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Blur Effect: How to Beautifully Make Text Stand Out in Your Images


Dear Readers,

I know your images are beautiful as is.

But what if you need to write some text on an image to create an advertisement or a button or just get an important message across?

Do you really want to slap some goofy font on a great image so it’s hard for the user to read what’s going on?

Is this edition from the Dear Blogger video library, we’ll use Photoshop to make text stand out on any image background.

This can be a powerful method of getting more reads and clicks and just all around keeps things looking more professional. Which we’re all about.

Side Note: If you want more videos, you must ask. Since day one, askings been the best way to get direct answers!

Let’s take a look »

How to Hide an Affiliate Link from Google (Video + Coding Tutorial: Part 2)

If you engage in affiliate marketing on your blog or website, you’re going to be embedding third party links given to you from the affiliate program. While these links are great for tracking your unique performance, the problem is they usually look awful to both readers and to Google. They’re impossible to pass off in conversation. It really makes me cringe when I see one just lurking in a blog. And worse, if Google sees too many of them, your site may get penalized even if you are a “high-quality” website.

Good thing there’s a simple way to hide your affiliate links – or any link – with a couple edits via HostGator’s control panel.

Let’s take a look.

Keep it clean you affiliate you »

Springtime Computer Clean-up: Closing Tabs and De-Cluttering Bookmarks


Today Lorraine Reguly, from Wording Well, will teach you some strategies to use for closing open tabs and de-cluttering your bookmarks. I really could have used this two weeks ago when I filtered my Gmail down from around 2500!
Thanks for the quick introduction, Greg! I am sure your readers are going to find this post useful!

Hey, bloggers!

Let me start by asking you a few questions about your tabs:

How many open tabs do you have on your internet browser? More than 5? More than 10? More than 40?

Now, let me ask you a few questions about your bookmarks:

How many pages do you have bookmarked? Are they organized? When was the last time you opened one of them? Do you regularly “clean” them up?

If you are like most people, you likely felt a bit of shame while answering these questions. I know. I’ve been there! That is why I wrote this post for you. But don’t stress. This post is sure to help you deal with your open tabs and bookmarks!

Clean up your computer this Spring »

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Special Demo: Make The Niche Website…of Your Dreams!


What would bring to me the point of whispering “come on…come on…you can do it!” to my computer, while periodically blasting Britney Spears oldies this past weekend?

(don’t ask)

Just watch!

Note: I’m making the rare decision to close comments here to help the community bridge the gap to YouTube. See ya there!

Grab your sneak peak… »

19 Dos and Don’ts to Help You Juggle Work Life and a Blog

More info about me on www.pixael.com

One of the hottest allures of blogging is how it can free you from the confines of a normal job.

But what if your current job is so demanding that your blog can never take off?

How do you manage both while still earning enough to live?

My work and my blog are total opposites, and for a few months now I’ve been unable to focus on my blog and social media pages. How can we manage both blog and work?Pranav

For many readers – like this one who wrote in last week – this problem is his reality. And it’s dream-crushing.

So in today’s post, I’d like to explain several things I do and DON’T DO to manage a growing blog and a normal job too (I content manage some old-school nyc.gov sites, for those who did not know).

As usual: My ideas are never quite complete, so If you’ve been here too, please help! And check out the conclusion for a sharp little question I’ll ask.

Do both like a champion »

Finally Published! The Dear Blogger Toolbox


As you know, I regularly recommend products, to provide answers, both at the blog and on social media. For a while now I had been thinking of creating a “toolbox” that you could return to again and again for the sake of convenience. But like so many things in life, I just hadn’t gotten around to it.

Well when a reader wrote in asking “what exactly should I install after I start a blog?” I figured the time had come.

So I present you with the complete (and short) list of tools used at Dear Blogger. Feel free to shop around for your own blog, and remember, just because I’m old-fashioned, doesn’t mean I don’t have a few tricks up my sleeve.

p.s. If you have any suggestions of your own, I bet everyone would really enjoy hearing from you! I’ll make this post into a page soon and link it in our menu above, so any comments should give you some good long-lasting visibility!

Open the toolbox »

What No One Tells You About Moving Websites

this image shows the logo for Wording Well

Are you a blogger who has his/her own site or are you thinking of getting one?

If you fall into the first category, do you remember some of the problems you faced when you got your own website?

If you fall into the second category, do you want to get your own website but are scared of making the move because you don’t know to expect?

Regardless of whether you have your own site already are thinking of getting one, this article will be beneficial to you because there are many things that no one tells you when you decide to get your own website or self-hosted blog.

Even if you have an excellent tutor and follow informative bloggers or website improvement sites, you will likely run into problems when you make the move to get your own website. I know this now, because in February, I created Wording Well after blogging for free on WordPress.com at Lorraine Reguly’s Life. I feel like I’m starting from scratch even though I’ve been blogging for over a year! Setting everything up takes a lot of time and there are a few things that no one tells you that you should know. (Perhaps I was told, but forgot?) ;)

Things you have to know about moving sites »

How to Place Your Ad Units Above the Fold for Over 50% More Clicks


Dear Readers,

The top left corner of your blog posts is one area that’s proven to maximize click through rates on your ads.

Problem is, unless you’ve got a premium theme with a section devoted to advertisements, you’re going to have to edit some code on your own to get your ads showing up here.

And when I set out to slap an ad unit here, just like this, in our Adsense Ante-Up, I couldn’t find a tutorial virtually anywhere on how to do this.

So in true Dear Blogger fashion, I wrote down a guide for you guys on how insert your own ad units (or a Facebook box, or whatever) at the top of every blog post.


Note: As for the proof on the title, make sure to check out the screenshots in our last Adsense Update.

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The 6 Steps to Automatically Send Your eBook (While You Sleep) to Entice New Subscribers


Dear Readers,

If you start an email list, the best way to promote it is simple:

Give a free eBook to new subscribers.

Sure, a newsletter is nice, but the eBook is the invite to the party and in reality most people want something quick and tangible.

So the way we do it is you create an eBook, then email each subscriber individually?

L.O.L. Maybe 20 years ago.

In this post, let’s do it the right way. Let’s deliver an eBook on auto pilot to new subscribers so we can do no work whatsoever in the moment.

Important Note: What you do during that no-work moment is totally up to you ;-]

Automate the eBook process »

Want Your Own (Hosted) Website? Consider These Factors!


Deciding to get your own website is a tough decision. Deciding on a hosting company is even tougher. There are many  things to consider when making these decisions! When The Blogger (Greg Narayan, owner of Dear Blogger) wrote his (first ever!) post for Huffington Post on why you need web hosting, he brought to light an important point: claim ownership of your work.

As a blogger who is also a writer, this is important to me. I like knowing that no one else can take credit for something I have done. Don’t you feel the same way? But there are so many more things to consider when deciding to take the plunge into the world of website ownership and hosting. I have outlined some of them in the following table of pros and cons. Please do not gloss over these points. They deserve contemplation!

As usual, blue boxes mean Greg’s talking. I think you’ll find this next part pretty cool, because where most folks do a WordPress.com vs WordPress.org chart Lorraine does it a bit differently…
(And now pink boxes mean Lorraine’s talking. Ha!) That’s because I’m one of a kind, Greg. . . or haven’t you heard?

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You and Lorraine Take on Coding: PART I


As Lorraine prepares to launch her new site (check out her pre-announcement post right here) we found ourselves talking about WordPress code over Skype.

Here I am explaining the code I basically live by around here, and I got to thinking…

Why not include it all here, for you guys?

Why not make a whole series out of it??

As you know I’m all about WordPress.org blogs. Maybe a little coding know-how would make you guys feel more comfortable taking the plunge too??

So if you’re curious at all, I think you’ll like this!

You’ll learn how to style text, edit links, create precise images, and float random things known as boxes, all through the Text editor you use every day.

And it’s only PART I.

Let’s code…

Note: ‘Bout midnight as I’m finishing this n’ I’m spent, but still have a crucial question for you at the end. Please don’t leave without dropping off your comments. See below.

Steal our code »

Adsense Ante-Update! (How I’m Getting More Clicks and Where to Put Your Ads)


Dear Readers,

It was with just the right amount of fear that I launched the Adsense Ante Up in early December of 2013 (launch post here). Even the earliest readers know we’ve never fully been blog on how to make money blogging, and these series usually run on the blogs of Pat Flynn and Darren Rowse.

What if things totally flopped? It’s Adsense, afterall…

Yet, with your help and clever ideas, my Honest College blog was able to:

Practically double 2-month look-back revenue
Increase clicks by nearly 50%
Do it all with 16% less pageviews

As I said during launch, I’d give you a recap post after one month, and while I know I’m a bit late, I hope the takeaways in this post will show you that the time is now.

Discover how much Greg increased earnings »

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