How Do You Edit the Copyright Section in the Footer of WordPress Themes?

How Do You Edit the Copyright Section in the Footer of WordPress Themes?

It’s a question that almost answers itself (you visit the footer file to do it). Yet editing the copyright section of WordPress is one step that can drive a web designer mad, while it should just be the final touches you put on your website. No need for a premium theme, here’s a quick tutorial on how to edit the footer copyright.

  1. Visit your Dashboard
  2. Hover on Appearance and click Editor
  3. Hit command F (control F on a PC) and type in footer.php
  4. Once you’ve found your footer.php file, click it once to open
  5. Look on the front end (homepage) of your site for some exact words that appear in your footer. An example would be “Theme proudly powered by WordPress”.
  6. Hit command F (control F on a PC) once again and enter this text as it appears on your homepage to locate the correct part of footer.php to edit
  7. Once you’ve found the correct section in footer.php it’s simply a matter of entering as much or as a little changes as you want.
  8. NOTE: before editing and saving any part of your footer.php file, copy paste the entire file into a blank text editor to preserve the original file in case you make an errors
  9. Edit away! You can do any of the following.
    1. Delete the entire section containing the text which shows up on your footer. It usually sits within an opening <div> and a closing </div>. Now enter in your own text, links and symbols.
    2. Or, make small changes to the existing text and preserve the link structure created by the theme developers themselves.

How to Edit Your Footer Copyright Area (Video)

Here’s a simple video covering the steps above:

Let us know if you have any questions as you change the copyright section in your WordPress footer!

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2 Responses to "How Do You Edit the Copyright Section in the Footer of WordPress Themes?"

  1. Hi Greg,
    Thanks for your info on the twenty sixteen theme plus this footer tip. Im setting up a twenty sixteen site and having trouble with the footer. the two footer sections in Widgets give me side by side columns which look messy. I want 2 lines of centred text at my Footer. I changed the text in the footer copyright area, as described above, however could not get this to centre either. It displays as one left hand column section which doesnt quite look right.
    I’d really appreciate any suggestions you may have 🙂


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