The 4 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

Using eCommerce shopping carts for free in WordPress has become quite easy with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the free plugin which proves relatively easy to use with some basic direction (see below). In any case, if you want to create an online store in WordPress that looks decent enough to inspire sales, check out this review of themes I’ve used to varying success.

#1 Pick: MayaShop

MayaShop is a simple eCommerce theme on which I’ve seen real sales into the thousands of dollars. It’s easy to use, with lots of theme options. While I know this dollar amount might not seem like a lot, it’s still passive income which can be scaled with good products and sound promotion. It’s the first eCommerce theme I ever decided to build a website with, it was just for a friend when I was relatively new to web design, and you can check out the result if you want.

2nd Pick: Virtue

Virtue is amazing. It’s easy to setup and easy to make beautiful. Virtue is in my opinion the ideal theme for anyone who wants to sell photography, art, durable goods or downloadable products online. I love it so much because the homepage is easy to setup and the subpages are very diverse. You can choose lots of pre-made page templates within the premium version of the theme and the free version is great too. Become an expert with Virtue. Virtue is AMAZING and you won’t be disappointed. It will make you look darn good.

3rd Pick: Vantage

Vantage is a business website design and it’s very basic. This design is made from a simple-minded small business owner who wants to advertise their services – client-side services, consulting, design, support or other professional services – through a clean and easy to understand layout. The great thing about Vantage is when you install WooCommerce and click “install pages” the theme instantly supports an eCommerce shop with very little extra work required. If you want to setup a product and add it to your new shop it’s about as easy as creating a new post. Watch the video and bask in the glory that is 21st century web design.

4th Pick: Storefront

My fourth and final pick for best WordPress eCommerce themes is Storefront, but in the end this is just a guess. I’ve never used Storefront, but need to include it here because it’s the recommended theme on which anyone should install WooCommerce. It’s the default theme for WooCommerce, and I know from checking out Storefront that you get a homepage shopping cart which presents your product loud and clear to the customer right away. I can hardly imagine a poorly created store with Storefront.

Upon looking over my thoughts above, I still think Virtue Premium is the best eCommerce theme available for WordPress. The features it comes with are simply outstanding and not all that hard to setup. For about $45 you can make a website that will yield great returns.

What’s your favorite eCommerce theme for WordPress? Let us know in the comments.

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16 Responses to "The 4 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes"

  1. I am fairly new to to the ecommerce website building, however I am good at using photoshop and illustrator, but don’t know much HTML and CSS. T herefore my question is, if I choose as theme (one of the above for e.g.) can I customise the look it to my liking by using graphics I have made myself in photoshop (such as upload an image to the background, change the button styles, and boarders around the edge of the site etc.) or am I pretty much stuck with the design and layout that is presented in the sample?

  2. WordPress as the most powerful CMS is indeed an action! A theme that looks good, works professionally and runs unfailingly is a success so far. Technical enhancements counted too, when it ever comes to deliver the best displays out of what one has! Great details!!

  3. Hi Greg,
    Selecting an eCommerce theme is not really easy especially for newbie. There are several issue should consider before selecting an eCommerce theme. You mention here some awesome eCommerce themes which comes with various functions, features and attractive design for online store or eCommerce site.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome list.

  4. I know some people take shortcut via Genesis Theme + Framework but currently I can’t do so. Good selection and recommendation as well..Thanks for taking the time to help others who are just learning.

  5. Thank You Greg,

    But sir can you please help me with the blog design? As of now I have started my blog 1.5 month ago and it is doing not so well. My Alexa rank is constantly updating and it is now at 4,34,274. I know i am not getting visitors even after Social Media pages and I don’t know if there is some shortage in the blog design?I get at average 40 visitors a day.

    I try my best to write Quality Posts with making images in Adobe Photoshop.

    I know some people take shortcut via Genesis Theme + Framework but currently I can’t do so. Please help with my blog design that is please suggest me a Good Free WordPress Theme. I have checked the internet but couldn’t find one.

    I am currently using:
    –Hostgator Baby hosting
    –Sparkling Free WordPress theme ( moved from Hueman )
    –15 IMPORTANT plugins

    My Website is

    Alot of hope from you Sir. Thanks.
    Aru Budhraja.

    1. Great to see you comment here Aruj.

      I looked at your blog design and it checks out just fine – nice gripping images, good titles and even a clean email form.

      What I think you need to answer is the “what makes my blog different?” question as well as the “what do readers get instantly from me?”

      Your 40 readers might not seem like a lot but think of 40 people in a room reading your work. That’d be awesome! You’d be better off than most self-help writers right away.

      From what you say I think you’re going to be best off nurturing those 40 readers and asking them to help share your work. It’s exactly how I started.

      Oh yeah, and GUEST POST a LOT.

      And if you need more inspiration…have you checked out It’s got a lot of good things cooking…

      You could buy Genesis but I like the more old-fashioned build it from scratch approach. People notice that stuff.

      Hope it goes well and feel free to drop back any time.

      1. Thank You For Replying Sir,

        Few days ago I got rejected by Adsense, I am not eager to earn but I as you looked at my site, what could be the reason they had rejected me?
        I ensure Posts quality, images quality, site load speed, a bit of Beginner level Yoast SEO also.

        Maybe because then I only had about 6 Posts. But I failed found any text area for additonal comments at Adsense Sign Up form where I had to write that ‘The Posts at my blog take a lot of time to be written then images are designed and then they’re compressed. It takes a lot of time and effort to ensure a single ‘Quality’ blog post. + Also then I was using Hueman WordPress Theme.

        Any Tips on Adsense issue?
        Great to see your reply Greg!
        And I will think about the key points you mentioned.

        1. Maybe you randomly don’t comply with one of their Program Policies?

          Or are you not 18, don’t have a valid postal address?

          If all checks out then reapply soon. Get some comments and social stats for good measure.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to help others who are just learning. I’m
    working on setting up an online flower delivery / subscription service. The choices can get overwhelming and having you narrow it to 4 is great. So should i wait for your virtue video or would it be too challenging for a new person?

    1. Thanks for reading my choices!

      Flower delivery service is definitely something I’ve used before 🙂

      If you can wait another 12 hours or so (takes forever to convert these longer vids to mp4 and upload to youtube) you’ll be in hopefully good shape.

      Join in here if you can, so youtube lets you know when it’s live:

      The new video is a beginner wordpress tutorial – we do the beginner stuff at first then build on our skills so the hard stuff at the end seems a lot easier.

      Don’t exactly know where you’re at with wordpress and web design but I don’t reckon it’ll be too challenging for you at all.

  7. Good selection and recommendation as well. I prefer the vantage for myself for near future use.

    Your article will help people to take decision on choosing and buying the themes. Thanks for sharing such nice post.

    1. Thanks Karen! Really awesome to see you commenting here especially now that I’ve picked up the pen again. Good work.

      Vantage is super.

      I’ll have a video coming out soon featuring Virtue.

      I love using eCommerce themes now, just took a while figuring out all those darn product settings.

      Hope your sites are going well!


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