8 Ultra-Hot WordPress Themes for Musician Websites – 2019

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Are you looking for the best musician WordPress theme?

Finding the perfect WordPress theme drives us all a bit crazy.

If you’re anything like me, you just want a simple look that’s easy to setup so you can start adding your content?

So, we’ve selected 8 great musician WordPress themes for you today that fit the bill.

Enjoy, and let us know which theme you end up going with, even if it’s not on our list!

Making a Musician Website – Nuts and Bolts

WordPress is the #1 platform to create a portfolio website. It’s mobile friendly, great for selling music with eCommerce, and ranks well in Google so people can actually find your music. In fact over 30% of the best websites use WordPress.

Business-minded people are used to seeing WordPress websites so they’ll be more likely to admire your work, and there are tons of help communities (like this one!) making WordPress an ideal place to create a portfolio website.

If you’re still wondering the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, let me tell you the the main setbacks of WordPress.com are you don’t own it (so it can go down anytime) you can’t advertise, and you can’t use most themes and plugins.

That’s why we always use WordPress.org – it’s free too (you just need the domain and hosting setup) and is where 99% of professional bloggers operate.

So now that we’re set on WordPress.org, let’s see how to make your website (and you) into a professional success story.

All you need to begin is a domain name (your website’s address) and a hosting account (the virtual piece of land where we’ll make a portfolio website).

For the domain/hosting process we recommend HostGator. HostGator is the web host we’ve used for nearly 10 years at DearBlogger, is always affordable, has consistently good live chat people and you only need to click a few buttons to install WordPress and start creating.

What about costs? Isn’t everything getting expensive these days? Yes, but…

Thankfully HostGator is currently offering DearBlogger readers up to 62% off hosting, a free SSL, and a domain name for only $5.99! That’s practically free.

The step-by-step process you need to follow to pick a domain, lock in hosting discount, and install WordPress is covered in our Step-By-Step Guide to Launching a WordPress Blog in 10 Minutes or Less.

After you complete this guide (which usually takes people under 1 hour to complete) you will walk away with a brand new WordPress website you can show your friends.

Then, we can check out the best WordPress themes for musician / band website!

1. Obsidian

obsidian wordpress theme

Osidian is a modern and clean approach to the musician WordPress theme. It gives you beautiful audio and video featured sections, discography, an area to manage your gig and full screen background images.

Also a major pro is the sitewide player than can be accessed from anywhere on your site. This one really earns it’s place as #1 on our list of musician WP themes.

2. Oxium

oxium wordpress theme

Oxium is a clean and sassy WordPress theme for musicians. Audio library, video, galleries, plus built-in artist pages, event management, and custom widgets.

The custom widgets are particularly cool because you can use them for social media event discovery.

Also a major pro, drag & drop page builders (therefore no coding required). You won’t be disappointed with a little Oxium under the hood of your website.

3. Kontrol

kontrol theme

Kontrol is a modern and user friendly WordPress music theme. It has all the usual fixin’s like homepage slider, blog, galleries and featured players you’d expect on any high-quality WordPress music theme.

Also a cool feature are the easy to use variety of color layouts.

4. Music

music wordpress theme

Music is a powerful WordPress theme made just for musicians and bands.

What I really loved move about Music is the artist showcase feature allowing you to display multiple artists along with their upcoming tour dates. You can use this feature to create the next music bog or mashup blog.

5. Soundstage

soundstage theme

Soundstage is a amped up WordPress music theme that makes it easy to sell your music.

It also has all the usual suspects like band features, discography, custom widgets, audio & video players, and a humungous homepage image slider. Go see it for yourself!

6. Promenade

promenade theme

Promenade is one of the easiest themes to setup on this list.

It comes with all the music WordPress theme criteria like event management, custom widgets, video library, responsive full screen image galleries and that’s only scratching the surface. Take it for a spin today!

7. Marquee

marquee theme

Marque is a WordPress theme designed for the musicians who want to be known for their high sense of style.

It manages to be simple in functionality but elaborate in the messages it sends to users.

Marge is #7 on our list, but really could be our first choice any day to create a WordPress website for a musician.

8. Brooklyn

brooklyn theme

Last but not least we have Brooklyn, NYC’s #2 burrough (just kidding all you artists!). Like the city itself, this theme is highly colorful. You’ll love all the easy to setup colorways.

It has many industries baked into it too – you can use Brooklyn for your event management business, or to run a music blog aggregator, or just to run your own blog.

That does it folks! Please do let us know which theme above was the best musician WordPress theme for you!

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