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Move From Blogger to WordPress – Start to Finish Migration!

If you’d like to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress – welcome! This post is for you. It contains information on how to quickly setup your WordPress, how to redirect your posts from Blogger to WordPress, which plugins to use (and avoid) and other small details that will help you migrate confidently!

How To Start a Travel Blog: Your Ultimate Guide to Travel Blogging

So, you’d like to learn to blog? Oh yeah, and you love traveling. Me too. Well, the second one. There’s a lot of so-so advice online on travel blogging these days but it always seems “experts” want us to buy something of theirs. So in this post I’ll show you the DIY way to start […]

My Site Was Hacked: How to Prevent WordPress Hacks

If you run a blog in the 20-teens then you could get hacked. Dear Blogger was hacked just a week ago, meaning anyone visiting the site saw a 403 error page and we were de-indexed from Search. Let me say that again, we were removed from Google. Zero traffic and zero revenue for 1 week. […]

Putting Yourself Out There – Part 3: How To Ooze Confidence

Putting yourself “out there” is hard for many people. For the last two months, you’ve been learning how to overcome your fears and blog more openly and effectively when you’re online. Today, we are going to conclude the series with some tips for how to ooze confidence when online.

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Putting Yourself Out There – Part 2: How to Be Seen As An Authority

Putting yourself “out there” is hard for many people. I know; I’ve been there. This is one of the reasons Greg asked me – me, specifically – to share some tips with you on this subject. As a result, I’ve put together a three-part series to help you overcome your fears and blog more openly […]

How to “Put Yourself Out There” – Part 1: Overcome Your Shyness

Putting yourself “out there” when blogging can be scary. (Heck, blogging itself can be scary!) Many new bloggers struggle with how much they should reveal about themselves, both in their blogs and on social media. To help you overcome your fears and blog more openly and effectively, I’ve created a three-part series of articles to […]

How I Quit My Government Job to Blog for a Living Forever

If you run a blog in 2014, then you need to consider blogging for a living. Stop spending time on the small things and get serious. Sure, you might need the day job to pay the bills, and a promotion is always possible if she could get it. But avoid the reality that blogs are largely […]

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Use EVERY Google Font in WordPress – No Plugins!

  In this post we’ll learn how to make our writing more gripping – with Google fonts! If you enjoy it or want any other videos, let me know in the comments below! — Greg

How To Make Custom Widgets for Your Sidebar

  I hope you enjoy this blog post where we use the new post editor and a blank text widget to add cool things in the sidebar. Let me know and comment below! — Greg

How to Take a Summer Break from Blogging (without Feeling Guilty)

  Taking a summer break from blogging is not something all bloggers do. Last year, I took no breaks at all. This year, I stopped posting twice a week and only posted once a week for a couple of months while I ironed out some techie details after I moved my website from Lorraine Reguly’s […]

How To Get Advertisements on Your Blog for Free

I hope you enjoy this blog post that shows you both how to put Adsense ads and direct/custom ads on a blog. Let me know and comment below. In this video we learn several important ad techniques, including how to setup Adsense on a blog and position an ad at the top of a blog […]

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