide-reaching review. Our team is small and ambitious, and really love the way our product is taking shape. We’re definitely not where we want to be, but keep working.

    I think your readers who looking to write on a clean, distraction-free space will too.


    1. Hi Kermit!

      Awesome to hear from you. Silvrback looks like a lot of fun! If there’s anything else you’d like me to include here just let me know. What are the future plans for growing Silvrback (if you can share)? Have a good one! 🙂


    1. Hi Brooke,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to your comment! I would say because the vast majority of fashion bloggers I know of make WordPress blogs. Most sponsors these days will also prefer WordPress as it’s actually a professional website you own.

      Please come stop by our YT channel to keep up with my blogging activity!


  22. Great article for someone who is exploring different platforms to start with. WordPress is the best option Others have advantage but when it comes to budget and full features nothing close to WordPress.

  23. Hi,

    Guest blogging will increase your site’s visbility and visitors. is one of the sites you can guest blog on your favorite topics. Click ‘Write A review’ in the homepage and blog for free. The content will be reviewed and posted in the site.

    Hope you will enjoy blogging.
    All the best.


    1. There are so many out there that help you make money with blogging. I’ve often surfed for that answer myself. I do plan to start a blog soon but not quite sure how I should. I hope to see alot of great answers on this post. 🙂

  24. Great Info Bro.

    I was think to start my new blog on blogger but you totally changed my mind So I went with self hosted wordpress.
    I had landed here three months ago. when I was starting my blog.

    Today I am really happy that I stated my blog with self hosted WordPress
    Thanks You !!

    Vinit Patil

    1. Great job Vinit! That’s my kinda comment! Hope your blog is growing prosperously! Send me a link here if you’d like a Tweet or Showcase feature 🙂

  25. Hey Greg, I am following your video along and I am having significant issues with the Feedburner. I keep getting a message that the feed is not valid? Any suggestions?

    1. You can usually fix it by de activating your plugins, one of which can cause the feedburner error because it jumbles some piece of wordpress code, then try resubmitting to feedburner!

  26. Hi I watched your video and just signed up for word press. I am at the point where I am trying to use to edit my logo and the site wants to charge me $39. Also, when I click on the site, it looks very different than the logomaker in your tutorial. Is there a way I can edit/revise my logo without paying anymore money. Please help!

  27. I’m looking for most cheapest blog domain cost less money. Not free, I refuse to take free blog. Because I ask for how much cheap blog cost. Will you tell me about what is most cheapest blog is?

    1. I consider HostGator domain and hosting at under $5/month very cheap. Use our coupon BIGBONUS and register for 1 year minimum to get larger savings.

  28. Hey Greg,
    I need your help!
    Is there a way to set up a blog without having to spend as much? I want to have a professional looking blog, and good quality tools, but I am not in a situation where I can spend so much without guarantee of earning it back somehow. I am afraid that if I start a blog and use google adsense, all the good news I’m hearing about earning sufficient income back will never come true! Then I am out a lot of money and while I am enjoying it, I will have no way to keep it up and pay for the needed expenses. But I love to blog! What should I do?
    Thank you so much!

  29. This is a very helpful post for those who are thinking to start blogging. Personally i like WordPress because easy to any customization. WordPress is the best blogging platform than others. It is seo and user friendly.

    Really impressed! Your tutorial is very detailed. thanks for sharing. looking forward to more!.

  30. Great tutorial Greg. Followed your steps and completely built my blog. You can visit and adore your inspiration. My blog’s address is

    One problem though – I couldn’t seem to edit (HOT NEWS) on my home page towards the bottom. Couldn’t understand how this heading got corrupted. How can I edit this heading in html or CSS to read HOT NEWS?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I see that on your blog! Bad news is I can’t remember where to edit that. Good news is the TJ forum can definitely solve it. Also good news I did adore your blog and added it to our YouTube website showcase coming soon! 🙂 Cheers and happy to help.

  31. Hi Greg,

    I need your assistance, please. I am in no way a tech savvy person which is why I am following your tutorial. Excellent information by the way. I am having a problem uploading the “beginner” theme to my blog. The theme downloads, I am not able to find WordPress within the download. I chose the file I dragged to the desktop anyways, I chose beginner within my downloads. At this point, the file is not in the open box at the bottom and I am not able to upload the file. What should I do to correct this?
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hey Kelley!

      The file the goes to wordpress is so you don’t need to open it…what does your file look like? Maybe you figured it out!


  32. So I’m building my first website, and I’m following your video step by step. So far everything is working like you said it would. Except for FeedBurner. That site won’t recognize my site or my feed. Any suggestions? Is there any alternatives if I can’t get it to work?

  33. I love you for this article and in my opinion anyway, how can we take care of the website that we manage it that much good, if wordpres or blogger so the same if we are not able to take care of and maintain as possible, the same bs ya not boss??? regards

  34. hello looking cool. Is it a platform or a sharing network? I have found WordPress to be a very easy to manage, especially the learning process is what I really enjoy.I have similar story as you, my story also began with Blogger, and later moved to self hosted WordPress blog.Plz tell me which time update available

  35. hello looking cool. Is it a platform or a sharing network? I have found WordPress to be a very easy to manage, especially the learning process is what I really enjoy.I have similar story as you, my story also began with Blogger, and later moved to self hosted WordPress blog.Plz tell me which time update available

  36. Hi, I’m looking at starting a blog which I may eventually want to attach to a web based business that I still can’t decide if I want to gamble on starting or not – I’m also currently unemployed. If I do start the business I’d rather simply be able to build the site on the same platform as my blog rather than have to start from scratch. Given all this information is WordPress my best bet? Also how hard is it to switch from com to org if I just want to try out the interface and the blog to see how both go?

      1. The great thing about how alot of these registrar’s work is you don’t always have to use one for all your stuff (although recommended so you don’t have to call different places for support) if you’re tech savvy then getting products from different sites to find the lowest price is definitely a good way to go. The biggest part is to find the right renewal prices. some places charge an arm and a leg after the first year but on the other hand alot of places are happy to give a discount on renewals for customers who host most of their products with said company.

  37. You may want to include a which is basically a hosted solution for newbie bloggers, based on WordPress itself! It is free and beautiful.

  38. Good article. I have (had) the paid service at Why didn’t I research it first – overexcited I guess 🙂
    My blog was down > 50% of the time, non-responsive support, dreadful performance, limited functionality, awful interface. Even in transferring my domain, a manual process for them even though it’s so easy to automate, they were non-responsive and I had to bring in the registrar for which are resellers. The registrar responded instantly and were a great help.
    The only thing of value is the name They should sell it and let someone with at least some professional skills take it over

  39. Blogging may be fun for lots of people as it helps them to share their beliefs and thinking with others. Many blogging platforms are available these days that can help people find the right services easily. Selecting just any blogging platform will not do any good for aspiring bloggers who are looking to continue blogging for a long time.

  40. Nice post. very helpful to the readers. Blogger and WordPress are the top free web hosting sites available today and WordPress is a clear winner with more plugins and SEO friendly design.I’ve had the chance to brush up with some of blog sites that might suit my preferences.

    1. I had a blog on WordPress. Eventually I left. I had a hard time figuring out the widget things and posting videos.
      I;m not very techie. Also all the comments seemed to be spam.
      Very disappointing. Now I’m looking for something simple and very user friendly.

  41. Nice post. very helpful to the readers. Blogger and WordPress are the top free web hosting sites available today and WordPress is a clear winner with more plugins and SEO friendly design., I’ve had the chance to brush up with some of blog sites that might suit my preferences

  42. A great article, has opened my eyes to some new options as I contemplate how/where to establish a blog some friends and I want to start. Perhaps you can give some advice. We’re looking to do a multi-author blog with a header/topic message and then posts from various members of the author group in response – each offering various perspectives on the topic at hand. Then in a few days, week, etc – a new topic, new posts, etc.

    Any thoughts on a site that may have a theme or layout that is conducive to that format?


  43. Word Press is a good site to start blogging. To give decent look to blog some experience is required. Can someone help me to install plugins properly and do the settings.

  44. Hi! Nice article on blog sites. I am currently using, but since I compose in Word, I am having a hard time with feeds and followers (many people cannot follow me). Any comments? Thanks!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      You should certainly address this issue as your blog grows. Where are most of your followers coming from?

      I would try, or with an email list. The second is more work on your part but can be a more professional experience for followers.

      Thanks for commenting, yours is a great question. DB

      1. For the expense of expanding it would be easier to buy web space from a good host. WordPress charges for every small step and limit store space. Of course a person can pay more for space and every other item. The real kicker is the price of $250.00 for a usable backup. WordPress have a very limited number of social networking links available. Support is a very bad joke on The org side is worse although a person gets a few free templates. For less than $150.00 a year there are good hosting sites who have WordPress (complete) so you can invite friends to join. I am in the process of moving first of the year.

  45. Good place for learners…

    Nice post!!!..Good information about how to create a blog to a website. It gets a clear picture of different blog sites with their extensions. An SEO should read this before creating a blog.

  46. Wix is nice but I feel Weebly is better. Even the free plan has certain things the Wix free option doesn’t and Weebly is easier to use overall. Wix’s templates are not that great plus they show ads for their free account which Weebly doesn’t.

    I also think WordPress is much better than blogger overall. You have unlimited possibilities because of the thousands of plugins people have created and WordPress is easier to use once you get the hang of it.

  47. Hi,

    I appreciate all the work put in to the info above. I’m still a little confused about the difference between and though. I’ve always understood ‘org’ to be basically not for profit and ‘com’ to be a business for financial gain. Those definitions seem to be reversed in your descriptions.Would you mind clarifying the diff between the two sites please?

    Thank you.

    1. WordPress is a website development environment that runs on a host webserver. The company provides support for it at is setup to use immediately as a blogging space. You join, and then start creating your blog. The hosting, server, all that technical stuff, is already done so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

      So… for the software/system. for a ready-to-go implementation of it. You probably want to go directly to and start publishing your thoughts.

  48. Hi, it was a very cool article for newbies. I want to know if is different from and how come google+ plays a crucial role in blogging?

  49. Hi
    Its really perfect guid and worthy work
    I am a PhD student in the engineering filed. These days I am looking to start my blog it will be about classes in physics and my research and life activity then I need blog can supports symplos and equations
    Can you please recommend me a site to start with
    I will appreciate your replying into my e.mail
    Thank you very much and looking to hear from you soon

  50. Fanny Pihlström · Edit

    Do you know of any blog platforms located in the EU? I’m about to get payment from WordPress but I cannot get a PayPal account as my residence and account situation are too complicated. In addition the US tax forms etc are also too complicated when I could just receive a payment without any fuzz from Europe too..
    Thanks for any tips.

    1. Not sure what you mean here.

      You can setup a wordpress blog with a good host in the EU but as for getting paid it would totally depend on your network or payer.

      Sidenote: woocommerce works great abroad and has many payment gateways for the EU


  51. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website?

    My website is in the exact same niche as yours and my users would definitely benefit from a lot
    of the information you provide here. Please
    let me know if this ok with you. Appreciate it!

      1. Dear Greg,

        Please update this list to include the fact Squarespace does not in any way tell you how many blog posts you have. You could have written 1,560 posts, 200 posts, 17,500 posts, or 82 posts, on the Squarespace platform, and there would be absolutely no way of knowing how many posts you have published – because they don’t keep count!

        It is the most serious “con” in the Squarespace pros and cons list, and it would be useful if everyone knew this major disadvantage before investing time & energy into starting a blog on that platform.

        Every blogger needs to know the exact amount of blogs published, and needs to be able to access them at any time. When you try the platform for yourself, you will see that you cannot do this basic function. Don’t put energy into the platform without knowing this information in advance. If you write 500 posts, you will not know, because there is no way to count, even by number of posts per page.

        P.S.: Please forgive my responding underneath this comment, as I didn’t see where to post an original one.

        1. Dear W.M.

          I added your remark about Squarespace! I only wish I had a link to your site, I would give you credit for that kind comment. Thank you for informing everyone including myself, and hope you found a better home for your blog posts! More soon, G

          1. hey, i am struggling getting my site up and running, i have installed wordpress but for some reason my site is still showing hostgator and not the blank site which is where I’m up to in the vid.. I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong? or is it because I’m in uk? really not sure as i am definitely a beginner 😀 help would be greatly appreciated please

  52. Hey Greg, i wanna blog on various topics(movie,food, sight/places reviews)…basically whatever is fun. I’m also looking at it as a source of passive income.

    Will the ‘free’ BLOGGER allow me to monetize the site. Once I start making money I’ll switch to wordpress & pay for everything with money made before, just like you…

    Please help,

    Aspiring Blogger

  53. My spouse and I absolutely love your blog and find many of your post’s to be exactly what I’m looking
    for. Do you offer guest writers to write content in your case?
    I wouldn’t mind composing a post or elaborating on a few of the subjects you
    write with regards to here. Again, awesome blog!

  54. I think both are best but this is depend upon your priorities and demand. WordPress is more popular because of variety themes and plugins and evolving time by time.
    Outstanding post…

    Thanks a lot

  55. thanks for this information
    can u help me in something
    i’m from egypt
    and i like to write in english blogger
    but i wanna start in good blog that have a good ways in payment and easy in use)
    remember that for egyptian
    wish u answer me 🙂

  56. Thanks for this Greg, to list everything is surely extensive and having tried almost everything on your list, agree hands down that is the best.

    You are right that bloggers have to learn that on their own. There are many free tutorials out there to help, but I realised many professional bloggers prefer to write than to manage all things techie or buggy. If design and bug problems are recurring, that may cost us a lot of time, so thought I offer a service to solve that –

    Hope anyone can feedback to let me know if this is useful for you at all, thanks!

  57. This list is awesome braa. I hope it took you a time to finish it. I appreciate your work. There is another platform i think you can add. is a blogging platform for those who want to use wordpress but can’t afford.

  58. I should say bravo like in a single word. This updated list is really helpful for getting all the bloggers altogether. Basically, I am owner of “Namaste UI” and follow some of blogger that you have mentioned in the list.

    Things like, this surely motivate all the new bloggers who are getting hike among the blogger’s platform. It would be really good if regular basis update stays constantly in this list. Thanks a lot.

    Sourav Basak [Blogger, Entrepreneur, Thinker]

  59. This is a repeat from a previous post on a separate page…

    Hi and thanks in advance for the help.
    I’m looking to start a new blog – I haven’t blogged since 2009 and am now deciding between platforms (wordpress, blogger, medium etc) and wanted to ask if Google+ gives me a chance to create a blog there independently, or is it just a new social network which I can use to promote the blog I make on a different site?
    Also, which of the previous platforms do you prefer?
    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Danny,

      Sorry for the extreme delay here as I get up to date on comments. Awesome question. Google + can be used like a blog if you put hard work into sharing quality posts with the right people, and consistently engaging good circles. But you won’t own your “blog” there or be able to monetize it, for example. At the moment and really for any time in the forseeable future I like for running a blog. Nearly everyone is there already and you get taken seriously right away. It’s awesome for building google rankings, making beautiful blog posts and more.

      Hope that helps a little and let us know how it goes! G

      p.s. I’m going to leave my latest “how to make a wordpress blog” tutorial link here

  60. I’m just curious. I want to get in to blogging but can’t afford the costs. Which free site would you recommend? Blogger or Thanks!

  61. Is there a way with blogger to have subscriber only content and manage subscribers with google based tools?

    Or can I use google+ to manage subscribers for my blog ?

    Seems there should be a level of subscriber integration in blogger and google+

  62. Hey Greg,

    Thanks for creating such complete list (hands down the most detailed one that I have found. keep up the good work.

    I came across two new platforms that should be added for the 2016 edition if you havent found them already and

  63. I’m checking out free solutions, and I’m surprised how inflexible is. Blogger is reviewed here as good but basic – but with Blogger you can at least do fundamental things like control the colour of your fonts and backgrounds, and add a little CSS. is much more off-the-peg, there’s very little you can do to change a theme unless you pay.

    1. Well said. I gotta login to my and see what it costs now…but would love to hear from a raving fan if it’s worth it.

      What’d you go with Bob?

  64. Great article, though it needs an update (Hubpages,, Svbtle, Sett, Ghost)

    I blog on Zoho Sites, would nice to read about it here

      1. I have been writing a blog about Angels for almost two years. I am with Fat Cow. Time to renew and I would like to move. I went with them because I was so new I needed help on the most simple things. Now I just want cheap.I make no money, it is all about making a better world. Should I go to word press? Your advice is appreciated.

  65. Hi.

    Do you know of any blogging platform that is good for people who have visual processing problems? Because I have problems seeing, I need large print to read, and blog. Until last year I had a blog on When they made all of their changes around this time last year, I could no longer use their platform. When I used my computer software to make their platform bigger, I couldn’t write posts. I could write a few paragraphs, and then the page would jump down, and I couldn’t see where I was typing anymore. I could see the first few paragraphs and that’s it.

    I miss blogging, and I miss WordPress, but I can’t use it.

    Do you know of blogging platform that allows users to make the font bigger on their own screens as they are blogging?

    And,… I think it’s very arrogant of WordPress to create code that interfered with my computers ability to make the font bigger.

    1. That’s really unfortunate and I’m sorry to hear! If anyone should help you, it IS wordpress.

      Have you thought of add an extension to your browser (Chrome is best) that enlarges all the font?

      WordPress also had distraction free writing in and I think the new WordPress (Clifford) is working to make the writing process easier!

      Let me know how it goes 🙂

  66. Great post. This post gives good insight on what we can gain from blogging. As a new blogger, we want to read positive things like this to keep us motivated.

    Thanks for the ultimate guide on blogging !!

  67. Thanks for pointing all blogging options in one place.

    I’d mention Blogger first since I’m its big fan.

    I like the idea that if we rent even a high priced dedicated server, it may go down. While a Google server rarely would.

    Well that’s just my opinion anyway. 🙂

  68. At firat I start as a simple blog on wordpress, but later, as I manage to learn php and more js, I transform my website in a greate cms gaming platform, build on wordpress. Combine in it anithing and display it anywhere I want. WordPress is so powefull if you have a little php basic knolage

  69. I think that you do need coding knowledge to be able to create a blog on WordPress. Unless you have the money to hire someone to create a template or to buy a template, right?

  70. Hi Greg,

    I just wanted to send you a heartfelt “thank-you” for this invaluable information, presented in such a clear and concise manner!

    Thanks to you I decided to revive my long-dormant website. I had used Movable Type for the blog section, and figured that it would be near-impossible (or at the very least, stunningly difficult) to make the transition to WordPress.

    Your helpful information and easy-to-follow YouTube video led me painlessly through the process. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!


  71. I think it really depends in what you want to achieve. If you want a fancy blogs with plug ins and design flexibility, then go for WordPress. If you just want to share posts, tips, etc. then go for Blogger. Most blog readers would go for contents than fancy stuffs that take time to load.

  72. I emailed them about this problem but they said they dont see any sign ups with either of the email ids the wrong and the correct one
    Today its 12th may and i have tried every possible thing i could
    I mailed tweeted them hundred times
    I have to start my blog as soon as i Can Before 18th may

  73. Thought you might want to update a section of this article.

    Per Typepad’s website, it is only free during their 14-day trial and then their fee structure is as follows:

    Plus level is $8.95/month
    Unlimited level is $14.95/month
    Premium level is $29.95/month
    Enterprise level is $49.95/month

    Also, “All plans automatically renew at the described rate.” so you will have to give them your cc# to keep on file.

  74. Hi Greg,
    I really appreciated this article…I’m completely new to blogging, but I want to start one that’s sort of lifestyle-themed. I really want to use WordPress, but I don’t want to spend too much. My question is, is it really worth it to pay for a plan and get (I watched the setup video on this page.) Just wondering, thanks!

    1. Hi Greg,
      I really appreciated this article…I’m completely new to blogging, but I want to start one that’s sort of lifestyle-themed. I really want to use WordPress, but I don’t want to spend too much. My question is, is it really worth it to pay for a plan and get (I watched the setup video on this page.) Just wondering, thanks!

  75. Greg,

    If I start out on, can I transfer posts when switching to .org? I want to keep it all consistent and coherent. Sort of an online diary. Should I just start out with the .org to save a headache later?

  76. Hi this is the best review for beginners who want to start online blogging in easy way by beginning to ending step by step explanation thank you so much for your efforts for this article, its really helpful for us. Highly informative just bookmarked for further updates.

  77. Great post! some of the free blogging sites are really worth checking out. my personal favorite would be:, hubpages and weebly, they are really easy to use. I am planning on checking out Quora, not sure if it provides a blogging service though.

    1. I personally found that is great, they have a bunch of recomendations everywhere and I am very pleased with the service, I think another brands should be mentioned here too.

  78. This website has been so helpful! I have been given the task to research the best blogging company to use, and I am feeling overwhelmed and out of my element!

    My company is brand new and we work in medical devices…we want…

    1. A forum for surgeons to share advise, ideas, and experiences
    2. Post ‘how to’ video’s, educational videos, photos, and even live surgery video’s
    3. Provide information to our customers about trade shows, webinars, and general info about the industry and our company.
    4. Cost…we have very few customers as of right now, but eventually we will have doctors/surgeons all over the world using the product…so from a cost standpoint what makes sense?

    I’m sure there is more content I’m missing but that is the basics. We have a great VP or marketing who will likely be heading this project down the road and knows a lot more then me.

    The final question…what would be the best blog site to go with that will let us do all of the above, but not be cost prohibitive bc we are small right now?

    Thank you in advance!

  79. Hi, this is great post. I personally likes Medium because it’s simple and therefore I can concentrate on the writing and reading.

    Recently I built Blogging platform for IT engineers called Wiredify ( It’s simple UI but focusing on software engineering. It’s quite new but trying to be useful site for all developers. Someday in near future, you can review Wiredify 🙂

  80. This is a great informative post. I have learned many things from this post. I am a new blogger. So i can not decide that what is best blogging platform for me. WordPress? Blogger? Please give me some suggestion..

    1. For me, choosing between WordPress and blogger came down to one thing: tags.

      I loved that WordPress had tiered tags–categories and tags. Blogger only has tags. It makes for organizing posts a lot easier.

      Ultimately, it depends on what kind of blog it will be. Just try out both for a week and see which you like best–they’re both free. 🙂

    1. Good Article.

      You have provided a lot of platforms for your readers.
      I’m for WordPress.

      If you register your own domain and host your site yourself there are a lot you can do with this awesome platform plus you get a lot of support.

  81. My employer owns by PC, and in order to protect their internal network from malware, they forbid and prevent me from installing unauthorized software. I can access the intranet (internal sites) and internet (external sites) with Internet Explorer 10, but I can’t install software without corporate approval and computer management support. If I try to start a blog on or somewhere else, will the web site management software try to install on my PC, or will it become a feature on the web site? WordPress is not on my employers list of authorized software, but MS SharePoint Designer 14.0 (2010, update promised soon) is authorized for use in supporting internal blogs. I read a few discussions about getting SharePoint and to work together and it looks like a disaster, especially for a new comer. Which web hosts are ready to work with SharePoint from start to finish?

  82. This blog is very helpful and i think so the most important think in blogging is your ability to write unique content,so just focus on that if you want to become a good blogger.

  83. If I switch from a free blog to a domain where I pay a fee per year (sorry, not sure how to define this properly) will my blog become part of I am quite worried because a blogger told me that doesn’t have many options as opposed to Blogger but I don’t want to change now that I have built a small audience. Any advice? Thank you so much.

    1. Im not entirly sure what you are asking but this is the breakdown. hosts thier own blogs and WordPress as a whole company have a Open Sorce platform you can download and add to your host (Godaddy, Host Gator, etc..).

      I do belive has a way for you to download your contant and switch it over to your own host and domain.

      These are a few steps I found from here (
      1. Obtain WordPress hosting, with a provider such as Bluehost or SiteGround.
      2. Choose a theme for your new site, and set up your widgets, plugins, and other appearance-related aspects.
      3. Export the content from your old site.
      4. Import the content into your new site.
      5. Move your domain to your new site.
      6. Connect the Jetpack plugin on your new site, and move your subscribers over.
      7. Set your old site to private or delete it.
      8. Learn where to get support for your new site.

      I hope this helps.

      Byron Wade
      CEo at

  84. Hi

    i’m looking for the best blog platform that allows multiple bloogers with different stories and for the reader to see the difference between individual bloggers and therefore dfifferent stories – is this possible on any site you’ve mentioned – thanks loads

  85. Some might say WP and some will say blogger. but most importantly what matter is who gets the job done better. For an example creately thrives in the diagramming category as it has the perfection that matters.

  86. I read that there are several options to start blogging.
    sites or places that are already oriented to provide all kind of tools to start blogging. But somewhere I also read anybody may start blogging using your own website.


    So I would like to know which one could be the best option
    to have a flexible environment always

    Does the specialized sites manage also the traffic ?
    for my blog ?

  87. I have a blog through I tried blogging a couple of years ago, only got a few posts in, and then dropped it. Since then; however, I started writing, and wanted to pick up that blog again… but the site is not working correctly. I have to go through round about ways in order to sign in… and I can’t even think about creating a new post without using the “quickpost” feature in my dashboard.

    I don’t want to lose my old posts. Can I transfer my old posts from to a new blog? Is it lame to copy and paste the old posts into the new blog? What if I linked to the old blog posts? If I link to the old blog posts, and dies, will the old posts still be accessible?

    Sorry about all the questions… I just want to keep my old stuff.

    On a side note, I use weebly for my church websitre (we bought a domain name). I maintain the church site, updating it, and chainging the layout and theme of things. I find it very easy to use (since I have 0 code knowledge). I get positive feedback about it too. So even though the sites listed in this article can be considered “simple” it’s nice to know someone with 0 code knowledge can have their own creative slice of the internet world.

    Thanks for this article! It helps me in my research for a new blogging site b/c frankly, is dead to me.

    1. Hi, I think it would be best if you copy-paste, republish your old posts, and backdate them if you like. Pretty sure major blogging platforms (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr) have this particular feature. I highly suggest you delete your .blog blog as I reckon the platform will be shutting down soon since there are other better options for us out there.

  88. This article providing very meaning full information about blog and blog hosting.

    One can manage own blog with own hosting server also but require a little bit technical knowledge.

    I recommend for all bigginers or go with managed wordpress hosting.

    Again thanks for this info.

  89. Hi,

    I’m having troubles setting up separate pages. I have my ‘blog’ link on my website and know how to add to that. However I don’t know how to add to my recipes page… I can only write one thing…. Can you help?

  90. Hi! Excellent post!

    I would like to create a blog, the problem is that I do not know which platform to use so I continue postponing it. I would like to have my blog in at least 2 different languages and to include 3 topics: i.e.: travel, gastronomy and random… I will also add a lot of pictures from my trips.
    @ Greg Narayan: which platform do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance


  91. Hey hi
    I really great information here
    Few days back I decided to start my own blog i m familiar with
    but accidently I signed up using wrong email Id which was
    Then i realised and tried to sign up with my email id but I always get a message saying the username is reserved and will be available in couple of days.
    I signed up on 8th may
    I emailed them about this problem but they said they dont see any sign ups with either of the email ids the wrong and the correct one
    Today its 12th may and i have tried every possible thing i could
    I mailed tweeted them hundred times
    I have to start my blog as soon as i can before 18th may
    I thought you could just help with this
    Please help please
    Also is wordpress.ord different from
    Right now i wan to create a free blog then move to premium one

  92. Hello Greg
    So grateful that I stumbled upon this comprehensive article. Thank you so much for sharing this info!
    Some caring folk have been advising I should start a blog, however from reading this, it does not seem to be the solution tomwhat my requirements are.

    Went through some of these comments, but alas, is so vast and numerous, I thought of asking your advice after giving up on trying to read through it all =)

    From reading this I realized that I dislike the idea of another owning all the effort I have put into a blog / website, so…

    * Would like to know if will be a good option to have a website domain which they cannot take control of at any given point in future?
    * I would like to sell items and have a PayPal payment widget, can this be the right avenue to take with
    I am seeking a long term solution, and hope this would be it.
    Or shall I buy a domain from Hertzner for example. I should also consider that my programming skills are limited.
    Thank you
    Warm regards

  93. I have not yet started a blog but I want to. It’s not for Business. I just want to blog and be able to make money doing it. I don’t know which one to use?

  94. Hi Greg,

    Great insight on the world of Blogging. I’m a complete newbie to this and … I don’t have a FB account!! I want to start a blog for cathartic reasons and wondered if journal type writing is appropriate for the web. However, my end goal is to eventually gain some ground and start my own biz someday. What do you suggest?

  95. I tried and I didn’t like the way they format text. I want to be able to Tab without having to enter html nonsense or click a button. Is any different in that regard?

    If not, which site do you recommend?

    I’m a writer of fiction. All I want is a place where people can read my stories and I want the text to show up on the page looking like the page of a book, not a fashion blog.

    1. You can get a robust Visual Editor like Microsoft Word in Search for “best wordpress themes for storytelling” and the like as well.

  96. All these sites are great for people that know absolutely nothing about web hosting or managing a website. These sites give you little to no creative control or management ability over your sites. Most do not even have Cpanel hosting. These sites are only good for amateurs. The best site I have found that is free, uses Cpanel control panel, and gives me unlimited disk space, and bandwidth is is

  97. Hi Greg,
    I am looking to start a blog for my school careers department. The main objective being to share the mass of information and opportunities with students that crosses my desk.
    My other requirements are:
    – Students are able to subscribe (so they are notified when I post)
    – Easy to manage.

  98. Hi Greg,

    I am totally new to WP and was so far running my blogs on Blogger, yesterday itself I had setup a blog on Hostgator and now struggling to select the right template (theme in WP) for my blog.

    Could you please suggest me a good template which closely matches my blogger site? Here are my basic needs:
    1. Since I write lengthy articles (you can call them books LOL), I need more space, hence the posts should span maximum width on the screen. (for ex, the theme what you are using here wouldn’t help me because I want wider post area)
    2. Right side bar
    3. Header Image to be able to accommodate my big banner image of my blogger site.
    4. Since I write in navy-blue font [RGB(0,0,153) the template should be preferably white for body and for headings either blue or maroon would do.

    Currently, while experimenting with templates am facing with problems and haven’t come across any template that made me happy. 🙁 Would you kindly suggest and help?

    I had posted the template issue here in WP but so far didn’t get any response from them. 🙁

    In the above URL you would find my old blogger blog and current self-hosted blog URLs both. Kindly visit themn. Your help would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks, Santosh

  99. Hey Greg,

    Great post and thanks for the insight. I am in the midst of creating a blog that caters to the indie music scene, so it’ll be part blogging of information, advice, tips, personal thoughts and insight and resources but the main premise is to of course network so that my skills and services may be shared with artists. I’m debating between using WordPress, which I know is the go-to platform or Google + (I really like that Google + is great with networking; thats huge for what I am trying to accomplish with my blog). With what I want to offer on my blog, which of the two would you recommend to generate enough traffic and make connections within my industry?


  100. Hi Greg, This was a very interesting and helpful article. I’ve been thinking about blogging for some time because I enjoy writing and I own a small business. I already have a website built by a developer using Joomla. Should my blog be built into the website somehow or stand alone? My website is for a local service business but I’d like to have a wider audience for possible expansion opportunities.


    1. hey Bob, glad you enjoyed this. definitely create a separate stand alone blog and use it to connect with people then hopefully drive sales to your small business Joomla website. add Google+ too.

      don’t worry about too many details but i’d just get going and start publishing blog content asap because now a GREAT time to be active in almost any online niche. let me know anything else!

    1. hey Amy,

      it can and it’s meant to be! you can install free themes from within wordpress but studiopress themes need to be purchased, downloaded and installed, preferably by yourself, or i think they may offer a setup too.

      just keep in mind these premium themes don’t exactly come as the demo looks…you have to do a lot of setup.

  101. Hi Greg!

    What’s the status on your migration from Blogger to WordPress video tutorial? I’ve had my blog up for some time now, and I’m more than sure that I’d like to move to W-P. ^^

      1. That’s an excellent tutorial so far! However, I didn’t know that it was going to be about moving from Blogger to W-P .org, I thought it was going to be about moving to W-P .com (I know, silly me! ^^; Now that I think about it, I should have known that it was going to be for .org)

        So that leads me to my next question, can I move my blog to W-P “.com” without paying any fees? And if I must pay a redirect fee, is it monthly, annual and how much? :S

        I’m really hoping that you will tell me that I can move to .com, please tell me I can, Greg. Please!

  102. I liked both the good cms platform for wordpress or blogger, but its more like wordpress for more even though I have not been too adept to use wordpress cms, is there a tutorial where I can learn about wordpress deeper?

  103. Hi, I’m looking to start a blog and I wanted to know which of these sites are best for having an interactive blog. My hope is to have a blog that becomes a community for people who love fashion, like I do. I prefer to have a blog that allows links, in case someone what’s to share something with someone else, and I want to make sure that I have a set up that allows that. What site(s) would you recommend?
    Thank you!

  104. Hey greg, I wanna ask..
    I do not know why, I’ve made but until now still indexed two, when the post has reached 20 posts and it’s been 8 months ago. do you know why?
    Thankyou so much …

    1. maybe makes you pay for search rankings. i can’t be positive here. you have to follow three steps to index a blog:

      insert analytics code
      add site to webmaster tools and verify site ownership
      submit site for indexing in Google

  105. I love you for this article and in my opinion anyway, how can we take care of the site, which we were able to a lot of good, if wordpres blogger or so the same if we were not able to take care of and maintain as possible, the same nonsense, O Lord, do not ??? For

  106. I may have misunderstood you somewhere here but I think you mentioned in a comment to someone else to stay away from Bluehost. Did I dream that? If not, who would you suggest using other than Bluehost?

    1. no no, Bluehost is great, but i use/recommend HostGator bc their costs are a little cheaper on average and they’ve always seemed to care about us a lot.

      Bluehost uses pictures of models around their site which i think is kinda weak, ha.

  107. i cant put my owne ads on it, they put ads and hide it from you when ur connected or when ur using the same browser so ur not gona have an idea abt how ugly ur pages really r, and when ur blog get popular, u have 2 choices, change hosting and lose everything u build, or … stay spend more money that u can earn
    Fuck you WORDPRESS.COM !!!

    1. now that is how you comment. thanks for the passion, Vitaly. i’m curious what you ended up doing…

      p.s. i left after 2 weeks for blogger then migrated to

      1. Are you still with or now with Google+. I am still learning and trying to set up a business website/blog and I am so nervous I will make a wrong decision. Any advice?

  108. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I remember when we had free blogs that came with internet service! They sucked, bu they were free!

    I want to create an ongoing research-based blog for a specific population. One page for blogging, comments and a petition and one page for updating and organizing historical documents, images and pdfs as needed. Recommendations? Thanks!

    1. Lol! What were they called? I could add them to this list… is probly your most professional option. Unlimited pages, can install plugins for petitions, polls, voting, etc. Unlimited images and PDF links…

    1. Do you think Blogger was the best 6 years ago, Zaid? Could you make good money and get lots of traffic?

      Loved your review, thanks.

      WordPress seems the dominant option in present time, you’re right.

  109. Hello and thanks for all the great tips.

    I am a photographer/storyteller, and I’d like to blog as you suggest using hostgator. I have browsed the themes and cannot find one in which the font isn’t tiny and grey and in which the photos uploaded are allowed to be large enough for my liking.

    Will offer any different (free) themes than does?

    I need to be able to color my font, change the font style, and upload high-res, large photos. Can I do all that with hosted by hostgator while being budget-minded?

  110. Thanks for share, I just wanna say that ghost dot org not free, but free trial . owwwwh no,,, 😀 I need another dedicat ips, not dot com…hehehe thanks, I know you are not understand. I’m from Indonesia and can’t speak english nocely 😀 . thanks yeah, Nice to know and visit your blog…

  111. How come you missed linkedIn. They have started a blogging service allowing professionals to write very sophisticated content. Thats good blogging too. Your post covers everything. Thanks

  112. Bleh!

    I just knew I would forget something (and make a typo :P)

    Say I go with Blogger, then decide that my blog would be better and worth the fees over at WordPress (. org) can I move all my content from Blogger to WordPress (. org)? I know you can do it with WordPress (. com), but I’m not sure about Blogger. Also, I read that it would cost money annually to move from WordPress (. com) to (. org), is there a way I could get past that? :3

    And, one more Q, is there a way to backup all the entries on your blog incase something bad were to happen? Like the blog getting deleted by a fluke accident? :3

  113. Hi Greg! First I want to say – awesome job putting all this information together for people who are thinking about blogging!

    I have a lot of questions, so I’ll be short and clear on what I hope you can help me with!

    I’m going to start a blog; it will be by Blogger or WordPress (.com) and its main focus will be to update my readers about music, pictures, music videos, new releases, magazines, lives, etc,. I need to be able to do the following (I will place asterisks *** by features that I can go without):

    #1 I would like to add a Cbox
    #2 I need to be able to edit every entry
    #3 And edit HTMLs
    #4 Share YouTube videos
    #5 Link my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts***
    #6 I would also like to be able to see how many views a posts has got

    #7 I might need to asks others to translate some information for me, so I might need to be able to invite others to help me with my blog (I’m not sure about that, though, but would I be able to do that with WordPress? Because I already know you can do it with Blogger).

    These other questions aren’t exactly related, so I’ll ask them here.

    #8 How can I learn more about editing HTMLs? I know a little bit, but not enough to get me where I want to be.

    #9 Have you ever heard of people losing their blogs, due to hijacking, or viruses etc,.? If so is there anything I can do to prevent that from happening to me?

    #10 Can I create a sub-blog within my blog? Like, say I wanted to set a page that’s for tour dates only, would I be able to do that?

    Now, I’ve read almost every comment and all your information about the blog options that we have, and it seems like Blogger is the right blog for me. But if WordPress will allow me to do everything I that Blogger does I might just go with WordPress.

    So going off the information I gave you, which blog is right for me? :3

    Ahh! And I almost forgot: You know how Blogger gives you the option to set a date and time for your posts when you are creating one? If I were to create a post and set the date myself at “October 23, 2004” would that entry get pushed back in the blog, or would it still be upfront with the 2014 entries?

    Any help with this will be appreciated greatly! Sorry for all the questions and the length of this comment, by the way! >.<

    1. Dear Cat,

      Don’t apologize, those are AWESOME questions! Let’s see here:

      1 – whats a Cbox?
      2 – no prob anywhere
      3 – blogger or for editing HTML
      4 – blogger or
      5 – anywhere ok
      6 – same for this
      7 – as is the case here
      8 – i learned HTML and CSS in Blogger
      9 – you may be taken down on and on blogger. much less likely as you own the space
      10 – easiest on with a subdomain like you can have a blog and a website on i suppose also possible on blogger but more difficult

      definitely try Blogger. i’ve got your back because I have a video releasing soon on Blogger to WordPress migration 🙂 wordpress can do everything though.

      i’m probably missing some of your questions still, so lemme know if you’re still around and lets chat it up more

      1. Thanks for answering my questions! As for your Q: A Cbox is a chat box that you can install in your blog or website – if you want to know more (or if anyone else does) type “cbox” in your search bar and click on the site that has “cbox (.) ws” in the URL, there you will be able to test a demo version of it. I know Blogger can handle it, but I don’t know if wordpress (. com) can. But I will be able to figure that one out on my own, I think! And I’ve learned what I’ll need to do to backup my blog.

        I think I will try Blogger out first, then. Although I would like to start at wordpress (. org), it’s just not logical to start paying for something that might not even take off – but if my blog does become popular enough, I want to move to wordpress (. org). That last statement leads neatly into my next question: if / when I do move to wordpress (. org), how much would it cost and, is there a way to avoid the fees for the redirection link? :3 I don’t want to have to pay additional fees and I understand that if I go with org from the start it won’t be something I need to think about, but as I said, I need to know I have a solid foundation before I buy a domain.

        And my last question, which I’ll just copy/paste:

        “You know how Blogger gives you the option to set a date and time for your posts when you are creating one? If I were to create a post and set the date myself at “October 23, 2004″ would that entry get pushed back in the blog, or would it still be upfront with the 2014 entries?”

        Thanks again, Greg. I’m look forward to your new tutorial!

  114. Which blog site is easiest for fans to subscribe to? Is that even available in free blog platforms? I have a weebly blog, but there’s not a subscription option, so people complain that they have no idea when I have a new post. I post it to Facebook, but it gets missed in the massive news feed.


    1. hey Laura! good q, getting subs is tough at first but super rewarding when you get going and perhaps the most important part of long-term growth and earnings.

      there’s options to collect subscribers on each blog platform!

      blogger – setup a feedburner or feedblitz feed and promote on your blog and email subscription widgets – follow within the community and email subscription widgets
      tumblr – follow and reblog – you can pretty much do anything

      my method of choice is an Aweber opt-in form in my sidebar so that’s what I’d recommend if you plan on some serious growth. you’d need a blog for this one.

      more reading on collecting subs:

      hope that helps!

  115. Great works bro you are doing a great job , now here is something new for you to work upon please bear with the English , while browsing i found a site “” , i used wapallyzer extension to analyse this site , and found that this site is hosted on blogger which dont allow php and apache server on it, but i found that they have an Earn Cashback page which direct to , on this page the wappalyser shows that this has apache and php script installed , also when we go to this page it shows a pop up windows to sign in along with signup option and when we create an account with them and refresh the page , it shows the details of user , like name and cashback earned on the top right corner of the same page , can you help me doing the same thing on my blogger , is there any specific requirement for doing this please help me i too want the user login and on my blogger along with displaying some of their data on their page when they log in to their account .

  116. I thinks you might be able to help me on this
    while browsing i found a site “” , i used wapallyzer extension to analyse this site , and found that this site is hosted on blogger which dont allow php and apache server on it, but i found that they have an Earn Cashback page which direct to , on this page the wappalyser shows that this has apache and php script installed , also when we go to this page it shows a pop up windows to sign in along with signup option and when we create an account with them and refresh the page , it shows the details of user , like name and cashback earned on the top right corner of the same page , can you help me doing the same thing on my blogger , is there any specific requirement for doing this please help me i too want the user login and on my blogger along with displaying some of their data on their page when they log in to their account .

  117. Hey, thank you so much for this post!
    I was looking for a blog host cite to create a new blog and this post helped me to explore options and choose one. Awesome!

  118. I just setup my Hostgator and wordpress. I thought your video said to use, which I did. How do I and should I switch to now before my blog gets to involved.

    I do want all the features of wordpress.

    Thank you so much for all your help.

    1. how are things looking now, Bryon?

      and as per your awesome comments i’ll clarify to others: my videos recommend using, where you can setup a .com or a .org or whatever you want on the platform and software, same as the big kahunas like Forbes, Times Inc, and Katy Perry. is a blog hosting site software on the other hand which you log into much like Facebook. it’s a great community on its own.

      1. Thank u for a great article! Since I have been thinking to have a toddler food blog for the past 2 yrs til now I have not done so. My question, for a first time blogger (newbie) that has no clue about coding is easy enough for a starter?? Or is there another blog site that u advise others. Thanks in advance x

  119. Dear Greg,

    I am very interested in starting a blog, but still haven’t decided on whether I should use or I see the great reviews on, but I don’t have any HTML skills so I fear that settling on .org will be a problem for me. What do you think?

    1. Dear Maria,

      That’s a great concern. does get great reviews (from me, too) and thankfully you don’t need to use HTML to set it up. It’s actually a good gateway to learning HTML and CSS though, if you ever wanted, because you get 100% control of design then.

      Here’s my latest video on how to make a wordpress blog – no coding 🙂 – which may help out. Thanks for commenting and lemme know any more!

      1. I have a registered domain name and a website on iPage. Can I create an active blog as one of the tabs, or do I sensibly require a separate site dedicated to a blog to do, eventually, the full range of marketing, promotion, and so on? And I don’t know how WordPress should / does / can fit in with the blog portion of my website.As you can tell, this is all very new.

  120. Hi! I stumbled across your site looking for the best place to start a blog and watched the video about setting up your domain and hosting through HostGator. They have features you can add that really up the price. Which of those are necessary? What is the cheapest way to get started? Thanks!

    1. Literally just the domain and hosting are necessary 🙂 Cheap would be getting your first month of hosting for 1 penny with the “coffeemoney” coupon. Cheaper would be getting the domain name at GoDaddy. Cheapest would be using a GoDaddy coupon from Fat Wallet too!

  121. Hello I used a BLOG.COM for 3 years , but after a some blog errors what they have a quite a lot! I couldn’t log in anymore and I never found some ‘ customer ‘ help services so from that moment it is just lost from that moment or after a while it was showing to me that BLOG DOES NOT EXIST or THAT I AM NOT A OWNER… This was a big disappointment for me! 🙁

    I want to start new blog and I can’t decide where.
    I need it to be free with some options for customizing, with option to choose theme or load my own.
    Upload photos and basic stuff….
    No spam adds and I can manage comments as well.

    No installation needed or something to download or updating.
    With customer service or no errors for no reason.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank u so much.

            1. Let me tell you one thing I have learned about life. You get what you pay for. A free bog can crash, you will lose everything, Free software gives you minimal customizations, with wordpress .org, you can download many free themes and customize them yourself. There’s no MAGIC.You still have to invest the time. Check out my site…automotiverepairinsidernews. With Gregs FREE online tutorials and $12. Yes, I said $12 This is what you can build. The $12 includes Hostgator, wordpress and Suffusion theme. Like I said, many free themes out there. You just have to LOOK and Research. Enjoy the journey and if I can help in any way. Let me know.Have you watched all of Gregs videos on you tube. Everything you need is there. My site crashed from my own stupidity, Hostgator had it up and running in 5 minutes. If I had opted for a free site, I would have lost 50 hours of work. Your choice. You can lead a horse to water, but…..

              1. Good article. I have (had) the paid service at Why didn’t I research it first – overexcited I guess 🙂

                My blog was down > 50% of the time, non-responsive support, dreadful performance, limited functionality, awful interface. Even in transferring my domain, a manual process for them even though it’s so easy to automate, they were non-responsive and I had to bring in the registrar for which are resellers. The registrar responded instantly and were a great help.

                The only thing of value is the name They should sell it and let someone with at least some professional skills take it over.

  122. Great article. But,Typepad is NOT free…at all anymore.Just a free 2 week trial’s all the free you get there. No post back up system. You can export your post in an odd format *odd to me that is*. If you are writing a post or editing and somehow loose your work,well you are just so out of luck.That’s why i stopped using Typepad.I have my ‘odd format’ exported blog posts minus images.In case i try it again with a different blogging site.

      1. ok so it would be the other wordpress? .org then. I’m confused about this whole ads things. What places you can use them and not 🙁 I’m guessing not placing with free hosting then?

  123. Hi,

    I am looking to start up a blog and I am wondering what would you recommend to use as a blog website? I would like to have a fancy and really nice looking blog.


    Ali 🙂

  124. Taking the plunge into becoming a blogger..what should be my first step? okay joining everyone here is saying good things about it… all advice will be appreciated!!

      1. Go watch all of Gregs youtube videos. Then get Hostgator for hosting, download through hostgator,when you open wordpress, research theme plugins, pick one, and your off and running, good luck and any more questions, come baqck here and ask. Good luck, have fun and give us your domain name when your ready so we can check it out.

  125. Hi,

    I am currently on a trip and would like to start a blog. However, my country is not listed on Paypal to receive payments. I can only make payments. Also, because I am abroad, I am not able to do any payments as well.

    Do you have a solution? I would like to start a blog and start earning as well. I have already view your youtube tutorial about creating blogs. Thanks for that.

      1. Dear Greg,

        Thanks Greg for the suggestion regarding the alternatives to paypal. I am going through it now.

        Actually, I chose HostGator after watching your tutorial. However, I did not see the Lock symbol in the URL, so I am not keen to use my credit card directly there.

        Kind Regards,


        1. Dear Greg,

          I finally was able to solve problem with Paypal and bought the web hosting at Hostgator.

          However, after installing wordpress, I am not able to access the url;

          “it says Server Not found>
          Can’t find the server at”. Even the wp-admin page gives the same error.

          Suggestion for similar issue on the web is to inform Hostgator.

          I had therefore sent an email to Hostgator Support since yesterday but still no reply from them.

          Can you please help?



  126. Is the WordPress hosting package at Network Solutions limited? If so, how limited? They say they are using WordPress® version 3.5.1. However, they don’t really say much else that makes sense to me. I’m wanting to know how it compares to using – is it the same? If not, what’s different? I’m wondering how it fares in searches and if I control the ads and receive the ad revenue, or if they do.

    I’m totally new to blogging. I’m planning two blogs, and have domain names already. One of the domains will have to be a combo website/blog because it’s a business I operate, and the website is currently at NetSol (ugh) because I used one of their web design/hosting packages… The other is a new domain I just reserved for a dedicated blog site so I could set that up anywhere, and it sounds like going through is the best way to go. But until I learn enough about DreamWeaver and web design to set up a new website for the business domain, I feel kind of stuck at NetSol.

    1. Dear Shirley,

      Intersting. Well I recommend HostGator for just because people usually want something that’s super simple and works.

      That aside, you know who doesn’t know DreamWeaver? Me.

      I’ve learned most of my coding in the backend of WordPress files and blog posts, customizing my themes, then taking my skills to custom CSS.

      So, maybe you’ve got a good problem.

      Then theres’ the dinner menu of blogging – stuff like SEO, social proofing and content marketing. Are you familiar with that?

      I’d get that blog setup in as much free time as you can manage – it’ll definitely help the website work.

      — Greg

      1. I have no experience with blogging at all, I’m a total newbie. As far as the things you mentioned, I know they exist and that is about it. I am sure I will learn a lot as I go!

  127. Good post! have a FB page for my business and i want to start a blog. Being small sized store, am not keen on having a website at the moment.

    Could you please suggest the right blog to use. Is google plus to a good place to start and stick to you. My goal –
    1, Build more audience
    2, They should know more about our offering
    3, Monetize, maybe


    1. Dear Manoj,

      You can build a trusting audience and send out good information to customers on Google +. Go for it! Monetizing-wise, you can send paying customers to your business. I don’t think they let us actually monetize G+ pages though, yet 🙂

      You sound like you’re on the right track – let me know how else i can help.

      — The Blogger

  128. It’s true that every blogging platform has certain advantages and also there are some features that differentiate them from each other. When it comes to me, I like WordPress among all other existing platforms. Thank you very much for sharing valuable information, enjoyed the post throughout.

  129. Hi Greg,

    Great post! Thanx for the detailed info that you provided.
    I would like to ask you this.
    I have a FB page for my business and i want to start a blog.
    The catch is that i have purchased a franchise and it doesn’t allow me to have a site with domain.
    Should i start blogging on FB notes or should i start on or or
    Are FB notes good for SEO?Do they get noticed by search engines or should i try the traditional way of blogging site?
    I am waiting of your reply!
    Best regards,


    1. Dear Panos,


      Well, what are your business goals? Top 3 goals? FB page/notes can build audience loyalty to sell products or simply direct traffic somewhere else. Can you elaborate on why you can’t own a domain?


  130. Hi Greg!

    Thanks for all this amazing info! my friends and family are all urging me to write a blog so I think I am going to start with and see how I get on.. maybe upgrade to the .org eventually. Please can you clarify if you can indeed do that?

    Can you give me some pointers or show me the link to where I would find out about advertising and how you would make your blog bring in a bit of extra pennies to help with the bills etc?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. Dear Emma,

      You can definitely start on and move to later. You can export/import your entire blog. However, with the ease of these days and the fact people actually end up paying for things like a domain name on, I 100% recommend using the .org to start. You’ll also own a blog entirely so, making money is more convenient. Either way is optimal though.

      Funny you ask, just made a video on several kinds of advertising. Enjoy and drop me any questions


  131. Edward Illingworth · Edit

    I am a newbie blogger wannabe…….I want to do a blog about my travels. Not sure if it will take off or even if I will remain interested in blogging after a few months.
    Should I do a blog on blogger rather than

  132. Hi Greg,

    Since you love asking people to comment… well, have a happy day! 🙂 I asked you question earlier, but I might be deeply buried in your inbox (or worse… deleted, how dare you?).

    Point is, you really have some good content and I’ll certainly try to apply them with my blog. I’m just starting get serious with it, so any cheering is welcome. 🙂 I also got inspiration to write my own “welcome to…. .com” post. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

    1. I would never! And thanks. You’ve got my follow on Twitter, just remember Adam, success in self-dev blogging is 1 part good content and 2 parts promotion, on a good day.

      1. Hey got a question. If I were to start a blog following your example and me being a beginner, what is advised to gain a small traction if I’m going to write about my personal life? Any advice is appreciated

        1. Cody–

          The hands down best way to gain traction as a new blogger (aside from being famous beforehand) is to guest post for other larger hubs/blogs/websites in your niche. Make sure when people arrive through the guest post links that your blog has at least a few great posts up and some comments already (you can ask friends). Email list and Facebook like box too. This method to start and launch a blog has been very successful from what I’ve seen and can be HUGELY successful (depending on what you write, and where those guest posts are 😉 )


  133. I currently have a blog on and I bought the domain name. I’m looking to move to with hostgator doing the hosting. Should I first transfer my content to and then sign up, or sign up to host gator right away? I’m finding the very retricting

    1. Dear Gemma,

      I would 100% get the hosting setup and tell HostGator what domain you’re using first, then export content. Try to avoid paying for redirects, you should only have to buy your domain name and hosting plan. Drop me any more Qs.


      1. Ok i have opted to go for it. I decided on godaddy. I started to put together my stuff and have transferred my domain. Now i am stuck. I can’t seem to get my temporary site to become my old domain name.

  134. Hey Greg!
    Thank you for the post, it’s really useful! I want to start a blog and publish my articles on it, but I don’t really know where to start. I would like to find the best free blog website to start, one with authorship and where you can’t copy paste an article and make it yours. I am tempted by Word Press and have created a Google + account after reading your post, but I am still confused – can you gave a Google + blog or is it just a label/link that you can add to your already existing blog to have more views and ensure authorship? Do you think starting a blog with Word Press and add the Google + links is the best solution? Thank you!

    1. Dear Rachel,

      Thanks and hey! Definitely wondered the same things long ago so here goes. So 1. Get an actual domain name and 2. You can try hosting for 1c so it’s kind of like why not because you get to use like the big guys. To get this, find your way to HostGator and use coupon COFFEEMONEY at checkout. Free blogs are fun and ok, but I see a lot of folks getting tied up with them and actually spending more money, oddly, so I recommend this path.

      I think you should ad FB, G+ and Tweet buttons. It’s easy with the WordPress plugin we setup in that link “watch me make a blog” way up top but there are other ways to do it too.

      Since Google took authorship out of Search results it hasn’t been as big of a deal to have a following on there but you can still meet and “hang out” with cool experts.

      Let me know any more questions too!

      1. Thank you for all your answers, they are really useful!
        Unfortunately, I cannot afford to pay for a blog for now. Plus it is my first one, so I feel like I should start with a free one and learn a bit more about blogging before paying for one and getting more professional. Any suggestion of free blogs? I haven’t seen the 1c offer though, when I tried it was about 200 dollars! Where is it?

        1. 1cent coupon offer: coffeemoney

          If you can’t use it I’d recommend It’s becoming the industry norm as people outgrow the (also fun) Bloggers and Tumblrs.

          But shop around!

  135. There’s one piece of advice that would help me move ahead with decision making. Recently the co-op housing group where I live and which just started in January decided that a blog could make a significant contribution to our Acequia Jardines housing co-op. There are about a dozen people in the complex and the blog would be private – at least to start. It is desired that all be able to post as ‘authors’ while one or two perform a limited set of administrative duties.

    I’m wondering which of the alternatives would best suit this small but fairly cohesive group? Any advice or direction would be so appreciated.
    [Note: the website I gave is one I created and maintained several years ago but is now defunct]

    1. Sounds like a lovely group and place. I dunno, I like WordPress’s Users panel bc you can set different levels of power 🙂 Like can edit, comment, publish, etc then email out the logins from WP.

      I bet Google+ and Squidoo have this feature too.

      And defunct is such a funny word (but sorry to hear)

  136. Great article, Greg. I want to start blogging, ; but have no clue where to start. Now I have an idea.
    Does WP give you the option for comments, or which plug in do you recommend?
    Do you recommend a different website for each different topic for a more targeted audience?

    Thank you! I will now watch your YouTube demos on how to get started.

    1. Dear Joy,

      Thanks! It’s best to go niche narrow when you start a blog. 2-3 sites is not a bad idea either:

      This comment and yours are standard WP comments – no plugins – just the Daily Theme by You’d have to enable comments. Disqus is cool too, it’s a plugin.

      Let me know it goes!


  137. For me, the blogger vs wordpress showdown is simple — wordpress has more customization features and if that’s what you need or want, go for it. But if you just want to blog, blogger is good for it. It has enough advanced features without the bloat of wordpress but is simple enough for newbies as well as veteran bloggers.

    Here’s the thing though, I’ve been on blogger for a long time already and also have a few wordpress sites but I find that having a microblogging platform – like tumblr and/or twitter helps keep the juices flowing until your next long blog entry. Plus them microblogs can also help extend the reach of your main blog (read: ). What do you think?

    Thanks for the time Greg.