3 Essential Rules For How to Get More Readers to Your Blog And Grow Your Influence

This is a guest post by Meg Konovska. She is an artist, designer, and blogger. Meg covers in this post how bloggers can grow their influence by engaging with their readers.

With the spread of information and technology bloggers have gained the chance of influencing other people’s lives much better than any media did in the past. Probably that’s the reason why anyone running a blog or vlog is officially considered a journalist. And, YES, you can have your press card!

Having your own blog is the space where you can do whatever you want. It is your “home base” if you will. You do not need to persuade the editor to publish any of your ideas – you have the total freedom… or at least many of us believe so.

Why you need an audience.

When you start a blog, you don’t normally start it just for the sake of having a blog. Not that it’s a bad thing to get to know yourself better – the creative process always unlocks hidden aspects of your personality. You would prefer to actually have other people read your words, right? If you are entrepreneurial enough, you might even consider monetizing your blog. And it is not highly possible to do so without having an engaged audience.  

The importance of guest posting.

While anyone can start their own blog today, it’s also crucial to write for other people’s websites when you are new to blogging. You can have a glimpse of what it feels like to get your words published for someone with an established audience. Because at the end of the day it’s all about improving people’s lives, isn’t it?

As a bonus, you get hands on experience, polish your writing, and extend your reach. You also get links back to your personal blog which increases your visibility and ranks in the search engines. Besides, you have chances of being recognized as an expert and boosting your overall confidence! Not to mention all valuable contacts with editors and influencers – they are normally really awesome people! Cool, right?

3 essential rules for having your words read

Whether we’re talking about blogs or other media, it doesn’t make much of a difference. It’s pretty much the same if you are working for a magazine, podcast, TV, radio, social media, video blog, blog or a newspaper; digital, aired or printed. Neither does it matter if it is your freshly started blog or an established platform. The same rules apply all the way through.

1. Consider the needs and interests of your followers.

When it is a guest post for another blog, you need to target their audience. When it is your blog, it is you who defines the message and the audience. If you’re struggling to define your ideal reader, here’s a quick tip from Lucy Johnson from the Fully Booked Formula 

“Quite often your ideal client is somebody just like yourself.”

2. Write about the basics even though you might think they are obvious.

Some of the most successful articles from my practice have been super basic. They were so basic that I was even reluctant pushing the POST button. And then – WHOA! – they got over 2000 shares on Facebook literally overnight, and over 7000 in 2-3 more days! This might be nothing to some of you, but to me it was HUGE!

“What is obvious to you is amazing to others!“ Derek Sivers

3. Don’t shy away from sharing your work.

State clearly it’s your work. Your friends might support you and show off with you more than you expect. All you need to do is ask.

BONUS TIPS from my interview with Dr. Geoff Crook  Applied Imagination: Cracking The Matrix of Creative Education

When explaining how to approach gatekeepers and experts in real life projects, he advised: “Just ask! You will be surprised at how people are ready to cooperate. They are usually quite happy to help. You just need to ask them.”

  • Write down a list of blogs you would love to guest post for
  • Check out their guest posting guidelines
  • Contact them with your pitch
  • And off you go one step closer to world domination!

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This article is based on a part of my free eBook: The MEGA Cool Guide to The Universe of Blogging. To download Click Here.

Good luck on your blogging journey!

I’m a professional artist, blogger, creative, dreamer, and enthusiast. I love family, traveling, and chocolate. I explore the creative process and the fascinating journey behind the scenes on my website at www.justhowcoolisthat.com.

Find out more about my creative work on my Facebook page at Meg Konovska Art and Design.

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7 Responses to "3 Essential Rules For How to Get More Readers to Your Blog And Grow Your Influence"

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Frank!
      The important part is to actually apply into practice all these. The truth is many of us know the rules but struggle in applying them.

      1. Thanks Meg! Super clear and thoughtful advice. It’s true getting to know those editors and amazing people really helps boost our confidence.

        I find guest posting never gets old, and still hit up my fav editors years after writing for them! Some things never change 🙂

    1. Thank you, Brad! For me guest posting has proved really helpful.
      Oh, and one more – when guest posting, always aim to provide your best work! Especially when posting for large audiences.
      Be unselfish and giving and you will be paid off.
      Good luck!


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