9 Tips to Turn Your Blog Into Traffic Converting Machine

This is a guest post by Peter Ellington. He writes about internet marketing and conversion tactics.

It’s all very well getting plenty of traffic – but you need to start making money from it. When I started my first website online – I made a lot of mistakes when it came to converting traffic. Now, after lots of trial-and-error and plenty of mistakes, I’ve made a success of things and learned how to convert blog traffic – and you can too. Here are a few key tips that you can use today to help convert more traffic and turn your blog into a sales machine.

1. Target the right active keywords

Some keywords are delivering you the wrong sort of traffic. Period. If you’re trying to target broader search terms with those big monthly search traffic numbers – you’ll be getting a lot of wasted visitors who aren’t really looking for what you’re offering. Avoid them, and target long-tail keywords who deliver exactly the sort of visitors that are already switched on to your niche and offer.

If you add something like “discount” to your keywords, you’ll be getting people who know they’re about to spend some money. Other long-tails that could work include the current year, “scam”, and “legit”. Avoid “free” – as that’ll give you more people who are looking for a free ride.

2. Keep your call to action clear and above the fold

Make it clear what you want people to do on your site. Whether it’s click through to an affiliate, opt-in to a list, or make a direct purchase. Far too many sites bury their calls to action when they’re one of the most important things on your site. Make a compelling argument letting people know the benefits of acting and what it’s going to do for them.

3. Reduce distractions to convert more blog traffic

You might want to make a bit of extra cash with additional adverts on your page, which is understandable. But be selective and don’t bombard visitors with too many distractions that take away from your main offer. The more people that click away to another ad, the fewer will convert to a sale or opt-in.

4.Create custom landing pages for different types of traffic

If you’re getting visitors from a few different sources like search engines, lists, advertising and social media – try creating custom landing pages that are designed specifically to convert blog traffic of different sorts. You can even develop landing pages for different keywords. Some you might want to send straight to your email opt-in, some to a discount page and others to your main site.

From Greg: As you get more blog traffic, having a system like this place can really help you organize your visitor experience, as well as organize where you drop new content in, as opposed to just publishing new offers as blog posts.

5. Build a list to convert blog traffic

The money is in the list. That’s what they say. So if you haven’t started building one – do it. Offer something valuable like a free report or ebook and continue to offer value in your emails. This is important so you don’t get sent to the spam bin or unsubscribed. Keep people engaged and offer them some hand-picked offers to make additional sales.

6. Use sticky Widgets

If you’ve got long blog posts that people take a while to scroll through – make sure you’ve got sticky widgets on your side panel. Far too many people scroll down past your opt-in panel, whereas sticky widgets will keep them on the side no matter how far you go.

7. Use A/B testing to increase blog conversions

You can’t simply assume you know which design converts the most traffic without testing it. You need to try a few different variations and test them solidly – so that you can make sure you’re using the absolute best design for converting traffic.

8. Give people a reason to do something now

Make your offers time-sensitive. If people know they can always come back and do it another time, they’ll be more likely to put it off. Special limited time offers are what you need to get people to act straight away.

9. Consider exit pop-ups to convert blog traffic

You need to be careful with pop-ups as they can be a huge turn-off. But a well-placed exit pop up with a limited time offer could convert you more traffic that was about to leave. Make it clear they’re getting an even better deal just this once – and your pop-ups could work for you and increase blog conversions that would have otherwise been bounces.


Peter Ellington

Peter Ellington has been writing about conversion tactics and other internet marketing issues for a number of years now. He enjoys sharing his knowledge on the subject with those new to internet marketing. He also writes for https://smiletutor.sg/blog.

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