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How to “Set Nameservers” So Your Domain Points to Your Blog

Sometimes you register a domain name at GoDaddy or another registrar before actually setting up hosting and installing your blog. This is common.

If you followed my blogging guide and used HostGator to setup your new blog, you probably told HostGator in this screen to the right that you already have a domain. That’s great. Once you’ve installed your blog (and have been emailed your account details) you have to jump back over to your registrar to change your nameservers before everything will work properly. All you’re doing here is basically telling your registrar (like GoDaddy) where you’ve decided to store your files (in our case, HostGator).

HostGator’s nameservers always look like this:

Find this information in the setup email called “Your Account Info.” If for some reason you deleted this, just start up a live chat with HostGator and they’ll help.

Now, here’s what you’ll have to do over at GoDaddy:

set godaddy nameservers

Step 1: Login to GoDaddy and scroll down to where you see My Account under Account Manager. Click My Account. You’ll now see your name in the upper left, and a bar titled Domains underneath. To the right of domains is the green button Launch. Click Launch, a new window will open. Now click on the domain you’re changing.

Step 2: In the bottom left of the page that opens you’ll see a section titled Nameservers. Click Set Nameservers.

Step 3: Replace your current namesevers with the two from HostGator.

Step 4: Hit Okay, and you’ll be directed to a confirmation page. Wait about 10-15 minutes as GoDaddy pings HostGator, then you’re all set.

You’re done! Now go login and blog.

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