Can You Help Share The Future of Blogging? (How To Make a WordPress Blog – 2017)

Can You Help Share The Future of Blogging? (How To Make a WordPress Blog – 2017)

This post is just two simple but potentially powerful things if people get involved – an announcement and a request for your help!

At the end I’m also going to make some predictions for blogging in 2017 because now seems like a good time, with the new video just launching this past week, and so this video isn’t totally full of begging and me stuff.

The Announcement! (Just a New Video)

Some sources say over 100,000 new blogs start each day.

But too many of them start with the wrong advice, wrong platform, no direction and what’s worse is people don’t even know how to use their blogs. I hear it all the time, I love helping, but wonder where people go started!

That might have worked in 2012-2013 but not in 2016-2017! Not on my watch!

Because it’s so important start off with a good, modern, professional BLOG – something simple, easy to use that just plain works – I made it for you! 

That’s my announcement. I made a new 2017 blog tutorial, complete with a demo site containing all the blog features I think will be important for a blog/site/website you start/make/build/create in 2017.

Literally designed the whole thing and built it to completion so you can have a blog that does everything.

The preparation for the video wasn’t easy

It required:

  1. Sound proofing the room
  2. Buying a new recoding microphone
  3. Lots of cat treats to keep them away
  4. Practically hiring Michelle to film the little clips
  5. Buying ScreenFlow only to realize I prefer Camtasia 100%

But in the end, despite the hours of meticulous re-edits and late nights filled with homemade coffee and Seamless, the result is always worth it.

Come join the fun on YouTube – seriously you have my personal invitation which I haven’t given out in a while (probably since January) – where we learn how to setup Google Adsense, Analytics, make a sweet custom logo that reps your brand, and how to totally design the blog, and 100s of other WordPress features.

Then see the request below 😀

My Request to You (Need a Share)

Along with our How To Make a Blog – 2017 and of course How To Make a Blog – 2016 tutorial there a lot of bad ones on the web too.

People dangle words like “profitable” and “step by step” in front of us beginners then bait and switch us and we end up confused and not learning anything. I’m so sick of it.

I made this video because the current blogging advice I see nowadays being published is really awful

Same old, copied from other blogs, pretty fluff from people who likely haven’t even built a successful blog in their lives!

And the only solution I know of, aside from complaining which is never a good solution, is to make something 100 times better than the competition and put it in your hands.

The solution is to make a blog the right way, as our community has been doing for almost 5 years now! Start simple, interact with readers, focus on content, give before getting, you know, this sort of stuff!

To help show people the right way to blog, I need your help sharing the How To Make a WordPress Blog – 2017 video to Facebook, Twitter, email and wherever else you share.

Please! It would really make a difference and help me. Just click on the video title link then copy paste the link into social media and send it off to the world. Boom, takes 3-5 seconds.

If you can share the new video, I’ll continue to provide free help and resources and all is well and good. If not, no hard feelings, but then my work is sort of for nothing.

Listen, I’m really bad at asking for help. I’m a quiet Minnesotan by nature. But that means people who are louder than me on social media and make worse products because they just want your money win sometimes. Which is really not ok.

I want to get your attention so bad I pasted an Adsense screenshot on top the thumbnail, which is way louder than my usual style! But you better believe we cover that number for real in the video as well as discuss how you can earn that money blogging too.

Please help – all I ask is a quick share, like and comment! 👍😃💗

Conclusion: Blogging Predictions

My blogging predictions for the year of 2017 are as follows! No drum roll needed, they are super casual:

  1. Adsense will pay out it’s biggest year yet, and will have it’s biggest year of earnings yet too
  2. Responsive/mobile friendly as a feature will be more important for ranking in Google
  3. Backlinks will continue to be important though Google won’t say it
  4. Comments will matter more, as perhaps the most important sign of social proof
  5. I think we will see Google clean up the average SERP (the results pages with all the blue links) though I’m not sure how much text will be removed (I think it may be about 30-50% less info to help our eyes focus more).
  6. Relationships you make off your blog will matter more than ever. Hence the importance of starting a blog, launching, and building those relationships today. Like, yesterday. Think forums, Facebook groups, LinkedIn Groups, anything else that’s free and lively!!
  7. Other than that it is still important to maintain traffic growth and content growth. Doing the same old thing of updating your blog often (and not neglecting it) will pay off in the long run.
  8. This Quora article fascinates me. Not really a prediction, but useful nonetheless.

I really wanted to have 10 predictions for you but I’ve ran out of good ones. Can you think of 1-2 more predictions for the future of blogging in 2017 that will help us make a blog on the right foot?

Before you leave, remember to help me out and share the new video! I appreciate you!!!

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