Guest Blogging Guidelines at Dear Blogger

Good news! We are now accepting guest posts in a formal manner. We’re excited to hear new voices while giving you a prime opportunity to grow your audience. Not long ago Dear Blogger was sending bundles of guest posts around the blogosphere, and still does!

And even though it’s “formal” there are no “forms” to fill out – just you and your writing creativity at work! Please see our guest blogging email below.

Please take a minute to read the brief but important guidelines below.

(If you’ve already contacted us about a guest post submission, your email had been sitting in your rather large pile deep within our HQ. Sincere apologies and we will now be in touch with you shortly!)


We receive many inquiries and submissions each day. Dear Blogger only accepts and replies to guest posting inquiries and submissions that are related to the content geared to our target audience. Please be sure to read the guidelines.

Here are examples of content that will NOT be accepted or receive replies:

  • Ad inquiries
  • Requests to insert a link into existing posts
  • Off-topic infographics
  • Promotional/selling of product or written content
  • Articles off topic from our target audience (please see below for content that works)

Please steer your submissions away from the above, understanding that we only publish content which is both original and helpful.

For Best Results Contacting Us:

Just a word of advice because we do receive several submissions each day – if you can be personal and tell us about yourself, for example how you found our blog, why your experience would fit well, who you are as a writer or blogger, and generally add a personal touch we will be much more likely to respond! We simply cannot respond to general emails asking if we accept content (we obviously do!)

If you can reach out to our currently published authors by commenting on their articles or social media posts, we notice that too! 🙂

Note: Because of high volume we often toss out requests that ask explicitly for a backlink, as these tend to be the lease informative/relevant for our readers. All our links within posts that you can provide remain do-follow.

Additional Best Results Tip:
→ → Please include a brief 2-3 sentence bio, including your website/blog link, for the footer of the post along with an appropriate author profile image! We want to get to know you as much as possible and can’t tell how much this helps us with all the submissions!

Our Audience
At Dear Blogger our audience are bloggers, web designers, writers, teachers and entrepreneurs

Sending Your First Article:
Once you are ready to submit, please send your post as a Plain Text/HTML file to our guest blogging email: Word Docs are OK too just please limit the unnecessary formatting for our small editorial team to get your post ready 🙂

In your email PLEASE INCLUDE your desired WordPress username which will be your author name. It would also be great to know how you found us and if you’d like, a few links to your work on other websites or blogs.

Author Pages:
After your first article goes live you will receive an author page from which you can create your own custom bio.

Logging Into The Blog:
You will get your own Contributor account at our blog where you can edit your author page! For future posts, you can submit them through our Dashboard!

Obviously, many of us writers like linking out to other content. Links are fine. We do however ask that you only link to relevant, helpful articles if they are from other websites, and link to pages on this blog whenever possible.

Content Ideas:
We are happy to select a post idea from a list have or send us, or offer 3-5 relevant ideas if you’d like. Please note that we may not have time to discuss posts yet to be written in length, and prefer you to send us your own content you think would work at the blog.

Duplicate Content:
Absolutely a no. Please do not submit posts in which any part of them appear on other blogs or websites.

Is Your Post Ready?
If so, feel free to send over an entire post! It will speed things up!

Religious views
While we respect all religious views, this site isn’t a place where we put religious content. It is okay to mention such views or related events if they support your main arguments.

Political views
While we respect all political views, this site isn’t a place where we put political content. It is okay to mention such views or related events if they support your main arguments.

We publish guest posts every Wednesday. You will receive a date to mark on your calendar!

Please share your live articles with your immediate social media audience! We’ll share it as well, but show your friends you know how to blog too!

Last Words of Advice:
Keep in mind that Dear Blogger is a place of learning and inspiration. If you can tell your own story while inspiring others to start a blog too, or improve their existing blogs in ways they wouldn’t have known before reading your post, your job is more than half done 🙂 Please write from the heart and give it your all, and we’ll do our best to share your knowledge widely!

Thank you again for your interest in writing for our growing blog! Once you are ready to submit, please send your post as a Plain Text/HTML file to Looking forward to working with you!