Want to Become a Travel Blogger? Let’s Debunk 7 Travel Blogging Myths First

If you want to become a travel blogger, you’ve gotta do your homework first. So, you start exploring the top 50 travel blogs from The Expeditioner’s 2018 list. Glancing at these blogs you’ll find them amazing. There’s no question about it.

But as you start exploring these great blogs, you’ll also realize they don’t fit in your perception of travel blogging. If you imagined a travel blogger as a bright, attractive persona who makes trips and only writes about herself/himself, then you were wrong.

Shall we take a look at the seven most common myths we need to bust before you start a travel blog too?

1) Travel Blogging Used to Be Great, But You Missed that Train

Starting a travel blog is hard. You’ll have to invest tons in proper marketing, and you’ll practically need to turn this into your job if you want to make it successful.

That’s true.

But if you thought it was too late to start blogging now that the competition is enormous, you’re wrong. It’s a myth.

Some bloggers will tell you that you have to be a super-human to start taking big trips and documenting the whole thing and get from anonymity to stardom in a year.

But no; you don’t need any super-human powers. You need exceptional efforts, wit, humor, and commitment. Oh; and writing/photography skills!

2) A Travel Blog Has to Be about Your Trips if You Want to Become a Travel Blogger

So you think you’ll start a travel blog and only cover your trips?

Blogging requires consistency. Your followers will expect posts on a regular basis, so you can’t keep them waiting until the next trip. If you check any good travel blog, you’ll notice it features not only impressions but tips as well. You’ll get tips on how to pack, how to choose a destination, how to book a plane ticket, how to save money, and so on.

3) Hotels Are Thrilled to Have Them for Free

Many of these blogs aim towards the budget traveler. You won’t see any fancy hotels featured there.

But there’s another category of travel bloggers: the classy ones. They get sponsored to promote resorts and various products. They will get a room at a resort in the Maldives covered by a sponsor (including food and beverages).

Hotels, restaurants, and all kinds of local businesses gain great exposure through travel bloggers. But if you thought that any hotel would be happy to have you for free just because you’re a blogger, you were wrong.

become a travel blogger

After a blogger asked free stay in exchange for a feature in her blog, a hotel from Dublin took the issue to social media. They got as far as banning all social media influencers from the hotel.

Not everyone will be open for free collaboration. You’ll have to make and spend some money if you intend to be a travel blogger.

4) Travel Bloggers Do Everything By Themselves

Solo travel. Arrangements. Photographs. Writing. Editing. Communicating with the audience.

Whoa; it seems that a travel blogger has a lot on their plate.

They do.

But the thought that they are doing everything by themselves is a myth.

The most successful bloggers have a photographer accompanying them. Some give credits to their photographers. Others just pay them.

As for the writing, many bloggers get assistance in that aspect, too. Christina Olivier, a writer for BestEssays, shares a little secret: “Our writing service offers article and blog post writing services. We take the customer’s instructions and turn them into an attractive text. Many popular travel bloggers don’t have time to do all the work, so they send us some details, and we deliver the actual content.”

When you see a fabulous travel blog, you shouldn’t think it’s the work of a single person. An entire team stands behind it, and you’ll need to form that team now if you want to become a travel blogger with any success too.

5) Travel Bloggers Are Simply Enjoying Life

It appears so when you look at those beautiful photos, doesn’t it?

But guess what: this is work for them. Just as you wake up early to go to the office, they do it to visit a coffee shop from their list. Then they review it. They take cool photos and spend a lot of time editing them. They post on Instagram. Each post needs a catchy caption. Then they have to engage the audience in the comments.

Then they visit a restaurant for lunch. They repeat the process. In the evening, they go to nightclubs or other restaurants. They also have to write about the hotel, travel agency, or any other sponsors they have.

It’s a job, and it may get tiring. Even when they don’t feel like “exploring the world,” they have to do it because that’s how they make their living.

6) You Just Need a Smartphone, and You Can Become a Travel Blogger

If you thought that those dreamy photos you see travel bloggers posting on Instagram were taken with their iPhones, you’re in for a surprise.

An upgrade in photography equipment and editing software is necessary. Yes; professional cameras are heavy and hard to use. Yes; you’ll have to get one and learn how to use it to become a travel blogger. The other option is to get a professional photographer to follow you around.

7) You Have to Quit Your Job and Become a Full-Time Digital Nomad

Yes; you’ll have more to blog about if you do that. No; it’s not a must!

First of all, you don’t have to travel far to become a travel blogger. Start from your own city and country, and move the boundaries a bit. You can find a cool destination to visit every weekend. Then, you’ll visit a cooler destination when you get a vacation.

Traveling requires a lot of money. If you’re not a successful blogger already, it’s almost impossible to make all that money from blogging as soon as you start. You’ll need that job, so hold on to it for now.

There you have them – the 7 grand myths of blogging busted. Hopefully, I managed to bring the world of travel blogging a bit closer. Are you ready to hop on board?

Short bio: Warren is a digital marketing expert and blogger at BestEssays. He loves long hiking trips and playing his guitar. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo credit: Dariusz

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13 Responses to "Want to Become a Travel Blogger? Let’s Debunk 7 Travel Blogging Myths First"

  1. Thanks for sharing on travel blogging..
    I am blogger and blogging is not easy thing.. You should have good knowledge of niche relevant and how to choose the topic that can drive the traffic on your blog..

  2. Hi Greg, excellent topic.

    Travel blogging is still one of the most popular topics. The best thing about travel blogging is you can travel around the world and make money by sharing your experiences.

    Also, travel blogging is not so easy. My #1 tip would be, first learn how you can make money either by selling products or offering services, then go on your travel journey to become a digital nomad.

    It’s equally important for you to network with other travel bloggers so you can easily learn what works really great for you to make money, drive more traffic and build huge audience. The key here is to network smartly, so consider doing interviews with other travel bloggers either through articles, videos or podcasts.

    Not only it helps you learn new things but gives you a chance to expand your network. As you discusses there are also so many travel blogging related myths like doing everything yourself, sharing all about your trips and so on (which are just myths btw). I can see so many travel bloggers like Chris Guillebeau who are doing much more than that.

    Thanks for the write up Greg, keep posting more.

  3. Regarding #2, I think travel blogs that aren’t entirely about the blogger’s trips are actually better than the ones that are. It’s cool to see other things like what their day to day life is like, or getting their thoughts on recent events or other things like that. It makes them seem more like a real person (which they are, hopefully!) instead of this sort of larger-than-life thing who does nothing but travel to exotic locations.

  4. Feeling happy and proud to say that this is my favorite Blog. The postings are very unique and also outstanding performance with the new creativity and Excellency with the new different ideas and concepts. Really I am waiting for some more new posts from you. Keep up your Excellency and efficiency in these same levels.


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