The 3-Post Formula to Launch a New Blog

The 3-Post Formula to Launch a New Blog

What should you write on a brand new blog?

What articles work best, and why?

It can be a nightmare converting your 100s of ideas into digestable lessons real people will understand.

But aside from the tech basics on a new blog I’ve got a formula for new content that works too.

So today let’s look at this 3-post formula to help you with the many tasks during blog launch.

Note: In the conclusion I pose a few questions for our usual discussion. Please use this post to let me know if this formula works or if you have another of your own for launching new blogs!

1st Post: Welcome to The Blog Post

The best way to launch a blog is to do it clearly. Clever is a great addition but clear is mandatory.

And what better way to be clear than writing an entire post devoted to showing your readers who you are and why you’re so happy they are reading.

Use a welcome post to:

  1. Introduce yourself
    If social media like a cocktail party then your blog is your business card. How many business cards do you read that you find on the ground with no personal introduction behind them?
  2. Pass off your mission statement
    Studies have been done showing readers react best to mission statements when they can find them 🙂 Take advantage of limited reader attention by delivering a concise cv of your goals and purpose.
  3. Explain the WHY
    WHY are you an expert? Why should people listen? If you can create a credible WHY for your blog it will all last longer than any other “expert” who just wants to make noise.

Writing an entire post as a “welcome” is unconventional, but then again unconventional blogs do the best these days.

2nd Post – Cornerstone List Post

Your second post needs to knock the socks of a reader. Your first post already made a bond – albeit an early bond – but a bond. So your first post should drive that pitch home.

And there’s no better way to show your expertise/usefulness to a reader that using a well-organized list post.

Use a list post to:

  1. Show complete knowledge
    People love completeness on a subject because it implies that their question will be answered and more importantly that they won’t have to search any further for that answer.
  2. Be unbiased
    If you can review several products within any niche, you can establish yourself as a voice of reason who doesn’t favor on product over another.
  3. Rank quickly in organic Google
    A good exhaustive list post that’s well longer than the competition is exactly what Google likes placing in the coveted top 3 spots of organic Search. Have what it takes to get there?

As I said these posts can rank great in Google. This sort of post can rank even better than your homepage and can make you lots of direct and indirect income as you update it over the years.

3rd Post: Disruptive Article

Your third post should show that you’re different. You hold some different views within your niche and you already afraid to share them.

Honestly, your first two posts will do most of the leg work, but a third post can spark discussion and can also be fun to just write and vent upon.

Use your disruptive post to:

  1. Present a controversial viewpoint
    The fact that you are existing in your niche should be you see some major areas for improvement. Is this controversial?
  2. Challenge readers
    If your viewpoints are controversial then invite readers to agree or disagree with them. From investing to real estate to gardening, every serious reader likes a good challenge. Challenge the status quo.
  3. Attract comments and shares
    Average, agreeable advice never shares. But unique viewpoints hold the power to become viral. This 3rd post should spark the discussion that will ultimately carry your blog.

These sort of disruptive posts are definitely not easy to write. However if you find yourself in a mood of passion or with the need to vent about your niche, you could channel it and create a real winner.

The Usual Discussion

Now to the comments we go. Wonder who will be first…

  1. How do you launch blogs?
  2. Did one specific post launch better than the rest?
  3. Did you just start a blog and find this post useful?

Post your thoughts today right below.

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  1. Your blogs are really helpful. Very clear & to the point.
    I started writing around 15 days back and managed to write 3 articles.I just can’t seem to hit the publish button… so I showed my articles to a few people and was taken aback by the fact that they actually liked it.
    One of them is a writer and wants me to write for him on various topics.
    How do I write about something that’s not related to my niche? All this is a bit overwhelming but I want to make use of this opportunity.


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