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2 Responses to "How To Easily Use Google Fonts with WordPress"

  1. I have tried for ove five months and have not been able to create a website and blog.I have tried all the cons of Josh Jackson and even offered to pay them, they refused. I tried Hostgator and found them to be money grabbers and give nothing in return.
    I am now down to offering to pay designers, but their fees are exorbitant. The so much a page scam and no practical tuition is frightening.
    How can I achieve my goal?

    1. Hi David,

      I understand your frustration. It took me a while to make a successful wordpress website up too.

      If you can suffer through a few more hours I think my latest “build a website” tutorial might be right for you:

      We go very slow, use a free theme, and create lots of free content. The only charge is about $5/month for hosting – about equal to one lunch out you have to skip 🙂

      The HostGator folks are actually very kind. You just need a guide like this to get your finished wordpress product up once you register the hosting. They’ll even help tweak wordpress.

      I can definitely help you with infinite questions/answers along the way.

      Keep me posted!


      p.s. That video is also broken down into short 3-10 minute episodes if you prefer watching that way.


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