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Why Creating Child Themes is Bad (and an easier option)

Editing your WordPress themes and preserving appearance edits through updates can be an unnecessary, discouraging pain. While many experts say we should create Child Themes, in today’s user-friendly web we have other options. Today I’ll repost a very recent YouTube question where I explain why I advocate using Custom CSS windows as a 3rd and hopefully easier option as opposed to Child Themes. This 3rd method has helped me learn and edit countless WordPress themes and jump into many of your projects on the fly, so I obviously recommend it to new WordPress designers. Do you prefer Child Themes, editing the core WordPress Appearance files (often dubbed “hacking up a theme”), or a 3rd option? As usual, please do let me know what method you use and why. Enjoy!

The 4 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

Using eCommerce shopping carts for free in WordPress has become quite easy with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the free plugin which proves relatively easy to use with some basic direction (see below). In any case, if you want to create an online store in WordPress that looks decent enough to inspire sales, check out this review of themes I’ve used to varying success.

How To Earn $100 as an Aweber Email Marketing Affiliate

Hey Everyone. Well today I received a check to my apartment for $104.34 from Aweber’s Affiliate Marketing system. It has taken me a good 24 months to start earning anything really in this program so I figured I’d write a post on it now that things are working. I hope this post contains some affiliate marketing tips you can use too!

The 3-Post Formula to Launch a New Blog

What should you write on a brand new blog? Today let’s look at arguably the best 3 posts to start a new blog with.

Why a Budget WordPress Host is Better than Free WordPress

When starting out as a WordPress webmaster, many people are confused whether they should get free accounts on WordPress.com or purchase paid WordPress hosts. It’s really hard to make a decision as WordPress.com has great advantages on free of charge while paid web hosts are highlighted for full control, flexibility, customizability and technical support.

How To Create a Popular Blog Under a Nickname (a Pseudonym)

There’s a lot that can do to make a blog popular these days. But if you can choose the perfect nickname aka a pseudonym before you start a life-changing blog you just might become the next hit.

Why Clever Post Titles Are Killing Your Blog

I had recently had the opportunity to sit down with a blogging client and help her improve her blog’s design. She had all the writing talent and content of a major blogger, but lacked the technical insight that can only be gained through years in the blogosphere.

3 Kinds of Profitable Images for Your Blog

Blogs that appear trustworthy are always more profitable. Images are a big part of appearing trustworthy. Adding 2+2 here we can see that the right images can make your blog more profitable. So how do we choose profitable images? In this post I’d like to show you three types of images which can be profitable and three types which are not. Will this make you change your blog’s images?

How To (Finally) Make $100/month with the Google Adsense Program

The Adsense Ante-Up is a Dear Blogger series on how to make more money with Adsense which launched in December, 2013. This is the 3rd post in the series. Now that I’ve been reaping the benefits of a successful Adsense case study for a few months, I figured I’d write this post explaining exactly what happened.

Google Not Updating PageRank…Or Are They?

It’s pretty evident Google don’t care about PageRank anymore. Or do they? Our favorite stat just goes away?

Expert Blog Tips: 3 Renowned Bloggers Offer Unforgettable Advice

Starting a blog can be a ridiculous challenge when all the little things start to cloud your mind. In this entry 3 amazing big bloggers stopped by to help us cut through the fluff and start a blog that actually helps people. I hope it makes launching a blog easier!

HostGator 75% Off Coupon Code – Discounts Tonight (Monday)

This deal has expired. Please use HostGator coupon codes “take30off” or “coffeemoney”. I’ll be honest – I hate shopping on Cyber Monday. Just the idea of buying into a deal-day crafted to get me to spend makes me want to go back to bed until Tuesday. But…

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