Should Businesses Be Blogging?

Should Businesses Be Blogging?

This is a question that gets asked a lot, but it still surprises us whenever it surfaces. Why? Well as you’ll see from the reasons below, there really is no reason why a business shouldn’t be blogging. Basically, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages – if you can think of any disadvantages, that is!

Blogging costs nothing

If you already have a website (I’m assuming you do, it is 2015 after all), setting up a blog section is simple and free to do. Sure, it may take a little of your time but you can manage that by working out a schedule that works best for you right from the start.

If you feel as though you can handle a blog post every day, go for it. If once a week sounds more like your limit then that’s what you should aim for. Once a month? Perfectly fine, so long as you stick to your schedule and update when you say you will.

Give your company a voice

Blogging can help to give your company a voice. Say, for instance, you were selling HR Software. You would, through your blog, be able to establish exactly who your target audience is and market directly to them via your posts whilst keeping a consistent tone of voice.

This consistency breeds familiarity and that, in turn, builds trust. Sales are a whole lot easier to make when the purchaser already trusts you, so why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it?

Keep your customer base informed

A blog is a fantastic way to keep your customers or clients in the loop. Having a blog allows you to inform them of any promotional offers you may have coming up or let them know about any changes you may be making that might benefit them further down the line.

However, it is important to remember that blogs shouldn’t be all about the big push. Readers will soon get wise to your constant promotions and tune out. Mix things up, keep it relevant, and sprinkle in a little sales every now and then. Don’t overdo it.

Become an authority

Another huge benefit of writing a regular blog is the fact that it allows you to demonstrate your knowledge. As a business owner you will undoubtedly have a wealth of information about your particular sector, so why not share that info with your readers? Doing so will show them that you are somebody who knows their stuff, which will make it much easier for them to give you business at a later date.

Blogging can help you get found

There are now thousands of websites for even the smallest of niches so getting found by your target audience can often prove to be tricky. Maintaining a regular blog is the perfect way to put yourself ahead of your competitors and put your business on the map.

Think about it. What does everyone do now when they want to find something? That’s right, they reach for Google. With a regular, value driven blog you will be creating long tail keywords that people search for every day and you are increasing your chances of being found exponentially by appearing in search results.

There you have it, blogging really is a no-brainer for business. What are you waiting for?

The above is a collaborative post. 

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9 Responses to "Should Businesses Be Blogging?"

  1. Not so bad talk about blog in the article whatever it’s must have to say that it’a nice.Blogging is a nice profession for those who like blogging.But it may take as business then it won’t be bad at all.If we want we may turn it as business.
    The article is nice.

  2. Hii Blogger,

    Great Post indeed. For now, I am just blogging but I would definitely like to take my blogging to the business level, love this article, Keep blogging keep sharing.


  3. Blogging, for companies, it is one of the best ways to be known and expand their business. But it is a road often overlooked, at least in some countries … Probably nine generations will be able to fill this gap

  4. Great post , I think many small businesses are still reluctant to blog since they feel it’s a lot of work (at least the business owners I know).

    Perhaps I’ll refer them to your blog hopefully your enlightening posts will encourage them to join the blogging world

    1. I agree, that’s the problem at the moment, especially here in Chile. Because blogging does not give immediate results, a lot of businesses see it as too high a time/effort to gain ratio, at least in the short term.

      Although of course in the mean time, before they catch on, it means more blogging space to those of us that do blog!


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