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How To Make Custom Widgets for Your Sidebar



I hope you enjoy this blog post where we use the new post editor and a blank text widget to add cool things in the sidebar. Let me know and comment below! — Greg

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How to Take a Summer Break from Blogging (without Feeling Guilty)

Ali in My Brother's pool


Taking a summer break from blogging is not something all bloggers do.

Last year, I took no breaks at all.

This year, I stopped posting twice a week and only posted once a week for a couple of months while I ironed out some techie details after I moved my website from Lorraine Reguly’s Life to Wording Well.

Essentially, I have been blogging for about a-year-and-a-half with no vacation, no summer break in 2013, or breaks of any kind throughout the year.

Guess what?

I need a break!!!

But can bloggers really take a break???

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How To Get Advertisements on Your Blog for Free


I hope you enjoy this blog post that shows you both how to put Adsense ads and direct/custom ads on a blog. Let me know and comment below! — Greg

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How to Cope With Massive Amounts of Email Notifications


I remember when I was a new blogger. Everything was new and foreign. I was learning a ton of stuff daily.

I joined Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Google+, Slideshare, Pinterest, and a bunch of other sites. I was also sent tons of email. Then I was sent a ton more.

I was informed when someone “liked” one of my posts.

I was informed when I had a new “follower” on Twitter.

I was told when someone re-pinned one of my pins.

I was told whenever I had a new blog follower or a new comment.

In fact, I was sent an email for just about everything!

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Dear Community: Share Your Best Blog Post Here Below


Time for a “survey” on how you’re doing ;)

When I first started blogging, my “best blog post” was a common concern.

I was pretty paranoid about shares. I’d check in on a few posts multiple times a day, rarely happy. But is that the point at all?


Now 4 years later, I’d like to close the circle.

So I ask you to help. Join in and brag.

Note: Whether you’re a regular or still on the brink of your first comment, go ahead. Not a competition, unless you like that.

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Why Two Blogs Are Better Than One


Dear Reader,

This is a post about bringing more money, time, productivity and health into your life.

However, it’s not just about starting a blog.

Because we’ve been there done that.

I’m writing this post because if you’ve been trying to make money from one single blog as I hear so often but are still struggling to break even, the reality is one blog may not be enough.

Like a first job, a first blog is a learning experience that despite it’s glory often wreaks of mistakes. Mine was.

In this post I’d like to examine why starting blog #2 – as daunting as it seems – could unlock a lot of what you’re working for.

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people jumping

Hi everyone! It’s me, Lorraine Reguly, your monthly contributor from Wording Well, here today to talk to you about page jumps. I know you will find this post useful, and I truly hope you take advantage of the benefits of the opportunity I give you at the end!

What are page jumps? What do they do? Why should bloggers use them, and when?

This post will answer all of these questions. I promise. Plus, I will make the whole concept of page jumps easy for you to understand, and teach you how to create them.

By the end of this article, I bet you will want to try experimenting with some page jumps of your own! You’ll be able to, too. :)

To help demonstrate how page jumps work, I have prepared a list of the contents of this article. Whichever link you click on will bring you to that particular section of the page!

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The Almost Complete A-Z List to Get You More Blog Comments


We all want ‘em.

It’s lonely without ‘em.

In this long overdue post, I’d like to explain some of the things I keep in mind while building content to make sure people can, will and want to join in with comments.

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Blur Effect: How to Beautifully Make Text Stand Out in Your Images


Dear Readers,

I know your images are beautiful as is.

But what if you need to write some text on an image to create an advertisement or a button or just get an important message across?

Do you really want to slap some goofy font on a great image so it’s hard for the user to read what’s going on?

Is this edition from the Dear Blogger video library, we’ll use Photoshop to make text stand out on any image background.

This can be a powerful method of getting more reads and clicks and just all around keeps things looking more professional. Which we’re all about.

Side Note: If you want more videos, you must ask. Since day one, askings been the best way to get direct answers!

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How to Hide an Affiliate Link from Google (Video + Coding Tutorial: Part 2)

If you engage in affiliate marketing on your blog or website, you’re going to be embedding third party links given to you from the affiliate program. While these links are great for tracking your unique performance, the problem is they usually look awful to both readers and to Google. They’re impossible to pass off in conversation. It really makes me cringe when I see one just lurking in a blog. And worse, if Google sees too many of them, your site may get penalized even if you are a “high-quality” website.

Good thing there’s a simple way to hide your affiliate links – or any link – with a couple edits via HostGator’s control panel.

Let’s take a look.

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Springtime Computer Clean-up: Closing Tabs and De-Cluttering Bookmarks


Today Lorraine Reguly, from Wording Well, will teach you some strategies to use for closing open tabs and de-cluttering your bookmarks. I really could have used this two weeks ago when I filtered my Gmail down from around 2500!
Thanks for the quick introduction, Greg! I am sure your readers are going to find this post useful!

Hey, bloggers!

Let me start by asking you a few questions about your tabs:

How many open tabs do you have on your internet browser? More than 5? More than 10? More than 40?

Now, let me ask you a few questions about your bookmarks:

How many pages do you have bookmarked? Are they organized? When was the last time you opened one of them? Do you regularly “clean” them up?

If you are like most people, you likely felt a bit of shame while answering these questions. I know. I’ve been there! That is why I wrote this post for you. But don’t stress. This post is sure to help you deal with your open tabs and bookmarks!

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Special Demo: Make The Niche Website…of Your Dreams!


What would bring to me the point of whispering “come on…come on…you can do it!” to my computer, while periodically blasting Britney Spears oldies this past weekend?

(don’t ask)

Just watch!

Note: I’m making the rare decision to close comments here to help the community bridge the gap to YouTube. See ya there!

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