The Best of Dear Blogger

Here are some of the most used articles from Dear Blogger. Read ’em up and get those sassy comments in fast though, because comments may close soon.

  1. How to Blog for Money
  2. Why I Moved My Blog to WordPress and Now Consider it the Best Place to Blog
  3. Why Blogs Fail to Get Traffic
  4. Why I Switched to Theme Junkie for My Blog’s Theme and Why You Should Too
  5. How I Got Google PageRank 3 in 3 Months with 28 Backlinks
  6. How to Make a Review Site that Earns $1000/Month
  7. Build a Brand: A Complete Guide to Domain Names, Logos, Social Media, and More
  8. Shot Glass Technique: How to Upsell
  9. Social Proof: How to Pass the Popularity Test

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Guest Posts


As a dedicated blogger, I also write for a number of blogs you may have heard of around the web. So if you don’t see me here…you may see me there!

  • Pro Blogger
    This post explains how Playboy Magazine can help you blog (I didn’t buy it, don’t worry!)
  • Pick The Brain
    My most liked post to date, this one is a simple guide to getting in touch with what makes you passionate. It was one of my forays into the self-improvement niche.
  • Firepole Marketing
    In this post, we talk about building an understanding with blog readers.
  • Social Media Explorer
    This one will give you a kick in the butt!
  • How To Make My Blog
    Marko Saric and I talk about how to really squeeze pennies from a blog page.
  • Hongkiat
    Very techy post, but I was proud to appear on Malaysia’s largest blog!
  • Daily Blog Tips
    Lastly, I snuck this one it at Daily Blog Tips before they closed guest posting forever!