HostGator 75% Off Coupon Code – Discounts Tonight (Monday)

DearBlogger Exclusive Hosting Deal

This deal has expired. Please use HostGator coupon codes “take30off” or “coffeemoney”. I’ll be honest – I hate shopping on Cyber Monday. Just the idea of buying into a deal-day crafted to get me to spend makes me want to go back to bed until Tuesday. But…

Starting a blog or website

Shopping for a website is different, because it’s something durable you can look forward to everyday. It’s not like a TV or a sweater that will get old with time.

And without a good, easy to use website you’re simply not getting in on the glory of online life these days.

Fortunately, today is the single remaining best day in 2014 to purchase a website through HostGator.

You can grab 55% off hostgator coupon codes all day, AND you can get a 75% off hostgator coupon code at specific times today.

Snooping around the HostGator Facebook and Twitter I’ve noticed these fire sales are likely to take place between 8:30pm and 9:30pm today. The fire sale is one hour where you can get 75% off.

What are the coupons?

The coupon is CM 2014 and you can sign up here (affiliate link).

As a registered affiliate with HostGator it is my duty to let you know about offers like this, and I do stand to earn a commission if you purchase through my HostGator link. Just so you know (thanks).

You can also get hosting through a normal link – – (takes you to the same place) and I’ll still be happy to help.

What’s the cost?

55% off hosting for 1 year, plus a new domain name, is about $50. I spent $50 this weekend on gas and drinks for my pals, so that could have been a new site instead. Pretty cool:


How do I use HostGator coupons?

This video embed shows you how to use a HostGator coupon to save when you make a website. The coupon featured below is expired now but the process remains the same.

Please remember the 75% off coupon only occurs and select intervals today / tonight. Like I said, I’m guessing one interval will start around 8:30 PM, but keep checking!


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