Town Hall #3 Rescheduled for Tonight! (Monday 8/1)

Town Hall #3 Rescheduled for Tonight! (Monday 8/1)

UPDATE: We’ve dropped the named UNITY for now (because this word is sadly not in our domain name). All help simply takes place 24/7 at The WordPress Experience as it’s now called, or as usual in the comments here and on YouTube 🙂

UNITY: The WordPress Experience Club is growing steadily and we’re already in week #3.

If you ever think you’ll need help with WordPress blogging, join UNITY here.

Find past Town Halls from weeks 1-2 at

This week (week #3) is affiliate marketing week. We’ve made it affiliate marketing week because so many of you ask me every day how to budget for domain name and hosting costs and I think affiliate marketing is an ideal way to earn that money spent back.

In tonight’s Town Hall you’ll get to see my Theme Forest Dashboard where I affiliate market themes like Mr. Tailor and Wedding: Responsive Single Page Theme. The earnings are formidable!

Then, on Tuesday (tomorrow) morning we’ll look at how to add affiliate links to your blog and where to put them for maximum exposure (while not being too pushy!)

I hope you love it and definitely hope you can stop by Town Hall #3 tonight at 7pm EST. I’ll be there live along with many of our club members, quite a helpful bunch.

Here’s the link to Town Hall #3 tonight!

Thanks and cya soon,

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