4 Simple Ways to Help Bloggers

You probably heard all that chit chat about adding value, helping people and being of service, right?

Top bloggers help many people. I even remember Gary Vaynerchuk explaining how he was interviewed on world famous television shows because he did over 2000 YouTube interviews. Each interview helped both fellow entrepreneurs and their audiences. Do you wonder why the guy influences millions and makes millions of dollars? He helped many people so now many people help him,amplifying his success exponentially.

What does helping really mean?

Many new bloggers have no clue how to actually help people. Some know how to write and publish a blog post but few have a tangible idea of how to actually help fellow bloggers and readers through multiple channels.

Let’s face it; most bloggers get stuck on themselves. Most publish a post to help people and to get as much traffic and profits as possible for themselves. Becoming successful and enjoying the ride requires you shift from focusing on helping yourself to helping other people. This post explains various ways to help other human beings outside of publishing a post on your blog.

Benefits of Helping People

Helping people promotes your success through:

  • building credibility
  • increasing exposure
  • feeling good
  • having fun
  • moving focus from self to other human beings

Peep these tips to help bloggers – and readers – to promote your blogging success.

1: Promote Other Bloggers through Your Blog

Mention other bloggers on your blog.

Feature bloggers to increase their:

  • exposure
  • blog traffic
  • blogging income

Pepper their name into your content. Or interview fellow bloggers. Consider opening your blog to guest posting, per Greg’s generosity here on Dear Blogger.

Help by giving up a chunk of your cyber real estate to another blogger. Make friends. Friendships amplify your blogging reach.

2: Promote Other Bloggers through Social Media

Retweet other bloggers.

Facebook Share their content.

Promote fellow bloggers on LinkedIn.

Socially share content to be generous. Generous bloggers who work social see that helpers get helped.

Bloggers whom you promote often graciously promote you via social media. Can you say, “Increased social media traffic”?

If you enjoy content just retweet it or share it on Facebook. Tag your fellow blogger. Give them credit. Expand their reach. Help them. You will prosper.

3: Answer Questions on Quora

Help readers and fellow bloggers. Answer questions on Quora.

Stick to categories fully aligned with your blogging niche. Be effective. Target blog readers.

Being generous and persistent brings great returns on Quora.

Imagine a massive, global community waiting for your help. Gain traction on the network by showing up daily and answering questions in 200 words or more.

Answer word length plays a factor in exposure. Help more folks by writing thorough, genuine answers on Quora as the algorithm tends to give greater exposure to generous, authentic bloggers who share their thoughts freely.

4: Comment Genuinely on Blogs

Did you know that commenting on blogs is an easy, simple way to help bloggers?

Comments are content. Each genuine comment actually adds content to blog posts. Beefing up blog posts positions posts higher on Google. Talk about doing your fellow blogger a solid.

Blog comments also add a powerful form of social proof to blogs. People spot engagement via comments and tend to believe the post is worth talking about and sharing.

Write and publish 1-2 paragraph long comments. Share your thoughts. Address fellow bloggers by name. Be persistent. Social bloggers offer immense service through authentic blog commenting.

Never Stop Helping

I experienced a few rough patches during my blogging career.

Without fail, these periods aligned with my blogging stinginess. I held back because I did not see accelerated blogging success in mind or manifestation. You know the old analogy by now; as within, so without. How you feel dictates what you see or experience.

If you fear giving you fear getting. If you give freely you receive easily.

Focus on giving and outsource getting to the process of service. Trust in yourself. Know your helpful service leads to increased blogging success.

Imagine riding a runaway freight train of service. Gain helping momentum daily to live your dream life through blogging.

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