Video Update: Unity – The WordPress Experience Club

Video Update: Unity – The WordPress Experience Club

UPDATE: We’ve dropped the named UNITY for now (because this word is sadly not in our domain name). All help simply takes place 24/7 at The WordPress Experience as it’s now called, or as usual in the comments here and on YouTube.

In this video I hit a tricky golf shot then talk about why I’m making the new WordPress Experience Club for members of the HostGator + WordPress family (aka if you made a wordpress blog or website with a guide here at the blog or using one of my youtube tutorials, that’s you!)

Why Unity? Why Join Some New Club?

The club is free for all to join, but recommended for users of HostGator hosting and because we’ll be covering those sorts of features and strategies over the next several months.

We’ve all got too many things doing on in our busy days. In my opinion, worry about your WordPress website you can’t figure out shouldn’t be just one more thing.

But the problem is too often we search for help on our blogs and websites and it goes like this:

WordPress “experts” run us through lots of fluff, ads and a bunch of their own ideas without directly solving our problems. At the end we’re left smacking our palm to our foreheads. Sidenote: I love animals to death and don’t condone dog shows.

So within Unity I’ll be devoting entire nights, 1-1 sessions, and personalized, exclusive videos to making sure you get your questions answers and enjoy a premium level of success in the world of WordPress, online marketing, eCommerce and beyond.

I want you to feel outstanding about your WordPress blog or website.

And for so many of you I’ve already laid out the path. But if you still feel left out in the cold in WordPress then this club is a must join. You’ll literally get walked through how to turn a WordPress website into a successful project you can do for a living and love logging into each morning.

I Can’t Do it Alone

Well actually a lot of this content is made by just me sitting here in my underwear or at the coffeeshop at 10am so technically that is alone. But I need your participation to make this club great. All you need to do is join by email list on the new Unity page here at the blog, then await next steps for events (like to attend our first town hall on 7/19 even if it’s just for 10 minutes to ask your website design questions, to be held at YouTube and our new Dear Blogger forum).

That’s actually all you need to do. Join the email list now too so when the club formally launches on Tuesday 7/19 you’ll get the link to my first ever exclusive (non-public) YouTube video on “how to write a blog post that get’s over 2 million pageviews!” We’ll actually go through how you can create this sort of viral effect on your blog too with real steps outlined.

So that’s it.

Enough for now.

Stay tuned at the new email list, the old email club too, and subscribe on YouTube. More soon!

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6 Responses to "Video Update: Unity – The WordPress Experience Club"

  1. When I think back on the beginning of my blogging adventure, I have fond memories of hitting play and pause on a YouTube tutorial video. Everything was new. I had a million questions and with every new thing I learned, more questions materialized. Okay, so this has basically been a description of the last week of my life.

    I’m brand new in the world of blogging. I have done a lot of writing and wanted to start a blog for a long time, but I have so many interests it was hard to nail down exactly what I wanted to say with my blog… until I saw a recurring theme in my conversations from day to day.

    One I had chosen a topic to focus on, I started browsing how-to articles and blogs until I stumbled upon one that finally explained how to get started without over complicating and giving me the kind of creative control/ownership I was looking for. Enter Greg, Dear Blogger, and now the WordPress Experience club.

  2. I’m new to all this stuff, but, looking for a new challenge! oh, by the way, I like to write and have the time to dedicate to it… i also like to tinker with things and then i can probably write about it…talk with you soon, thanx

  3. First of all. I have to give it to you: this blog is great. I just restarted my blog (despite big internet obstacles) and I want it to be a sort of travel blog. Where do I promote this sort of blog? Now. I only travel within my city and map out places and talk about my accidental bump-ins into awesome little cafes in Addis Ababa, Any ideas?

    1. Sounds like a great idea to start a local travel blog, with how the internet gives travellers helpful reviews these days. I would promote it thru Google organically. To do that you need Google rankings, and a great way to start getting Google rankings is to guest post on blogs within your niche that are larger than your blog, so longs as they give you a backlink or two to your site. Thanks btw for the kind words and hope you’re able to make a wonderful blog! Keep coming back here with any questions or just to chat Winta.


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