How To Easily Use Google Fonts with WordPress

How To Easily Use Google Fonts with WordPress

Paying for fonts? No way! Watch this quick video to learn how you can use Google fonts in WordPress for free instead.

Hope you enjoy it – let me know in the comments!

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3 Responses to "How To Easily Use Google Fonts with WordPress"

  1. I have tried for ove five months and have not been able to create a website and blog.I have tried all the cons of Josh Jackson and even offered to pay them, they refused. I tried Hostgator and found them to be money grabbers and give nothing in return.
    I am now down to offering to pay designers, but their fees are exorbitant. The so much a page scam and no practical tuition is frightening.
    How can I achieve my goal?

    1. Hi David,

      I understand your frustration. It took me a while to make a successful wordpress website up too.

      If you can suffer through a few more hours I think my latest “build a website” tutorial might be right for you:

      We go very slow, use a free theme, and create lots of free content. The only charge is about $5/month for hosting – about equal to one lunch out you have to skip 🙂

      The HostGator folks are actually very kind. You just need a guide like this to get your finished wordpress product up once you register the hosting. They’ll even help tweak wordpress.

      I can definitely help you with infinite questions/answers along the way.

      Keep me posted!


      p.s. That video is also broken down into short 3-10 minute episodes if you prefer watching that way.

      1. Greg had to add to this thought in support of your response to David. I so understand where he is coming from as I too in 2013 when I started out was so frustrated for similar reasons. However, thanks to your help and ongoing great teachings… I stuck with it and pushed past the obstacles. The YouTube link you provided that leads to your tutorial for “How to build a website in 2016” using Optimizr free theme is perfect for beginners! I am recommending it to many others! I encourage anyone to check this out and give it a try. It is long… but Leroy makes it interesting and so does Greg as you see your site take shape! Good luck to all who try it out!


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