Best Blog Niche Selection: Choosing a Profitable Niche For Your Online Business

This is a guest post by Bryan Grey. In this post, he shares insights on how to pick the best blog niche with simple steps.

The question of having a niche blog has been debatable among bloggers for a while. Some are of the opinion that having a niche doesn’t really matter. They blog about everything and anything. Others feel the need to narrow down the overall information theme of the blog to a central topic.

In case you’re new to this, niche blogs are blogs that cater to a specific market or audience. These are not blogs that post about everything and anything. If you’re blogging about your lunch, you’re neither a niche blog nor are you likely in your own personal best blogging niche. They target only the audience that fits their niche.

An audience that is interested in the central information content of the blog. If you’re thinking of starting a blog, you can browse through a list of blog sites where you can choose as your blogging platform. You’ve probably visited a couple of niche blogs while surfing the internet. Some niche blogs include fashion blogs, health blogs, fitness blogs, tech blogs and so on.

Why Picking The Best Blog Niche Is So Important

Imagine this scenario: You were driving on a sunny day and your car broke down, turned out you had a flat tire. You left the car parked where it is and went out in search of a store where car tires are sold, and you saw two of such stores. Relieved, you look into Store A and see some tires inside, but hey…it looks like you’re seeing something else.

There are some bags of rice piled up to be sold, three gas cookers at the front of the shop, designer clothes displayed along with some jewelry before you finally saw five car tires. Still trying to take it all in, you look at Store B, and it was filled with tires from up to down. If I’m to ask you the store you’ll choose from to buy those car tires, I’m pretty sure it’s Store B. Why? Because they specialize in the selling of car tires.

If they specialize in it, you’re going to get more variety and quality of exactly what you’re looking for. You’re going to get more variety and quality, you’re powerfully drawn to not only purchase from Store B, but you make a mental note that all future purchase of car tires will be done in Store B. Now, let’s bring it home.

Building a niche blog is pretty much the same thing as owning your Store B. Information is the new currency of this age. People look not just for information nowadays, but for in-depth information, something which non-niched blogs just can’t provide. Running a non-niched blog involves covering a wider range of informational topics and in effect, topics are only covered on the surface.

If you happen to be the founder of a non-niched blog, you’re always burdened with the task of catering for your different audience with diverse taste. You try as much as possible to touch on every topic your mind can think of, in the hope that you could get more visitors to your blog that way.

The pressure to keep your blog updated can be overwhelming for you because of the wide range of topics you got to post on. You meet with a little success and it looks like you’re beginning to get traffic, all is going well except for one thing: not many people are signing up to be on your email list.

People visit your blog, scan your post, look round your blog and see unrelated posts everywhere, get the impression that the blog doesn’t have more of what they want. It’s kind of like a jack-of-all-trades blog.

They get dissatisfied and bounce off your blog to keep searching the internet. Until they find a niche blog that’s filled with exactly all of what they want. They hurriedly sign up to receive emails from the niche blog. They sit back and remain content. Receiving continuous posts of tremendous value on exactly what they want.

You see, the only way to make a profit in a non-niched blog is to put up banner ads all over the blog. The fact is that they are a source of distraction to readers. You will need to have a very large amount of traffic to get a decent amount of income from your blog.

Whereas only the right kind of audience is drawn to niche blogs and get on their email list. And blogs that sell products to the right kind of audience, even if the audience is smaller in number, generate a far higher income than blogs that rely on banner advertising.

A niche blog is perceived as more credible

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A writer sits at the window on his laptop, enjoying having selected the best blog niche he could.

Much like a specialist doctor is perceived as more credible and knowledgeable than a doctor who is still a general practitioner. Focusing on one central informational theme of your blog positions you as an authority in your field.

The more they perceive you as an authority, the more people look up to you for guidance.The more they look up to you for guidance, the more they feel you’re able to give them what they need and transform their lives.

You give them the transformation they need and influence them to buy your products. They will happily part with their money for the transformation they’ve been getting.

Unlike people with non-niched blogs who have a broader range of topics to write on, you have just one specific topic. So your focus is laser-like as you build your blog posts around your central informational theme.

As you research and dig deeper in your field, over time you’ll begin to see that your blog posts have a new kind of depth to it that wasn’t there before. Making your blog the most preferred reference point for that particular topic. The passage of time will make you an expert and an authority in your field.

Finding The Right Niche

The notion most people hold about having a niche is usually one about looking for an area you’re knowledgeable in. Having a passion for it, and kick-start the process of blogging their little hearts out. While that is true to some extent, finding a profitable niche, and in fact, the best blog niche for your writing goes way beyond that. Let’s face it. You’re not here to just blog about something you’re passionate about.

Ideally, in the best case scenario, you want to make money while blogging about something you’re passionate about. And here’s where many miss it. Truth is… Blogs in themselves do not make money, businesses do. A blog is just a marketing tool that drives people into your business funnel. It’s what people see at the surface. Beneath it is your powerful business system built to drive in revenue for you.

So let’s get this clear – we’re doing business, not just blogging. Having this in mind, finding your niche now goes beyond just knowing a particular area you’re good at. It is also about looking for a ready market to sell your product. We can rightly define the niche as a product/market fit. When establishing a business we normally conduct a market survey. Helps us to know how much people demand the product and services we want to deliver. That’s pretty much the same way it goes here.

We have to be sure that the market is ready for whatever we have to offer. While it is good to be knowledgeable and passionate in an area, we must go beyond passion. Find where we have a ready market for our product. That is where we’ll carve our niche. Here’s the breakdown of it all:

  • Find out what people in your market needs
  • Create a product that suits their particular needs
  • Sell it to them.

That’s your niche – the point where your product and market meet. That’s the guaranteed way to find a profitable niche, leaving out all the guesswork.

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Bryan Grey writes blog posts, articles and related content that are optimized for SEO rankings. His content focuses on balancing informative with SEO needs, but never at the expense of an entertaining read. His educational background in computer science has given him a broad base. From which to approach topics such as content developing and content marketing. Contact Bryan Grey via email:

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  1. When starting a new blog, I usually choose a niche that I like and I know about, the niche that is familiar to me because otherwise I will spend years to understand what is about that niche.

    It is better to talk on the new blog about topics that you know because people that will come to the blog will quickly understand if you are a newbie or you master the niche (you know what you’re talking about).

  2. Hi, I am newbie for this site.I want to do on line business. So i search related blogs on Internet. I found your blog. It gives so many interesting information for me. Invent the one step at a time procedure to choosing a niche that revolve your desire into benefits.I know If i can’t quote it out,i well earned have to get hold of movement, or else i will delay set for a lengthy hour.Nice post!

  3. Hi, I am newbie for this site.I want to do on line business. So i search related blogs on Internet. I found your blog. It gives so many interesting information for me. Invent the one step at a time procedure to choosing a niche that revolve your desire into benefits.I know If i can’t quote it out,i well earned have to get hold of movement, or else i will delay set for a lengthy hour.Nice post!


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