60% Off HostGator Promo Codes, Best Coupons – October 2018

If you’re going to buy a web hosting plan from Host Gator, don’t miss out on the best HostGator coupon deals. As the largest web host and WordPress host they have some great deals like 76% off hosting for 1 year which we listed below. For over 7 years this blog and the vast majority of our other blogs have been hosted at HostGator and I wrote this article to help you get started on the best foot too. Especially if you’re on a budget like I was on day 1. All these coupons are verified daily. Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to ask your questions!

For Best Web Hosting Results: First, choose from our best HostGator coupon code and promo codes list in the quick coupon summary below. Then, use the video below to learn how to set up a self hosted WordPress blog from start to finish.

Best HostGator coupon code summary. Choose from the coupon options listed below. Listed in order of most money saved:

  1. BigBonus coupon: Maximum 62% off and $5.99 domain name
  2. CoffeeMoney coupon: $0.01 for hosting aka 1 cent hosting (however just for the first month)
  3. Link Offer (no coupon needed): Only $3/month for 12 month package through this HostGator discount link. Technically 76.4% off!
  4. Take30Off: Older coupon may still work for 30% off. Use as last resort.
  5. DearBlogger25: Older coupon may still work for 25%. Use as last resort.

Over 10,000 new bloggers and website owners have used our list of best HostGator coupons. We’re proud to serve you too!

Video Guide

In this video we feature our best Host Gator coupon code as we make a WordPress website starting at HostGator. This video has been great for beginners who just want to setup a simple website. We also have a written website setup instructions if you don’t like the video.

“BIGBONUS” – Over 60% off all hosting packages (Highest Ever)

This is the biggest possible discount you can get for 6, 12 or 24 months of web hosting. However, you can get 62% off (best deal possible) if you sign up for 36 months. You won’t find this deal elsewhere and it may not always be available, for example when I signed up I could only get 25% off. Back in my day…I had to connect the toaster to the vacuum to get my websites up.

Learn more about this special deal »

“COFFEEMONEY” – 1 cent hosting deal

This special coupon actually gets you $10.94 off any package. To get the “1 cent hosting deal” choose Hatchling, then choose 1 month, and enter this coupon code in the HostGator Order Form. All set! This is not only the best hostgator coupon for 1 month time period but the best hosting deal on the planet for 1 month time period. You’ve got pretty much the most famous hosting deal ever. Just remember that next month it’s full price so plan ahead for that.

Learn more about this special deal »

hostgator 1 cent hosting coupon discount

“TAKE30OFF” – 30% off deal

Gets you a coupon discount of at least 30% on all HostGator plans, if other coupons do not work for you.

Learn more about this special deal »

“DEARBLOGGER25” – 25% off

Lastly, this coupon will get you 25% off. It’s not the largest HostGator promo code, but it’s the first coupon we ever shared so we’re keeping it live for sentimental sake.

Learn more about this special deal »

Save Money, Enjoy Life to The Fullest

Over the years we have helped lots of readers setup hosting. By virtue of their success, we can offer discounts that may be better than the big coupon sites, or even what’s posted on the HostGator support page. Please read the reviews here.

Seasonal offers do occur and we will update them here. For example, during Thanksgiving and Black Friday of 2016, HostGator offered newcomers a 75% off hostgator coupon code! This deal is now expired.

Better coupons? Please continue to use our hostgator coupons best so we may provide even better hosting discounts to new bloggers and webmasters around the world!

Smart Saver’s Facts to Get the Best HostGator Coupon Discount

  1. HostGator themselves offers 20% off regularly but the biggest hostgator coupon among the two will override it.
  2. For a cheap domain name, visit GoDaddy and browse for a FatWallet coupon.
  3. HostGator coupons now apply to your hosting and your domain name.
  4. The common option beginners often ask me about is the Hatchling plan for 1-year. If you use the 30% off coupon “take30off” with this order, you’ll save exactly $25.02, for example. But to get the best discount at HostGator you want to use “BigBonus”.
  5. The % off coupons of course become more valuable for longer periods of time.

Feel free to send Dear Blogger an email if you have questions, or just post a comment below.

How To Set Up Domain and Hosting at HostGator

Our latest video tutorial shows you how to set up a domain and hosting at HostGator, use a verified HostGator coupon code, then install WordPress and create any kind of blog.

You may also read manual screenshot instructions.

Enjoy your website or blog and especially have fun now that you’ve found the best hostgator coupon code! If any of the above doesn’t make sense I’m always happy to answer any questions – just ask in the comments here or at our free WordPress forum!

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63 Responses to "60% Off HostGator Promo Codes, Best Coupons – October 2018"

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing very useful article about HostGator Coupon Codes . This is very valuable information for online blog review readers. Keep it up such a superb article like this.
    Suneel Maurya

  2. Hostgator is my favorite web hosting for over 3 years and I have never faced down time issues. I recommend anyone to use HG and with the offers you can save huge bucks that you can use to feed your Dog or Cat for a day or two.

  3. Thanks for this article. I have a whole bunch of questions! firstly, I want to open up a website with the ‘.org’ URL could it be done using wordpress? or must I use other hosting sites to open it.
    secondly, if I am to open one with any other hosting sites, will their SEO be similar like WordPress in terms of speed?

  4. Thanks foe this article. I have a whole bunch of questions! firstly, I want to open up a website with the ‘.org’ URL could it be done using wordpress? or must I use other hosting sites to open it.
    secondly, if I am to open one with any other hosting sites, will their SEO be similar like WordPress in terms of speed?

  5. Hey Greg, I am planning try hosting on Hostgator. before that I checked the coupons you provided above. They are all working fine and I would like to use them.
    Expecting more from you. Thank you.

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing superb article about HostGator Coupon Codes – February 2015. This is very useful information for online blog review readers. Keep it up such a superb article like this.

    Aneesh Paranjay,

      1. it is a great discount, but you need to save for future costs you may face in blogging and AM!

        thanks for using my best HostGator coupon code 🙂

  7. hey Greg,

    This is really awesome, I was looking to buy hostgator hosting. Thanks for providing these coupons 🙂 These worked and I’m going to purchase one for me.

    Looking forward for more from you.

    Thank you!

  8. According to the poll results at Lifehacker, HostGator is one of the best hosting provider with 24/7/365 support team by phone, email, chat very professional. To pay tribute customers, HostGator coupon made ​​exclusively for readers of Lifehacker.

    With this coupon, Hatchling hosting package now only $ 25 / year (less than 2.1 $ / month) you save more than 65% vs. the normal price.

    Click the link below to receive preferential treatment:



    The program applies only to the Hatchling package for 1 domain registration for new customers and only for the first year only.

    Promotion may end at any time, you should take this opportunity to experience quality service provider hosting the world’s largest okay.

    Wish you luck!

  9. Greg – Regarding your comment: “You cannot monetize a free WordPress blog; if you do and are caught, your blog will be shut down.” – Question – I have a WP blog that is part of my business website through Hostmonster – I haven’t monetized it, but it is on my goal list for 2014. Are you saying that I am not allowed to do that with this particular blog? THX 🙂

  10. Greg — very helpful. I also have to commend you for keeping your writing personal and interesting in a promotional entry, something I wish more bloggers were adept at accomplishing. I will keep this in mind for the aforementioned blog merging in the coming months! Thank you 🙂

  11. I currently work with my web guy who managing my site. Shame on me. I really don’t know who we use. I will check it out and if it looks like a great opportunity for us, I know he will be on it. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

    1. Always nice to have ya here. It’s a great opportunity for beginners but I’d imagine no need to switch.

      And I love “time for a glass”…for me it’s usually “time for another cup” but I’m sure I’ll make my way to wine country too some day 🙂

  12. Hi Greg: Thru the help of Sherryl Perry from the BHB group, I now have 3 self-hosted WP blogs via Hostgator. We’ve had a few hiccups along the way, but for the most part I am satisfied with their service. Happy New Year!

    1. Three self-hosted blogs at HostGator? Impressive!

      Hear ya – I feel like getting to know any host comes with hiccups, but I’m always glad when they straighten things out for me and are patient with my often silly questions 🙂

      Happy New Years too Doreen!

  13. Have never used Hostgator but have some successful American blogger friends who used them for years and then had severe problems with them. And the odd thing is that they were really happy with Hostgator for a long time and then the problems started.


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