So, You’re Back at it: How to Take Advantage of a Post-Holiday Blogging Buzz

Another vacation is in the books and that means you’re fired up! Guess what, your readers are too!

Here are 10 best practices to write your usual amazing content AND seize the buzz that comes right after a vacation.

Note: If you make it all the way to the conclusion, there are actually 20 more tips for you…

1) Make your title seasonally relevant

Bad title – “My Weekend at Home”

Better – “My Unforgettable Holiday Weekend at Home”

Even better – “My Unforgettable Holiday Weekend at Home and Why You Should Never Play Scrabble”

2) Don’t be the Grinch who stole images

This is a major no-no and you really know better. Instead, search through Creative Commons. Or, use a copyright free Wikipedia image.

3) Make those share buttons visible, and cute!

During a buzz time people are super refreshed and eager to share – let them! If you’re in need of a plugin, try out these freebies:

And here’s a complete list on our favorite blog in Malaysia, Hong Kiat. Which reminds me, I was going to write them a WordPress tutorial before Christmas…

4) Always write a festive introduction

Here’s are 5 ways to do it.

5) Create a holiday giveaway!

People love free; give them a chance to love it more with a giveaway. Whether you review products or created your own, this can be a great way to boost your social media stats and gain a mountain of loyal fans.

6) Use a good, healthy permalink

This can nestle your posts higher up in Google Search and improve PageRank, so even after the holiday buzz that post keeps bringing in views!

7) Always keep your points short, even if it’s the whole Christmas story

Your blog traffic arrives in the morning; don’t put it back to sleep!

8) Join a cozy blogging network!

Joining a network can amplify your authority while bringing you new connections. Big thanks to our lovely social media manager, Lorraine, who runs a seriously amazing lifestyle blog, for connecting this community with Networked Blogs – check them out!

9) Don’t write when you’re overwhelmed

You’re a confident writer, but we all have highs and lows. Learn how to ride them!

10) Tell your readers to comment

And give them a darn good reason to!

Conclusion – You made it!

If that list doesn’t do it, Dear Blogger’s newest team member, Lorraine, wrote a little list you might have heard – 20 Blog Post Must-Haves. We’ll be holding a giveaway soon, but if you’re impatient you can grab your copy of this eBook now for a one time cost of $4.99. Make sure to check out the Twitter reviews, too.

Or, just drop a comment here. Tell us quickly – How are you going to take advantage of the buzz that comes right after a holiday?

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16 Responses to "So, You’re Back at it: How to Take Advantage of a Post-Holiday Blogging Buzz"

  1. I loved my sexy bookmarks, but when I upgraded to the next version of word press it stopped working. I now have an unexciting one, but I guess as long as it does the job, that is all that matters.

    1. Mornin Becc,
      That’s annoying but good point – it’s tempting to go overboard with those cute social media buttons.

      Which plugin are you using?

  2. I added several buttons from the advice of different people that come to my blog. Facebook, Linkedin Google+ Twitter, Pinterest, StumbeUpon, Reddit, Digg I don’t know if I need all of them but I figure it can’t hurt.

    1. Hi Jeri,
      You’re lucky you caught me. I was just about to close my mac and go grocery shopping the totally switch projects.

      If you download Custom Permalinks, you can change only permalinks going forward (or old ones if you want).

      That is assuming you run WordPress?

      Believe me, when I moved to WordPress I faced this problem. I thought I had lost comments and Likes on my best articles then realized they could be restored if the link was restored.

  3. Several tips resonated for me: #9 – I actually know when to pull away from writing. #1 title, I usually use Advanced Marketing Institute headline (not sure I could leave a link here) rater to tweak mine for more attraction. When I forget, I’m really sorry I did. Not sure I fully understand #6 so homework is to research Permalink.

    Over from LinkedIn group BHB

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Good for you, you’re probably much more experienced than I.

      Will try that tool. I know! Titling wrong is the worst.

      Permalinks – my specialities (one of them 🙂 ) Do you use WordPress? You can get Custom Permalinks then and make them SEO friendly. Make any sense? Happy to help, permalinks are one of those under-noticed-big-deals IMHO.

  4. Hey Greg
    Very seasonal topic! I love it.
    I think giveaways for this time of year are a great idea – oh wait, that is already on the cards!! can’t wait.
    thanks for sharing your tips

  5. Thanks for the welcome, Greg!

    I like your sharing bar, but I’m seeing only G+ and FB there. I don’t know what the heck is going on with Twitter. Maybe Twitter hates you for some reason. Or you didn’t hook up your link properly. Honestly, is this rocket science?

    Maybe I’m the only one not seeing it because Twitter hates me. Hmm.

    Maybe someone else can offer their insights and let you know if they are – or aren’t – seeing the Twitter sharing button.

    Please speak up, people!

    1. Like Lorraine said – speak up please!

      (meanwhile I’m evaluating Digg Digg’s code here…bit rocket sciencey)

      Let’s just make our own button like Mashable did.


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