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Can You “Pause” Your Blog? 7 Solutions for Coping with Unexpected Sickness


What do you do when you’re too sick to blog?

I’m not talking about when you’re sick and tired of blogging, but rather when you are in physical pain and are experiencing health problems that prevent you from doing your “job” of writing blog posts and answering comments; when you are literally sick; when you’re ill and just cannot keep up with the demands that blogging brings.

You may not think that this will ever happen to you. And it might not. But what if it does? What are you going to do? Can you put your blog on hold? Can you “pause” your blog?

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Guitar Zero: Why 2000 Subscribers Are Waiting for You


My blog is growing slowly and I get inconsistent traffic.

It’s an issue me and Mr. Coffee hear most mornings.

If you started a blog and have been at it for 3-6 months the problem isn’t what to write about, it’s who you’re writing to. Lack of readers is the age-old problem but I’m going to bet you have original insight (I’ve been reading a lot of the club’s blogs lately) and you just shouldn’t have to wait for growth.

In this post, I’d like to show you a set of principles that helps me find more subscribers online. None of this is new or ingenious; however, lately, I’ve been using it to create a decent stream of new subscribers straight from social media.

Of course if you’re not doing this yet, you may find yourself in a palm-to-forehead moment or two.

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9 Answers to “Why Do You Blog?”


What makes you a successful blogger?

Can’t anyone blog?

Why do you blog?

I heard the age-old questions coming my way across the GQishly decorated gazebo at a reunion over the holidays.

This time though I had my answer.

In the past, you may have struggled with this question — I know I have.

But as members of the blogging community, we have to defend our work or risk looking like total hermits to people, who though educated, just don’t get what we do for the web.

So in this post, and in typical Dear Blogger form, I’d like to offer 9 potential concise answers to the above.

I really hope this helps next time you’re interrogated at a party.

Note to readers: As usual I’m curious to hear your best/worst answers to this question because I bet they’re way better than mine. Let us know at the end!

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Better coupons? Please continue to use our coupons so we may provide even better discounts to new bloggers and webmasters around the world!

Smart saver’s facts

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Guest-Posting and Guest-Hosting: Best Practices


Guest posting. What is it, and why do it? What are the pros and cons? What qualities do great guests and hosts have? What are the rules? Who makes them up?

These are some of the questions you may have about guest posting and hosting and, whatever your experience with it – as guest, host, both, or neither – you will have answers to these questions by the time you finish this post. Guaranteed.

Today I will:

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Enter Our Holiday Giveaway!


Dear Readers,

Happy Holidays and welcome to our giveaway! You’ll be happier than a 4 year old in a jumpsuit…

One more throwback picture below, courtesy of my Mum and her blog.

So what’s the deal here?

Three bloggers have bundled their eBooks together to bring to you three giveaways! Yes, there are three prizes to be won this Christmas! You can enter once, twice, or even three times to triple your chances of winning!

Read on for the official rules…

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Ante-Up Post #1: Share Your Story with Adsense

blog for money

Dear Reader,

Strategy updated: I’m now running two more adds (3 total) on the case study blog as per a reader’s comment.

The holidays are an important time to set goals. As such, I usually blow it and just end up eating cheeseburgers at the snow chalet.

Maybe you’re more productive than I am.

If not, take a moment, read (probably just skim) this post, and set an important goal with me. I double dare you.

Take a journey with me through Google Adsense »

The Maddest Guy I’ve Met in Blogging Shares How to Grow Your Twitter to 4K

avoid pitfalls social media

Quick note from Greg – Not too long ago, I met a talented blogger named Ashley, who’s guest posted for you below. Ashley’s going to reveal how to actually become social media savvy nowadays, get spikes in your followers, and how he reached a rather handsome 4K on Twitter. First though, I asked him for his story…

I guess you could say that I was lucky, if you consider shattering your lower leg into 37 pieces lucky! Yes, I am very lucky to be alive and well today.

Let me rewind a little.

Earlier in the year I was skiing with a buddy of mine on a mountain nearby.

Read Ashley’s story »

So, You’re Back at it: How to Take Advantage of a Post-Holiday Blogging Buzz


Another vacation is in the books and that means you’re fired up! Guess what, your readers are too!

Here are 10 best practices to write your usual amazing content AND seize the buzz that comes right after a vacation.

Note: If you make it all the way to the conclusion, there are actually 20 more tips for you…

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Video CASE STUDY: 4 Bloggers Show Us if WordPress.com or WordPress.org is the Right Version for You


In the 1971 epic film “Diamonds are Forever” James Bond is faced with a slight dilemma – his villain comes in two versions.

Bond must kill one of them to avoid a global oil crisis and millions of dollars in diamonds lost forever. Cleverly, Bond kicks the cat to determine the rightful owner. The only problem? Bloefeld’s other version is just as powerful.

You might feel like James Bond starting a blog – preparing your niche empire to make lots of money – then you see there are two versions of WordPress.


It just means more reading and more research, and most of us get bogged down right away.

To clear things up, and because “Whats the Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com” is one of the biggest questions I get in my inbox each week – I made a you video.

I want you to answer the question this time though.

I’ll highlight 3 other bloggers who use WordPress in highly attractive ways, show off their blogs, and talk straight WordPress. Then…your turn.

And speaking of missing details: I’m not perfect; my videos are “works in progress” at best and I’m definitely going to miss some points. All you WordPress secrets agents out there better tell me what I missed, or this is going to be one lonely case study! (Thanks in advance)

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Five Flawless Ways to Start a Blog Post (with a Surprise!)


It’s a problem we all face. Unless you’re a super confident writer with an endless coffee pot full of creativity, you might face it quite often.

Starting blog posts is challenging.

You’ve got that idea in your head – it pops in on your way home or at the gym doing yoga – then once you sit down, you can’t put it down in any form that looks good, let alone up to your standards!

I present you with my secrets for killer introductions that sparked the initial discussions here 1 year ago! This is all simple, yet often forgotten stuff.

Note: I’d love to hear how you start your blog posts. Do you just write furiously? Plan on a whiteboard? Drop in your comments for the community, and make sure to see the surprise at the very end!

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A Checklist (and the Woman Behind it) that Toppled Dear Blogger


Quick note from Greg – When I launched Dear Blogger way back, I remember telling all the writers and advertisers “sorry, this blog is too fresh for guest-posters” (cocky, eh?) Unlike my blogs that employ 50+ authors and interns I had zero plans to let anyone post here even if you were Darren Rowse himself. Then one day this peculiar woman surprised me with a spam comment and changed everything…(I’ll explain the full story later…for now, meet Lorraine!)

Are you a blogger who has dreamed of writing and publishing the best blog post ever?

Do you know the basics of blogging already, or are you just starting out?

Do you want to improve your posts? Would you like to learn a new trick or two? Take your blogging skills up a notch? Learn the secrets of “bigger” bloggers?

Regardless of your blogging status, I’m willing to bet that you still have a few things to learn. There’s always room for improvement, right? (Yes, and that’s why you’re here right now, reading this post!)

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